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  1. Welcome aboard mate! Can never have enough TF2'ers.
  2. Honey Chipotle. Enough said.
  3. Sweet Baby Ray so nice.
  4. Keep dreamin', lubber !!
  5. Infinite supply. I don't want to micromanage my inventory for arrows, ammunition or spell regeants in order to PVP. Just point me in the direction of the bad guys, and let's go fight.
  6. Ahoy Oakbow and Drakiis !! Dis game be promisin' bloodshed and booty, aplenty! Lookin' forward to crossin' swords with yer guilds!
  7. Careful, Youma ... sounds like a trap!
  8. A fine lass to be sure! Must be havin' some pirate blood in her!
  9. shokar


    Doc will be back for this game.
  10. Time fer saucy Mal ta be learnin' da true meanin' o' "walkin' da plank".
  11. The chance to kill old friends and old enemies, again.
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