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  1. This is where having a guild or a group of friends is really important, but also the game is not in a state right now where it's easy for solo players to create goals for themselves. There is no major economy rolling, no gear market, and a wipe is coming so why bother talking to folks to start working on that. I don't know how to help you or fix this problem without saying "join a guild". A lot of the fun in this game is restricted to groups right now because of the above. I hope that the devs work on solo play in some capacity, or that it works out better when faction campaigns are being r
  2. I haven't played in a while, decided to step in today for the castle siege and some messing around on Radical - which has been getting some praise in discords these days. After testing it all day in small scale PVP and then running it in the massive siege tonight, I've got a few thoughts. TLDR Radical is finally fun. It is an aggressive ranged DPS who can deal good damage with good gear, and plays a very nice and unfilled niche of sustained cleave damage. Mana shield makes them way too tanky (and Archmages) - it should be nerfed. It makes the class very degenerate to fight against in
  3. I think this is one the most valid criticisms of this upcoming system, and the game itself. Winning things in this game feels more like a relief than a victory. Being successful is not a reward in and of itself today. The rewards systems do help but I think there are more things to be done to keep people chasing the carrot so to speak. If we look to other MMOs, most of this stuff is handled via cosmetics. Campaign rewards can help. Things like custom weapon effects/skins, unique mounts, titles or things like that will go a long way. I don't think making people want to login to keep passives
  4. I pick depending on what is in the group - it's flexible.
  5. There is a spot in moosename you can get stuck in and can't get out without double jump.
  6. Nature's grace got gutted in this patch. I think it's OK value now but it may need to be tuned up a little more - not sure. If you land damage every tick you're looking at 2.6k HP over 15s which is ok but not really designed to save you. I think that's fine but it may be back on the "never going to take this" list. We'll see.
  7. Yeah - there is a third part of the new player experience that has yet to be released that really needs to get implemented to get people to the next step. Honestly the entire system should be a lot more on rails to start but we'll see. For now you should level up and head into the infected at 30 to go gather stuff and get some PVP to learn the ropes a bit. The game needs a lot more population and activity for these transitions to really work.
  8. Natures Grace is awesome - thanks for the buff! It may be a little too awesome however. If you give a comparison to something like Gift of Blood - it feels extremely strong on the ranged DPS slot. It heals for a crazy amount while it is active due to it working on blight and bear and things like that. Gift of Blood: 75 Hp per bleed APPLICATION (16s or something cooldown per target, melee ranged) vs Natures Grace 175 HP per damage application (blight, bear, lightning burst combo, etc) for 16s, 68s cooldown. Ranged do not need the healing as frequently, and this combined with
  9. Hey Thon! It definitely takes it down a well deserved peg. So far on LIVE it still provides 20% so I'm not going to update this yet, but when it does get updated I think it just becomes a quality option if you heal groups that take a lot of constant damage (like Melee groups). I don't know if there is a staple disc anymore if that nerf takes effect - though I will still recommend it as it works just about all the time.
  10. More comments on Berserk's current design. People do not use Berserk as a tool, they use it so that they can deal competitive damage. The fact that it makes you survivable in this patch is a secondary gift/curse. When you do get focused (as high damage classes do) it is too difficult to survive under pressure when you compare yourself to other melee classes of a similar role. That is why people complain about crashing and the ways to mitigate it, and the change to merging berserk into one ability modified by promotion. No other class in Crowfall functions this way. No other class
  11. So the idea here is that it reduces the number of times you have to mitigate crash per minute from 5 times (5x12s cooldown) to 3 times (3x18s cooldown rounded) in an attempt to give you more chances to mitigate it using raging bull and potentially group CC immunity combinations, things like that. If you look at it from that perspective it is a buff. The downside is that if you miss a partial crash you are now hung out to dry for longer without immunity, and you can still die to a full crash anyway like normal without an optimal setup. Without mino 360 degrees stun immunity or half giant bar
  12. @miralunaA poor RNG implementation to make crafting more laborious, not more active. It isn't better than the old system was and it is extremely tedious in the current state of the game. My opinion may change when passives are reset and we can build up more naturally. Right now we're trying to catch up to pre-wipe levels of crafting, but that change added to the grind and the pain it did not alleviate it. If it was either less harsh or more rewarding it may become OK but I don't think anybody is having fun popping out boots and gloves to get something mandatory for logistics. Do I think
  13. It does still, 2 minute duration. When I wrote that section initially (it is mostly unedited) HG was not a great race so I was lazy with it. I've gone ahead and updated this - thank you! This is still the situation, but they are far better now with better crafters available in the game to make up for some of the missing stats. Good race!
  14. Oh also this old school crowfall meme will be you someday too OK.
  15. This relevant in practical terms but not for this discussion. The point RobbenDumarsch is trying to make is that a player could reach that point and it makes new players less viable - which is true. Skill Tomes, however they are implemented, will help these players catch up in the systems that are worthy of criticism. I think you may be overstating the value of the combat stats listed (caps are easy to reach on many of them, and gear is a far larger contributor) but that doesn't make you wrong - it just makes your outrage a little more limp. Many, many people (myself included) would appr
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