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  1. Like a most passionate lover of gaming I have been burned by the draw of the mmo world in the past.. Becoming obsessed with a FAQ and memorizing features.. I must admit.. The little inner gamer nerd boy that started playing mmos before EQ was even a thought I was certainly extremely excited for this project before.. Now I have hit official fanboy status. This poorly made socks is going to be crazy. Thank you Crowfall team. You've got me hook line and sinker.
  2. If you guys know enough about Gordon and Todd they want to work on a game they want to work on.. It's not about the money to these guys.. The coolest thing about Gordon is that when a situation doesn't match his values he does his best to fix a situation he has refused to compromise. Him and Todd are in charge here.. They've made a lot of irregular (compared to the business oriented tripple A money making machine that is game design in the modern age) choices as far as the development of this game that highly enrich the community design and game experience when they easily could have compromis
  3. The only thing I would change is giving us the option for a promotion class with a two handed weapon spec.. Two dual mace specs seems very redundant.. Of course we don't really know the extent by which game play will change but all the same I thought promotion classes we supposed to be very different takes on different types of play per class.. just saying this is a taddisappointing.
  4. Many of you have a (relatively) limited perspective of experiences based on MMOs you've played.. New things make people feel uncomfortable.. Understandable. The Vessel system allows for an incredible amount of versatility. Tired of playing the same class? Would you like some of the similar development you've already worked on in a new character? We got that. Awesome. The amount of creativity and flexibility in this system is nuts. You want to play the same archetype and guy? You want him to develop? You WANT to feel attached to the character you've made? That's fine. Keep rolling t
  5. While it felt that the people who had segments on the live stream didn't have enough time alotted to describe accurately what they were achiveing with each given segment to the depth where we could truly appreciate their talents it helps to remember that these guys have a method. They work a certain way.. It's not easy on the spot to accurately portray what they're doing on a live stream in front of 500 people. It takes years to get good as a youtuber at making content and transitioning between ideas.. Taking something as technical as game design and striving to make it relatable to the lay ma
  6. Im pretty sure James Goblin is a Texan and his name is James IRL.. I admire him as well and I think he made the Crowfall Reddit cause he always adds the new stuff on the Crowfall subreddit.
  7. The problem comes down to not really being able to enforce this.. But I have faith that they will figure it out one way or another. I don't think we'll have gold farmers logging on multiple accounts to spell out their .com address in stormwind in male human bodies. I can appreciate different opinions. Bad attitudes - not so much. That said I said my piece. I think you're making a mountain of a molehill. I'll just look for you on the battlefield.
  8. Same Campaign: People in the same household will want to be able to play together. Boyfriends/Girlfriends, Husbands/Wives, siblingss and friends etc.. If you restrict one internet connection per campaign that will have an implication on a lot more people than players with a crafter account. On your second point about people in the same campaign that are just alt accounts: This is a vast minority of the population that are going to do this. It probably won't have the impact you think it will have. Your last point: Disgusted? Seems a little harsh doesn't it? Don't these guys deserve t
  9. I personally would like to be able to have multiple accounts... one for combat and one for crafting.. Being able to have 2 characters in a campaign to provide equipment for myself and friends would be really handy.. Which means I wouldn't have to run them in tandem. I think what they don't want is people running scripts with one guy as a warrior and having 5 people being him all nuking one target.. It can get excessive.. People have done it in Everquest. It can get out of hand.
  10. Newer tech doesn't mean today what it once did. You have games like Undertale taking game of the year nominations. It's about the variety of gameplay and in the MMO genre it is more about the feel you get sharing content with ACTUAL PEOPLE. Community is what made the game enjoyable. Everquest was fun because it forced you to group with people and interact with them. WOW is falling a part because options they added to the game have restricted communal interaction. At fikrst it was group finder.. It didn't matter if you had a reputation of being good at your class when all it took to complet
  11. "Looks terrible, the piñata harvesting was so bad that it almost made me forget how silly the nodes look." I think the draw of the piñata harvesting is that you have to take time to collect each resource as they hit the ground. If you didn't have this messier way of harvesting it would be easy to swoop in harvest and leave.. This method can create conflict when players of the opposing faction are in the area. If you had players that came along to guard harvesters or it simply became a better reason to create an opportunity for combat there are reasons. I think the nodes look great. Giv
  12. Today there are 63 million people with unique profiles for LOL. We live in a world where people have the hobby of JUST watching Twitch streamers who don't even play the game they watch. People are hungry for PVP games. The market exists. Esports DWARFS sports in terms of viewers. In Korea LOL teams give their football teams pep talks. The reason that Overwatch is even holding a torch to LOL is because it's the first thing that has come out that is more or less doing enough of it's own thing with quality that feels different enough to be worth really investing in. The tripple A gam
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