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  1. Looks like pulls are not moving targets. Net pull and Chain Attack are both affected.
  2. The "Stay in the Fight" passive does not work on Myrmidon, likely due to the minimum cost of the basic attacks being > 5% of your resources.
  3. Neckslash is bugged and will become available outside of berserk.
  4. I think the devotion change alone for Paladin makes them a healer you want to bring with any melee group at all. They are a complete menace for ranged with any support. I think that Templar is still a lot better in objective based scenarios than open world but I can't see any of these changes as anything but a buff for the class and the vertical they fill.
  5. I've looked at this thing all night and I've come to the conclusion that putting berserk and net pull and whirlwind in the middle of this tree creates actual difficult choice assuming that stuff like healing off of applying bleeds and the new damage ability aren't horrible and are worth considering. The change to a single buff spell instead of three is really cool. Baking in frenzy into the titan's version of berserk and giving baseline vengeance to everyone is really great. I also think that putting all of these really powerful abilities in the middle of the tree creates difficult choices.
  6. @ACE-TiggsThe battle rager is missing it's promotion node screenshot,
  7. Neckbreaker was stationary before, is this a new targeting system for that ability or just some marketing flash? @ACE-Tiggs --- As an avid champion player in the past, I really like some of these changes but some of them also leave me scratching my head a bit. The Good Demo shout is sick. The stat bundles look good. The consolidations make sense. The changes to the X Warrior spells are good, and I like that they are behind the promos now. Pitfighters get an actually fun ultimate now that isn't confusingly named but still makes them tanky. The Bad Giving out crit o
  8. This is intentional. You don't get resistances on chest pieces - you get typed damage bonuses. Check out the combinations here.
  9. Quick question, maybe for @thomasblair - does Blackmantle work the same way as it does on 6.100? Usually blackmantle is a value, not a status like it is listed here. How much healing is Meteor Purge going to block?
  10. @ACE-TiggsWhen I asked in the last thread for a news article on confessor (or champion) I did not expect it so quickly, and I didn't expect something so wildly different and honestly extremely interesting. This tree inspires a lot more confidence in varied builds due to the described playstyle of the inquisitor, and how Sanctifier already toed the line of dealing a lot of damage vs survivability and utility. I think Fanatic is going to be straight forward in terms of TALENTS, but that is fine as the other two classes already have a lot of potential. This is awesome - thank you for the ar
  11. Awesome, thanks! I really think we're all excited about this. We should probably start with more positive reactions to what is a clear upgrade. Thanks ACE for your hard work.
  12. @ACE-TiggsWould it be possible for more articles to come out outlying new talents trees (especially around underplayed classes with changes)? I think it would do a lot for our perceptions if we saw a class like Champion or Confessor that has far less distinct promotion trees, and therefore slightly more ambiguous routes to promotion classes? I think we're all really excited but we need more to chew on around these changes to avoid spiraling into madness.
  13. Good catch @Groovin The biggest problem I have with this is that since the capstones and promotions are so strong, you're going to want to take them which locks you into 9 talents minimum - leaving you with little customization. That plus the tree flowing left to right also causes a problem with build flexibility in talents. Obviously a lot of the juice is hidden within the new discipline overhaul and how they are sorted into domains. There's a chance that the domains leave a lot of flexibility in builds and you aren't going to min max-lock yourself into some of these builds based solel
  14. Yeah I'll cover every single spec on Myrm, but the others I'll focus on specific promos (obviously if those still exist in the new patch). I'll refund your onlyfans sub but I'll let you keep your access because I like you, okay? I hope you can forgive me.
  15. Updated the thread title to match the current patch, no significant changes needed. As an FYI for folks I WILL update this guide when the 6.200 patch eventually gets to us and changes literally everything about the game (hopefully). I also have a few other guides in the works but I will hold off on posting them until the major changes come. For class guides I'm currently working on: Full Myrmidon Guide Stormcaller Guide Confessor Guide Champion Guide Potentially a Radical Cleric guide I'm also considering writing some guides on engaging with the Crowfall
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