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  1. Ahoy Oakbow and Drakiis !! Dis game be promisin' bloodshed and booty, aplenty! Lookin' forward to crossin' swords with yer guilds!
  2. Time fer saucy Mal ta be learnin' da true meanin' o' "walkin' da plank".
  3. Wot be yer preference, Poppet ... eye patch or peg leg? That will narrow down tha field a bit.
  4. Shirt Skirt Long Jacket by Cake https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-eTsncrxhQo
  5. Ye still be me favorite oooodle lubber, Ginks! But Hillbilly be gainin' ground!
  6. Aye, mate ... that be like a saucy wench wit' out da sauce. Savvy?
  7. Time fer a grog-induced stupor till Alpha be arrivin' ...
  8. Jealous? More like nauseous, mate.
  9. We could use another lass or two in da crew ... Sins only be wearin' his skirts on Fridays.
  10. Ahoy Degan and Kataz! Good to see me boyos shakin' off their grog-induced slumbers fer dis game!
  11. Ahoy laddie! We still be searchin' fer our beloved ship, The Salty Maid.
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