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  1. I think that is up at critical, catastrophic, and AYI but lower on no risk - marginal compared to live?
  2. @thomasblair Looking into the spirit whip tooltip, it says: That does not really describe that it acts as a chain lightning instead of spreading outward (whipping, if you will) from the primary target. Now that it's clear how it works the tool tip makes a lot more sense.
  3. @thomasblair That makes sense. It just seems like a weird interaction when it jumps that far from a left or right most target but not from the middle in that short of a range. Maybe the tool tip could be improved? Thanks for the clarification!
  4. Looks like spirit whip will only cleave in one direction.
  5. Yeah this change was shipped in the original 5.100 patch on test. I agree that the interaction is weird now. This does improve harvesting speed at higher gear tiers, but the previous setup was very smooth at mid tiers of gear (where you would 4 - 1 - 3 for max stam and damage to node). It's likely that this is a response to the 5 Pip, Villien Active ability, 5 pip, 5 pip rotation that was happening and dealing a ton of damage.
  6. Collecting doobers from a massive motherlode or loot explosion is one of the most satisfying and addicting things in this game. Picking up a random mushroom or some slag doesn't feel great, but the doober pickup is a great feature. You can grab axes out of the chests right as you leave the noobie island cave, so you don't need to start by actually punching a tree.
  7. The problem with your example oneply is that you are maxed and using legendary jewelry. I think it is good that quality materials are much more likely to produce quality items, but it is bad that common materials will be potentially worse than they are on live due to the experimentation change for new players. That isn't in line with the changes they are trying to make. A small adjustment is probably in order.
  8. This change is really interesting and solves a lot of the problems we perceived around common items having 10 pips now. The downside here though is that it makes wearing and crafting common gear even poorly made sockstier now that you can't get good experimentation on it with low passive training or bad gear. This has the benefit of encouraging players to farm for quality materials, but the downside of making the gap between a geared/passive trained player with a logistics chain larger - even with the stat squish. I'd consider adjusting white gear from the base 50 experimentation difficulty to green at 40, move green to 35, and then follow the same progression. This makes it accessible to low tier trained blacksmiths while still making quality gear preferable. Either way this is a net positive.
  9. Respawn outposts shouldn't be available in siege zones - making it easier for attackers to respawn is rough for holding a zone.
  10. Looks like FPS took a huge hit this update compared to 5.90.
  11. Looks like respawn outposts are in the game but not in the patch notes @vkromas
  12. Can you folks provide some clarification on how we can earn more imports/exports via captures/kills outside of the tooltip that pops up? Can we earn them throughout the campaign or just at the end of it?
  13. Embargo system is awesome. Please make it so we can't access the world bank without being at a chest outside of the temple.
  14. The issue is that they apply no pressure through any capacity. They don't deal significant damage against groups, which is what they are good for. If the enemy stands in a healing circle they completely counter your damage and then some. I think in some of my siege videos you can literally hear my healers calling to block on Dolmar/ChuckZito for free healing on the team. If BattleRager or Pitfighter or Secutors applied any sort of pressure via CC or damage or SOMETHING they would be awesome, but for now they are just a player we can ignore until the end of the fight. That being said they are super fun to play. They just do nothing.
  15. This is an important part of the equation. The thing we were missing last time when we took a break was a timeline or a goal for our testing to work on. This time around, it's clear that 5.100 isn't ready to be shipped - so we should test it and help out.
  16. Seriously, with less than 10 hours left on the board with one of the hardest fought campaigns ever you pulled the rug out from under us and changed the rules. This would have been fine if we had a couple of days of notice (like minimum start of winter) but this changes everything in a very un-fun way.
  17. Tui ble an i edhelen lessons a i help.
  18. Just a little addon to this part: In the current state, we don't even have our new members bother spending their time doing anything more than dust farming or running foreman for our motherloding work. They just don't get enough materials to matter. This will be reduced somewhat when we care about common materials again, but our main farmers still get more than enough common materials to keep us completely stocked. Halp.
  19. Just to get out of the bug thread I wanted to continue the discussion around the pip changes brought up there. @thomasblair I'd like to make it clear that I think everyone is in favour of flattening the curve in the game currently, but these changes in the current state of the game only practically serve to make crafters/harvesters feel burnt out. @Hungry posted this in the thread: I highlighted the part that is most concerning. For that small of an increase it feels like a complete waste of time to harvest that much for that little of a gain. This is an issue with having a live testing environment that is being played like a real game - and unfortunately it's an issue you should consider if you want to maintain a testing population. If quality gear will be this small of an increase quality materials will need to become much easier to acquire, and it would help us a lot to know more about your plans for: Refineries. Caravans. Player harvesting potentials relative to the other options. In the past you've mentioned how you wanted to increase resource gain, which we were all relieved to see - but all we've seen since then is a reduction in our ability to get quality materials. Beneficial harvest getting nerfed, skinning continuing to be a complete chore (4 hours of farming per blue leather armor set), and the massive gap in efficiency between passive trained players and untrained players create a lot of problems. I don't expect a reply in this thread but it may be worth having a harvesting and crafting Q+A sometime soon to talk about the design intent behind these changes cc @Pann. There have been a ton of changes around farming that are worth discussion (for example, are the disc buying changes here to stay or can we expect shadowbane like soul hunting in the future?) Last piece of feedback. The patch notes suck and are always missing stuff. It's a guild effort for us to all login and test/look at everything we can think of in the game when a test patch gets put up because we can't trust the notes to contain all of the important stuff, let alone all of the perceived minor stuff. Thanks for being so willing to discuss things with the player base and engage with us. You guys get a lot of poorly made socks, but overall we really appreciate your effort.
  20. I think a full wipe is probably a bad idea at the moment but a loot/vessel wipe is probably called for. There are a lot of legacy items floating around that are causing some problems right now. Hopefully we can see some changes to the passive training tree in the alpha updates. There is definitely a gap between folks who have played since the last full wipe, but they are working on flattening that curve with the changes coming to crafting etc - this is a pretty good opportunity to test those systems. Either way shaking something up would be fun.
  21. @thomasblair I hope it is clear what this signals to the player base. To get that type of armor increase you are investing 60 Chaos embers, + hours and hours of farming the ore and hide (no custard thank you) for a 29% increase assuming you roll max on every single pip which on Legendary Gear is practically impossible even fully buffed out. I ran a quick test, with no re-rolls on live with 20 pips (I can get 24 but it isn't worth the investment here) and 140~ experimentation skill. Here is a blue scale and ring: Now here is white rings and scales on a white vessel, no BS gear, no rings, no re-rolls, just passive training on test with 13 pips. The durability is actually higher somehow (maybe a buff?) and the overall stats are very close. I assure you that if I had the same gear and rolled all amazing on these components they would be extremely similar, for a completely trivial amount of effort in comparison. If these changes stay, it will be extremely unlikely that any large guild will use quality ore for anything other than luxury weapons or something, because the difference is not significant in practical play. Unless you do something drastic to the output of all of the harvesting professions why would we go past white if the results are practically the same, aside from being completely rich on materials because we can use white to compete until mega lategame? This seems short sighted. I'm all for flattening the curve, but there should be a curve.
  22. That's definitely true, but I'd like to see what this looks like in practice. I know that currently there is a small increase per quality step up, but the largest increase has always been around the number of pips available to you for experimentation when rolling. I fear that this will make passive training and crafting gear even more crazy. If I can roll max common gear with the same number of pips and the difference isn't significant between quality types, why even bother having quality types at all. I just see this type of change as a huge reduction in the amount of dust we'll need and the amount of harvesting I'll have to do, which is awful for my homie @MrPlanks. If quality steps are not useless at this point then fine. I'll test when I get home.
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