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  1. Congrats W! Excited to see the tears in the thread. Then tears disguised as feedback on handshakes and zone caps and chaos orb and keep layouts. Nutritious tears.
  2. As someone who has run bomb Secutor for a few months in 80 vs 80 and gotten big bombs off still, I don't fully disagree with this post but I think it misses the point of what bomb knight actually brings. This may be a result of orbs being so heavily meta currently, but Secutors are one of the most reliable pick off generators in the game and are an incredible asset to make use of on a melee push. Chain pull, Illusory Shield root, vaccuum, and shield bash when played correctly all net kills on the enemy. Your personal DPS doesn't matter much outside of your two bombs because you generate so much value from your utility skills. That being said, they definitely need to work harder for it and be coordinated with their guilds. Most high quality guilds right now run at least one secutor as a hooking platform because when played with a coordinated group, it lets you pick off extra players constantly. I can definitely see why someone may look at something more braindead like a Barbarian or a Fury and see it getting poorly made dergs done and just run that instead, but high quality secutors generate far more value in my experience. If your fights are mostly one pushes (for or against you) or if you are fighting a zerg that is constantly in your face already then I totally agree with this evaluation.
  3. Black Ice persists and is extremely useful in all scales because you can place it where enemies will end up walking into it very reliably. I don't hate the third minor for this build, but especially since my guild fights out numbered 9/10 and is reacting to large pushes I get a lot of value out of that ice. On stats, STR definitely out performs DEX for pure damage. Updated the 10 points I misallocated while rushing the build out Sturdy is >> Finish Him in my experience in medium to large scale (where I play this build) but I can see finish him gaining value in smaller scale fights where you are less likely to be topped, and more likely to be spamming executes often. I definitely recommend the finish him minor if you take the third minor over black ice however. 15% PDM while over 85% HP has incredible value for a class that has poor escapes and only lightly flanks, as you can easily keep yourself healthy and reduce your chances of becoming a called target. Death Shard + 2 executes is more than enough damage in my experience when someone is floating around 50% to kill them, even without finish him. If you are spending a lot of time in larger fights spamming executes you have either already won the fight, or are losing out on GCDs where you could be stacking concussion or cleaving. That isn't to say you shouldn't ever be landing executes, it just should be in the minority of your actions.
  4. Glad to hear you are having success! I've played a ton of both classes, and each has their strengths and weaknesses. Inquisitor has a very specific playstyle around timing, cooldowns, and positioning and definitely needs to be played in a group that suits it. Cleric will work in any situation and is definitely a lot easier to output healing. Currently Inquisitor will out heal a cleric in a single group when played to the fullest, but is outperformed by Cleric in multi-group situations or if you don't have very strong positioning.
  5. Hey! No problem. I don't mind the thread getting bumped at all I'll level with you, this build looks like garbage but it is probably fun if you wanted to do a little healing and also blow up sometimes. The reason this build looks bad isn't that your barrier sources are bad or anything like that though - it's that your base kit does not synergize with pumping CON like this build requires (to max barrier bonus, and increase your damage) but also it has no bonuses that improve your overall damage of your bombs. Secutor also has Redirected Strikes and a 500 SP ulti to allow them to protect their barrier more while preparing the bomb, which is really important. Your idea is cool, the game just doesn't support it that well. Try it out for yourself and see how you do!
  6. Lightning Burst on Stormcaller is only hitting a single target currently. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=07B7koX3Pl8 Clip to verify. Could potentially be these dummies but it seems to happen elsewhere too.
  7. Nope! No changes yet. New balance patch is coming sometime this week though so we'll see.
  8. You need a Foreman disc, which can be gained from R6+ Quarrying nodes using advanced tools.
  9. On the contrary, there are a metric ton of stuns available in the game across basically all classes. It's an extremely common status effect, that Minotaur allows you to mostly ignore if you play it correctly (always facing potential folks who could stun you while channeling pulverize). This doesn't make you stun immune, but it does help - and reducing the impact of the three hard CC types that will actually interrupt your crash goes a long way towards helping you survive. You can play Half Giant if you want to, or Stoneborn with this build but you will find that you die a lot more often to players who know how to counter your crash. On Minotaur, you have a much better chance of living even against good players - check out the ECS Tournament VODs if you want proof of this. Otherwise your points are all correct. The other races are statistically better than Minotaur and have better racials (mino charge is nice but not required). As an experienced Myrm player (3+ years, thousands of hours) I will always take having a higher percentage chance to not crash over any minor damage increases, because Titan already has all of the killing power you need baked into the class. Your viability is reliant on not eating poorly made dergs early into a fight and shrugging off lots of damage while dealing a ton back. Good luck with your build!
  10. Very weird teleportation issue caught on stream last night, check it: https://www.twitch.tv/videos/1087858731?t=04h52m03s Dilbo was fighting on one side of the map, and then for some reason the server decided to boot him to the other side of the keep which happened to be right inside of the enemy force.
  11. I value crit chance over straight Damage Bonus from STR on INT based damage classes because they get so much crit damage from their main stat. Critting more will net you more overall damage, but we're talking about a very small number of stat points here so it's all very minor. If you like STR for your erp go for it you'll be fine.
  12. I'm referring to whoever your partner healing your group is - right now the meta is 2 healers per group, so normally inquisitor is paired with a cleric of some sort. They really work well with a friend, because your heals cover each other's weaknesses.
  13. Hey Vizion, it's linked at the very top of the build in the screenshots and in the build link, but I go Transcendent Warrior and Sun Worshipper as Majors, and the minors are Pack Avatar and Toughness. This would be what I would consider "Default" as the Aura really benefits your group and your paired healer in larger fights, and gets you a quality chain heal, purge, and set of group buffs. You could also consider grabbing Pixie for more chain healing or any number of other healing discs from Light based on your playstyle.
  14. Pump Spirit until you reach 200 on your white vessel then go CON until you reach 8k HP or so.
  15. They definitely do communicate on their forums too - you don't need to be obstinate. There have been patch notes posted for major updates and news every week. Discord is great for small updates. They don't need to post a thread every time they release a stability fix with no player facing changes lol. I get it, you want to be upset and we can't change your mind.
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