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  1. ^ this right hurrr. In sb whining and crying fowl is typically a boast for the winning side and only encourages other nations towards your corner towers. There were things that could be improved and i think that's why our community is here.
  2. Made me laugh. "I enjoyed shadowbane the most, although the community could be quite crass at times". We are an unforgiving bunch best gamers I've ever played with.
  3. rosetta stone that poorly made socks son. Ch'Yuh!
  4. skullet


    crab people? anyone for crab people?!?!
  5. skullet


    Lol this is awesome. Gj with that pic fella
  6. Power gamers always win. how do you close a gap between them and casual? Stop playing casually and put up a fight or keep losing. Simple poorly made socks.
  7. Zerg tactics are hardly tactics. More like "everybody swarm" and that's it.it kills servers and ruins games.
  8. Toodles to the Carebears. Open arms to all of the pixel murderers and city crushers!
  9. Love these guys. Always good fights! Glad to see some of ya's!
  10. skullet


    You'll never be half the player ween is ya fu**in scrub! (In a very distasteful aussie accent)
  11. I don't like anime. Dbz was as much as i could handle. Just drawn out fights with skinny people. Why does every cn lady have double d's in anime and a cups irl?
  12. skullet


    Mb all the way.goofy is straight up g*y. Doesn't run worth a hoot
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