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  1. This guild kicks ass and also is my guild. This message was sponsored by the Red Lobster Boys.
  2. There is a ballista hidden in the ground outside of the keep. Coordinates in the top right but: Duchy of Marconia 1882 1 2702
  3. Ussiah's post is godlike click the heart on that poorly made dergs.
  4. I have a lot of good things to say about this patch so far, but I'm going to withhold them because I want to see how they interact in a PVP environment. There are only a few significant bads for me. In order: Performance is MUCH worse for me in this patch practically everywhere. The only time I would dip below 40 in the last patch was during a 50 - 100 player siege in a keep. In this patch I get 25 - 35 standing in the woods with some mobs and maybe 15 players in draw range. This may have something to do with the new NVIDIA graphics card driver that I keep hearing about, but overall performance is pretty dooky. Frostweavers need a limit on how much ice they can place. 15 is far too many per player on a balance scale, but it also doesn't help with performance since they vomit on screen affects. Divine light was bad enough and it was just a little pulse. Crafting sucks far too much ass at the start of the game right now. The only thing worth bothering to craft right now is jewelry and runecrafting stuff. Blacksmithing, Leatherworking, and Woodworking won't come online for likely a month or more and even then they will likely be worse than optimized Wartribe gear that I will undoubtedly farm. We've complained and moaned about this since the magic loot was implemented. Our crafters should feel useful and wanted at all stages of the game. Not sitting on the bench until passives catch up. If I didn't have multiple accounts I would be disgruntled about this. Otherwise all the little bugs and minor annoyances are fine, being reported, and I'm pleased as a peach about this patch. Thank you for your hard work, and I can see that there is a real game here to be played. Dregs this Thursday at noon?
  5. Currently showing teammates as hungry and group UI even though they have 9.5 chicken tickers. Ignore the pun with my friend's name
  6. Getting graphical tearing in EKs based on camera position being near the base of the statue.
  7. Trading in EK's is bugged with PVP on, not able to trade with friendlies.
  8. Looks like allies can pick up Frost Armor generated by non-frost armory placements. Should be personal only.
  9. You can play the game now, and there is a population there (albeit very small) but I would seriously recommend waiting for this new build. It almost shipped tonight and we saw a CRAZY amount of activity this afternoon in anticipation of it. Wait until next week.
  10. Thank you for the effort. This type of stuff is really hard without real world things running interference - we appreciate what you do. Thanks again. See you at the next Thursday at Noon attempt.
  11. I actually really miss heading over to Aerynth Traders to sell stuff to folks or logging into the lawn to craft commissions and trade them off. I'm sure we'll see changes around the economy long term.
  12. It was the best of times. It was the worst of times. The russians were out and there were 5 players on the North American server at 3pm Eastern on a Friday. Perfect time for a Euro Trip! Thanks to @Yumx and Vanguard for the host and giving me an opportunity to work on my cleric. 1 Kill, 24 Assists, tons of fun. See you all in dregs!
  13. Myrmidons will die to berserker crash through Ulti from time to time. It looks like the crash damage most often happened when your berserk bar was full, but not 100% of the time.
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