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  1. Like a most passionate lover of gaming I have been burned by the draw of the mmo world in the past.. Becoming obsessed with a FAQ and memorizing features.. I must admit.. The little inner gamer nerd boy that started playing mmos before EQ was even a thought I was certainly extremely excited for this project before.. Now I have hit official fanboy status. This poorly made socks is going to be crazy. Thank you Crowfall team. You've got me hook line and sinker.
  2. If you guys know enough about Gordon and Todd they want to work on a game they want to work on.. It's not about the money to these guys.. The coolest thing about Gordon is that when a situation doesn't match his values he does his best to fix a situation he has refused to compromise. Him and Todd are in charge here.. They've made a lot of irregular (compared to the business oriented tripple A money making machine that is game design in the modern age) choices as far as the development of this game that highly enrich the community design and game experience when they easily could have compromised for less. I highly doubt with the level of dedication and devotion that we have seen so far that these guys are going to drop the ball. In the realm of reality (yes we don't live in a perfect world where we are entitled to the moon and more) if things do arise I think if there is anyone that's going to make sure things are fixed in a reasonable fashion these are the guys we can trust. Remember No Man's Sky? Remember how they would say anything to entice the hype machine and had NOTHING SUBSTANTIAL TO BACK IT UP WHAT SO custard EVER? That's not the case.. Even with perception these guys are very careful with how they answer questions and aim to undersell and over deliver.. I don't know what it's going to take for people to have some faith. They've done more than enough to earn our trust so far as far as I'm concerned..
  3. The only thing I would change is giving us the option for a promotion class with a two handed weapon spec.. Two dual mace specs seems very redundant.. Of course we don't really know the extent by which game play will change but all the same I thought promotion classes we supposed to be very different takes on different types of play per class.. just saying this is a taddisappointing.
  4. While it felt that the people who had segments on the live stream didn't have enough time alotted to describe accurately what they were achiveing with each given segment to the depth where we could truly appreciate their talents it helps to remember that these guys have a method. They work a certain way.. It's not easy on the spot to accurately portray what they're doing on a live stream in front of 500 people. It takes years to get good as a youtuber at making content and transitioning between ideas.. Taking something as technical as game design and striving to make it relatable to the lay man so they understand why what you're doing makes sense without editing or a backround in presentation and it can get hairy quick. I felt they all held it together very well.. Todd did with his 10 shots.. That man has more energy than he knows what to do with . He's like the ring master. I would personally like to see these guys get a chance to live stream their content with a little more chance to have video editing and for it to feel like they felt happy portraying the stuff they prepared. I didn't feel like O'neil got his due during the stream and I think the work he's doing is phenomenal. I feel the same way about Melissa and her castle building.. She obviously also deserved more respect than some of our twitchers asking to buy a date from her 9though she is a quite attractive woman) she deserves respect for her professional skills and that needed to be the focus. That said this team has a game to make and they only have so much time and resources to devote towards keeping us informed given that they are stretched thin given the monumental amount of work they are pushing out. Respect given where respect is due. We're lucky in that ACE is so transparent.. but honestly I feel that they didn't really get their due.. My respect for they team grew tremendously and I enjoyed getting a chance to see them for who they were, in their element. This is a team of very capable people.. 2 minutes into testing tonight I was just blown away by the graphics and the creativity of the abilities.. I'm sold man.. This game has a lot of polishing etc but holy crap.. I already feel it's something of true beauty and my excitement just continues to grow.
  5. Im pretty sure James Goblin is a Texan and his name is James IRL.. I admire him as well and I think he made the Crowfall Reddit cause he always adds the new stuff on the Crowfall subreddit.
  6. The problem comes down to not really being able to enforce this.. But I have faith that they will figure it out one way or another. I don't think we'll have gold farmers logging on multiple accounts to spell out their .com address in stormwind in male human bodies. I can appreciate different opinions. Bad attitudes - not so much. That said I said my piece. I think you're making a mountain of a molehill. I'll just look for you on the battlefield.
  7. Same Campaign: People in the same household will want to be able to play together. Boyfriends/Girlfriends, Husbands/Wives, siblingss and friends etc.. If you restrict one internet connection per campaign that will have an implication on a lot more people than players with a crafter account. On your second point about people in the same campaign that are just alt accounts: This is a vast minority of the population that are going to do this. It probably won't have the impact you think it will have. Your last point: Disgusted? Seems a little harsh doesn't it? Don't these guys deserve the benefit of the doubt? Do they not deserve respect for their amount of experience making games and for their mission statement of making it about the players? "I'm just a little but disgusted that ACE actually endorsed it, I'm pretty sure no one at ACE weighed the pro's vs cons before slapping and approved sticker on it or they might have noticed the incredible imbalance between the Pro's and Con's." That's a terrible attitude and to be honest.. I won't say Im disgusted by how entitled and petulant you sound but give me a break man. Let's have some open ended constructive criticism. This type of mentality is infectious among the ignorant and doesn't help but sour the forums etc. It's not helping anything. I don't know what to tell you.. These guys could easily sell out and probably make a fortune doing it.. But that's not what they've set out to do. They didn't invest their own money and agonize over every detail to let this game go to poorly made socks. This is a trivial issue. It won't impact things. If it does then it will be temporary at best. It will get fixed/controlled. The sky isn't falling, trust their experience over you lack of experience and let's support our design team.
  8. I personally would like to be able to have multiple accounts... one for combat and one for crafting.. Being able to have 2 characters in a campaign to provide equipment for myself and friends would be really handy.. Which means I wouldn't have to run them in tandem. I think what they don't want is people running scripts with one guy as a warrior and having 5 people being him all nuking one target.. It can get excessive.. People have done it in Everquest. It can get out of hand.
  9. Newer tech doesn't mean today what it once did. You have games like Undertale taking game of the year nominations. It's about the variety of gameplay and in the MMO genre it is more about the feel you get sharing content with ACTUAL PEOPLE. Community is what made the game enjoyable. Everquest was fun because it forced you to group with people and interact with them. WOW is falling a part because options they added to the game have restricted communal interaction. At fikrst it was group finder.. It didn't matter if you had a reputation of being good at your class when all it took to complete this ridiculously easy content was having the right classes in the same room together that didn't really need to communicate to finish the content. It has progressively become worse when you had Garrisons. It got even worse furthermore when Raidfinder was implemented.. When the game consists of showing up with random strangers to zerg content and win to check a box off a list every week the game isn't rewarding anymore. In Everquest for each area of the game per server there was ONE ZONE. Nothing was instanced.. To be able to accomplish anything you had to work with 5 other people which meant getting along and relating.That meant if you wanted to go farm a spot you either had to wait in line with the group's leader, you had to come forcibly take the camp with 5-6 other people (which was considered really bad etiquette) or you had to do something crazy like train a bunch of mobs on them and get them all killed and then steal their camp. I know it's hard to imagine but in this game at the end game reputation mattered. If you wanted to get into a guild you had to fill out a form that was akin to a job resume. You had to interview with people and get votes from their guild members JUST TO APPLY. You gave a poorly made socks about your reputation because people remembered when you acted like a hooligan. People remembered when you went out of your way to help them out with something. Some times you had to wait an hour before you could join a group.. But when you did the experience was good and it was worth the wait.. It became even more worth it to network and make friends that valued you taking your class seriously and valued that you played your class well. There were people on the server everyone knew and they were considered server legends for any one reason or another. The gameplay drove these types of interactions.. If you ask most MMO gamers what they remember most about whatever experience they had form whatever MMO they played I can feel confident saying that a majority of people will tell you about experiences they shared playign with people they liked. Any of us that are the more old hardcore players will probably be able to relate. These are the things the MMO genre really provide that we have been suckered out of by the tripple A gaming machine. Why do you play with other people? Community. When Dragons spawned EVERYONE had to rush to the dragon from wherever they were to meet up with their guild to get there and mobilize a strategy to kill the thing in order to be able to get the better loot. It took sometimes 100+ people to kill something big. It felt epic.. you had people dying all over the place and a real sense of oh custard can we do this? What upped the steaks even higher was that other guilds were watching licking their chomps ready to jump in behind you and take the dragon next if you failed. In a world like this you really felt a loyalty to the people you played with. There was a true sense of comradery and people having to work hard together to overcome the odds. The more convenience you add to a game the less people are forced to rely on one another and a majority of the time the more you take away from gameplay driving community and relationship building. People complained about this.. massive amounts of drama was started.. A lot of people were angry they had to fight each other for content and complained they wanted another way. The funny thing about gamers is a majority of the time they don't know what they want. They know what they don't want.. But many fail to realize the true impact a design decision can make from their experience of the game. Even Vanguard Saga of Heros held on for years past it's initial failure of a launch and lack of content (that was very much gated by grind quests due to lack of funs for real new content) because it had communal elements that made the game still very enjoyable to a lot of people. I don't think Todd and Gordon went into this without realizing the potential gold mine before them. If this game provides the communal parts of the EK, the Guild system or even just groups of people working together in PVP even half effectively at launch this game could be huge. Do you guys remember early release for LOL? I do. I remember the only other thing similar was Heros of Newerth. It didn't do as well as LOL but surely it had the potential to. The game was basically a direct reskin with better graphics of DOTA on the WC3 map. LOL on the other hand, was not. Now the items when the first game were heavily imbalanced. The champs were heavily imbalanced. It didn't really matter. It was fun to play. Instead of finding ways to polish the exterior and make the game prettier (like Heros of Newerth) LOL spent it's time and resources figuring out how to make the items work better to builds and champions and styles of play, how to tweak things etc and change champion abilities to create a more cohesive measured type of play. I guess at some point I am going to sound like a red priest from GOT talking about Azor Ahai and "the game that was promised" but I genuinely believe they are on to something here. So long as the game and fun enough to keep people playing and the game gets an opportunity for continued refinement and growth this game has incredible potential.
  10. "Looks terrible, the piñata harvesting was so bad that it almost made me forget how silly the nodes look." I think the draw of the piñata harvesting is that you have to take time to collect each resource as they hit the ground. If you didn't have this messier way of harvesting it would be easy to swoop in harvest and leave.. This method can create conflict when players of the opposing faction are in the area. If you had players that came along to guard harvesters or it simply became a better reason to create an opportunity for combat there are reasons. I think the nodes look great. Given the overall style of the game so far (which to be fair looks really good) I don't know how you came to this conclusion. Without being too much of a hooligan (And it would feel justified to me here given the lack of thought put forth in your post) you sound like one of these children that played hunger dome when it first came out and had no textures saying, "THIS GAME LOOKS LAGGY, poorly made socksty.. I'll never play this." How many of the more polished things have we seen that looked crappy? Rhetorical question. It's a work in progress. I personally can't wait for nodes like "agate" and the funkier looking ones.. There's a lot they can do.. I want even weirder resources that are very much distinct from one another that would allow for a variety of strange looking nodes and fun models with textures for crafted items. Give me OPALS! Give me Gems that I can socket into the gear or blade pommels. Mithril! Valerian Steel! Rubicite steel! "I appreciate the need to save money and get working place holders in, but trying to present it as anything adequate is humorous." It's progress. It will be in the game. It will get revisions. Spare me. "How's a game that's supposed to bring back the sincerity and necessity of dedicated crafters and supply supposed to remain dignified when the resources and harvesting look like something out of Sonic the Hedgehog?" I don't get the negative attitude. I guess it's good to express your feelings of the harvesting process and the esteem of crafting not syncing up giving you disconcerted feelings but things take time to develop and this attitude doesn't help anyone.. It feels very petulant and unproductive. I have faith they know what they're doing and that the harvesting is going to be interesting etc. I personally just want interesting nodes and materials that are very distinct from one another.
  11. Today there are 63 million people with unique profiles for LOL. We live in a world where people have the hobby of JUST watching Twitch streamers who don't even play the game they watch. People are hungry for PVP games. The market exists. Esports DWARFS sports in terms of viewers. In Korea LOL teams give their football teams pep talks. The reason that Overwatch is even holding a torch to LOL is because it's the first thing that has come out that is more or less doing enough of it's own thing with quality that feels different enough to be worth really investing in. The tripple A game machine has learned that if they have slick animations and art assets that are quality all they have to do is build enough hype around an IP and they will sell enough copies that it will make a project a financial success. This isn't the triple A game machine. This is a crowdfunded game that IS the main enchilada. This isn't a game that will fund future projects. The only reason MOBAs took off was because the map makers who refined Dota into what Mobas have become had enough nuts and devotion to refine the genre into a literal sport. For those of you who were around for DOTA on the WC3 Map it went through an incredible amount of revisions and it was on the WC3 custom map maker. These developers have enough sense and experience to realize that shiny and polish aren't the core ingredients that will make this game a success.. It will be getting the building blocks right. It's no easy talk to objectively look at a project like this in their circumstances (How can you not feel biased on a project you love and have put your own money into how they have) and be able to say you know what? The fundamentals need to be even better. We are in good hands. When people have enough passion to develop something out of pure love they will get it right. They will dive as deep into the rabbit hole as it goes. Thank God we have people courageous enough to pioneer new genres and not have to wade through to drole of WOW clones and shiny new industry clones. Shadowbane was far ahead of it's time and it didn't get a fraction of the recognition it deserved. It never got a true spiritual successor and it was way ahead of it's time as a concept and sadly (even though the game was fundamentally flawed due to no restart mechanic and lack of further developed systems ie crafting and a real player economy vs merchants) didn't have the market to support it's refinement. In reality initial investment is the catalyst but it's time and experience with refining a genre that is what's the true element that makes the game quality. For that you have to have people who are a trifecta of perspective.. Experience, the ability to be objective and execute your perspective in such a way that you can produce results as far as tweaking things with the resources you have available. There aren't that many people who have the kind of experience that Koster, Gordon and Todd have. That's not me fanboying.. it's the truth. I remember growing up in the late 90s and early 2000s and having very limited choices as to what we could play as far as MMOs.. Anything of quality was Age of Camelot and EQ.. And eventually SWG before it got bastardized. Before that Asheron's call and Meridian 59.(MAYBEE The Realm) There may be more options these days but that's a good thing. It means the market is big enough to entice people to continue making games.. In 15 years the potential customer base has grown 100 fold or more. Just think about that. There are certain ingredients involved when a new genre defining game is produced and released. As far as one could surmise it's looking like Ace has a winner on their hands.. It looks also like they are being very careful with their money and have enough to be developing for a good while. I have been a fan of this genre since before it got big back when Meridian 59 was the first of it's kind.. I have seen many games come and go and I believe this game is going to hit it big.
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