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  1. More customization is dearly needed in this game. We need to be able to mess things up, and we need to be able have weird niche specs that work in their environment but are poor outside of it. We need less restrictions on players for the sake of safety. There are a lot of ways to accomplish this - I think disciplines should receive the first updated design pass but everything else deserves some love too. Handshakes are a good idea. I think there are risks with them too that could be messy but siege schedules have only shown to create burnout and droughts in player activity. I'll be far more incentivized to login and check the siege schedule and engage in player politics to see if there is a bane going off somewhere or to get the inside scoop on plans. This type of thing plus the inclusion of mines, specialty outposts, and glory objectives combined with the regular farming/logistical needs of harvesting will create a good content mix that isn't too on-rails. We want to play in a really good and varied sandbox - the more player driven the better.
  2. As of the last Q&A Todd confirmed that GR Vendors are going the way of the Legionnaire. Get in on the Kingdom of Jah now before it gets too mainstream and low on stock!
  3. Clams (aka I) am not known for their shame. Also we were on that new Gold Printing kick. Inventory went in, gold pieces came out - you can't explain that. We miss you and HoA and the hot takes. Come back to the game sometime - we're stuck with low tier trolling in your absence.
  4. Most people didn't get a reasonable vendor period, at any point this patch. I got a primo vendor on the 5.110 wipe on LIVE and made 1 million gold in 2 - 3 weeks. That isn't exactly fair to even other vendors in GR at that time, and it was even worse when all of the vendor slots were taken within minutes of the server up. One guild or group of people should not control the entire market because they logged in instantly, no other game works like that. Enjoy trolling though - we'll keep selling lots of good stuff and making money. ACE knows that GR vendors are degenerate gameplay (meant to be a stop gap from the old free city) - it will almost certainly be changed.
  5. The owner of the EK get to decide on where the vendor slot goes, but they have to give the right to the outside player wanting to place. If you don't agree with your slot you don't place it. It definitely has annoying properties now, but in the past when there were ONLY EK's for vendors there was zero spam because everybody went there. Folks would post about their vendors in discord, but otherwise folks looking to buy always went to EKs. Ideally ACE addresses the issues that GR presents when it comes to player economy. Either way, if you don't like it you can stick to the mostly bad vendors in GR .
  6. They definitely will net more traffic right now @BehindYou but the land rushes are finished in seconds by guilds with members available, leaving folks not available in the middle of the day on a unannounced GR reset unable to compete. This type of system lets you create unique market places that you control. Even if you don't want to participate in THIS marketplace, you could make your own or create competition. It's a far more interesting and PLAYER CONTROLLED system.
  7. We made BANK in the old days before Gods Reach on Aerynth Traders cc @MrPlanks. The Clams were PRINTING gold here and others should get on it too. Lots of good poorly made dergs to buy here, actually active vendors with an eye on the market. EK markets really should be the way things are done instead of the Gods Reach land rush vacant vendors nonsense.
  8. What ever happened to these small iterations getting a version number? Hard to keep track of what little patch is what.
  9. Yeah @Dakoth that's what I'm saying. There should be a kill box down there so that when they take the cowards way out they burn their recall and die, instead of just falling down there and only burning their recall. Their cairn should likely be placed wherever they were as they jumped.
  10. It's a bug that they will fix eventually. There should be a kill box down there. It'll be a cowards exit then too but at least not an annoying one. See you at the bottom!
  11. Balance problems ARE design problems.
  12. Something to consider is that many small guilds scored more points than intended due to a bug where you could not score less than 3 on any top campaign card you participated in at all.
  13. Did you guys get banned or something from the unofficial and made your own? This is already the best thread.
  14. I'm not on DIS rofl. Most of the community knows what went down. I'm talking about your clear behavior in the forum, on discords, and in the game itself. Buh bye!
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