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Everything posted by shokar

  1. Hillbilly, who knew ye had some wit in ya?
  2. Nice video, mate. Saw me irekei toon in that video when me and some o' da crew ran with Virakar. Good times.
  3. Would love to see the Dissent swabbies back in game.
  4. Angelmar ... dat Corruption history be a purty piece o' work, lubber. Brings back good memories. *raises mug*
  5. Tis true ... a true beast, me boyo Nehemia be!
  6. Just like old times, lubber.
  7. Just a normal Saturday in Austin.
  8. 3 out of 5 on names, Mal. Too many shots or just bad with names??
  9. Who's who in the pic?
  10. Aaaah understood. That's where we always tossed Maj. o.0
  11. Ahoy Belontic!!! And you left Rilit off the list.
  12. We no be skurred o' lawyers, mate ... nor any dem pointy-eared fancy lads!
  13. Are ye sure, Princess? Yer avatar be enjoyin' a smoke and some spirits, lubber.
  14. RP an' PVP at the same time, lubber. Dat's how Cap'n Arnie's crew sails ... when we be findin' our ship, that is.
  15. Who let Hillbilly into the Trophy Room?
  16. Aye, Princess! I just think ships and ship combat are not part of their core vision. I'd rather see them develop some of their concepts that have already been discussed, like the guild vs guild worlds or additional archetypes.
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