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    Game Design, Philosophy, Burn Events, Art, Welding, Metal Fabrication, Games, Game of Thrones, Mycology, Ayahuascha, Medevil Fantasy, PVP, Craft Beer, Whiskey, Museums, Traveling, Theorycrafting, RTS, RPGS, MOBAS and if you've read any of my posts.. apparently run on sentences :)
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    Houston, Texas
  1. If you guys know enough about Gordon and Todd they want to work on a game they want to work on.. It's not about the money to these guys.. The coolest thing about Gordon is that when a situation doesn't match his values he does his best to fix a situation he has refused to compromise. Him and Todd are in charge here.. They've made a lot of irregular (compared to the business oriented tripple A money making machine that is game design in the modern age) choices as far as the development of this game that highly enrich the community design and game experience when they easily could have compromis
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