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Everything posted by shokar

  1. Both of those Kurt movies are personal favorites of mine. Enjoy!!! Let us know how she does with your choices. Yarrrr!
  2. The Princess Bride is a classic that she would probably enjoy. Secondhand Lions would be an awesome choice as well.
  3. All me little ones know 'bout The Shipwrecked Pirates The wench too.
  4. Avast, lass !!! Me thinks me Jolly Roger be losin' its jolly now.
  5. Still worth several laughs. Thanks for bringing it back to life.
  6. Aye, be good to yer mudders on her special day.
  7. shokar


  8. Yarrrr !!! Love wenches!!
  9. Solar's Axe! Haven't heard that in years. Hey BSB, is Riptoe still around?
  10. Ahoy lubber! Welcome aboard.
  11. shokar

    favorite beer

    Good stuff from the tiny state of Delaware!
  12. shokar


    <---- Proud owner of a JamesGoblin like now.
  13. Shirt Skirt Long Jacket by Cake https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-eTsncrxhQo
  14. shokar


    James Goblin viewed my profile page one time. My heart skipped a beat, I think.
  15. Even coffee won't help with some of these threads...
  16. Well played, chum bucket, well played.
  17. Arnie's boyos no be skurred o' some finger wigglin', fancy pants Frostweavers!
  18. Yarrrrrr !!! The part where me boyos keelhaul yer caravan and take yer booty.
  19. Aye, a fine crew o' land lubbers ... despite bein' pointy-eared elves.
  20. Wiggly fingers and cold beer!!! Awesome combo!
  21. Ye still be me favorite oooodle lubber, Ginks! But Hillbilly be gainin' ground!
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