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Everything posted by shokar

  1. Looney Tunes all the way!
  2. Nice job on the eyes/nose/mouth. They are always the hardest thing to get right, for me.
  3. I'm friends with Ashtur on Steam. It's been 126 days since he logged in, though.
  4. We could use another lass or two in da crew ... Sins only be wearin' his skirts on Fridays.
  5. Ahoy Degan and Kataz! Good to see me boyos shakin' off their grog-induced slumbers fer dis game!
  6. Amazing talent, Steppen. Keep posting updates, mate!!! Can't wait to see the finished Ranger!
  7. Awesome .. can't wait to see your Ranger!
  8. Incredible! Nice work, Steppenwolf.
  9. shokar


    Sounds like an awesome guild. Good luck, lubbers!
  10. Heading out to Great Lakes Naval Base north of Chicago next month to see my son. And welcome aboard!
  11. I gave Conman the link to these forums ... perhaps he will show up soon.
  12. You can find Conman on Steam all the time.
  13. Ahoy laddie! We still be searchin' fer our beloved ship, The Salty Maid.
  14. Mal seems so bloodthirsty, lol.
  15. Sign me up for this Operation, mate! I have some old emails from Panthro ... gonna go look for them.
  16. Need more Panthro, GoodRev and Agoz!!
  17. Let me know when you visit Philly, Gonz ... I'm just 20 minutes south of Philly.
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