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  1. Cairns are not lootable currently after death. The hunger circle is not visible on second level or higher on the castle, which can lead to a surprising and painful death if you are fighting rats hiding on the third level up there.
  2. OK I've been pinged on discord and on streams enough, I've updated the guide to 6.510. It's basically a full re-write with much of the content changed to accommodate Arbiters. I may have messed some stuff up with the copy and paste from my doc, let me know if you see any weird errors. TL;DR Cleric is still dank, the builds are similar, go heal people. As always, feedback is welcome in the thread or through discord.
  3. Bugged out on a load in, unable to move my character or interact with the game. I was not tabbed out or anything. This bug needs to die.
  4. Really hoping these changes put us into a space where we aren't snap testing with 2 hours notice and the queue is just available all the time.
  5. I'm not in love with the screenshake on hits in melee with the new Myrm/Assassin setup. I think it IS good for describing impact, but it would be good to be able to disable it to help prevent motion sickness.
  6. The VFX on the Myrmidon hits will stick to your first target if the target is still alive. It even hits the dummy when I go around the corner and hit the Elk.
  7. Glad we are getting a good EU timeslot to test this thing. Any chance of another test in a NA time slot today or tomorrow?
  8. I can't believe the action bar greying out when you perform actions made it to LIVE. We thought this was a bug, apparently it is a design decision. I'm stoked to have to keep guessing if I am out of resource or not. Keep the GCD circle, and reserve greying out a bar for when you are out of resource.
  9. Hellll yeah. And Jtodd raised the Hunger Dome on the third day!
  10. Can we go back to the old GCD indicators and leave the grey bar for jumping? It's super annoying to know what abilities are able to be used on 6.510.
  11. I agree with a lot of this, so I'm only going to comment on "Easy come, easy go". "Easy come, easy go" has lost it's original meaning. It is meant to apply to the process of acquiring stuff to be viable (and consequently losing it). We have departed from that applying to the player and their own agency/actions and applying it purely to systems designed to keep a new player logged in. The wartribe loot system at it's core is a good idea, I've agreed with it since it came out. The issue is that it has basically overtaken the entire economy in order to keep a fresh player competitive with a
  12. Not sure why we dumpstered the alpha immediately. The damage coefficient was too harshly nerfed. The damage was fair - when damage was ASSIGNED was unfair. 50 more SP is a fine nerf, but I would probably pump the damage back up 10 - 15% to keep the class viable and switch neckbreaker to deal damage at the end of the cast instead of assigning damage midway through so people can react. 2k neckbreakers vs 2 - 3k parrys from a vindicator is not equitable.
  13. Don't steal their valor. They beat us fair and square. We're all still waiting on death to come and learn to count.
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