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Everything posted by shokar

  1. shokar

    That NFL thread

    Such a relief ! Patriots fan?
  2. shokar

    That NFL thread

    During the Earl Campbell or Warren Moon days?
  3. Aye, mate ... that be like a saucy wench wit' out da sauce. Savvy?
  4. Enjoy your trip, mate! We will excuse the slow updates on the druid ... this time. Next time, you might be walkin' the plank!
  5. shokar

    RIP Doc Gonzo

    I don't believe it. The PVP bloodlust will bring Doc back when the game gets here. The chance to kill all those old SB enemies ... it's too much temptation.
  6. shokar

    Dang You Mal

    I will take an order of the Brownies and some Caramel Sundae Crunch ice cream to go, please.
  7. shokar

    RIP Doc Gonzo

    Hope all is well with Doc.
  8. Welcome aboard, mate! Lookin' forward ta keelhaulin' you and yer Beauty and all the other land lubbers.
  9. You are super talented, mate. Can't wait to see your next piece!
  10. Hillbilly strikes again!!!
  11. Time fer a grog-induced stupor till Alpha be arrivin' ...
  12. shokar

    Dang You Mal

    uggg ... Red Lobster.
  13. Seems to be plenty of that in Texas ...
  14. TSP has two options mate .... walkin' da plank or surrendin' yer booty. Choose wisely, lubber.
  15. Jealous? More like nauseous, mate.
  16. shokar

    Oh.. Hey...

    Congrats Mal !! Wishing you a lifetime of married bliss !!
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