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Everything posted by shokar

  1. I believe this is Maj's intent. But then again, maybe he just wants you all in one spot, so he can steal your booty!
  2. TSP currently has 4 in Alpha 1 and 19 in Alpha 2. Edit: more boyos be joinin' the cause, lubbers!
  3. You lubbers best be hidin' yer womens and booty ... da Cap'n has arrived!
  4. I just saw this game today on Steam. It looked interesting. Might try it out after reading this thread. Thanks, nehemia!
  5. Ahoy thar, Galiswyn ! Glad ta see more pointy-eared land-lubbers findin' their way to CF.
  6. Yer mudder be likin' more dan just me grizzled arse, chumbucket.
  7. Ha!! Dat grizzled seadog Silver be joinin' da fray!
  8. Better times be found 'ere, mate. From a Pirate perspective, of course. http://vimeo.com/14592242 UDL vs TSP http://vimeo.com/14592008 Mourning Game of Thrones 10v10 Tournament
  9. Ahoy stunties! Glad to see MW is on board with CF !
  10. Much love to our Swedish brethen !!!
  11. Factions are fer pillow bitin' Nancies.
  12. Har!!! Well played, mate, well played.
  13. Ternach ... got any trips to America coming up?
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