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  1. I pick depending on what is in the group - it's flexible.
  2. There is a spot in moosename you can get stuck in and can't get out without double jump.
  3. Nature's grace got gutted in this patch. I think it's OK value now but it may need to be tuned up a little more - not sure. If you land damage every tick you're looking at 2.6k HP over 15s which is ok but not really designed to save you. I think that's fine but it may be back on the "never going to take this" list. We'll see.
  4. Yeah - there is a third part of the new player experience that has yet to be released that really needs to get implemented to get people to the next step. Honestly the entire system should be a lot more on rails to start but we'll see. For now you should level up and head into the infected at 30 to go gather stuff and get some PVP to learn the ropes a bit. The game needs a lot more population and activity for these transitions to really work.
  5. Natures Grace is awesome - thanks for the buff! It may be a little too awesome however. If you give a comparison to something like Gift of Blood - it feels extremely strong on the ranged DPS slot. It heals for a crazy amount while it is active due to it working on blight and bear and things like that. Gift of Blood: 75 Hp per bleed APPLICATION (16s or something cooldown per target, melee ranged) vs Natures Grace 175 HP per damage application (blight, bear, lightning burst combo, etc) for 16s, 68s cooldown. Ranged do not need the healing as frequently, and this combined with
  6. Hey Thon! It definitely takes it down a well deserved peg. So far on LIVE it still provides 20% so I'm not going to update this yet, but when it does get updated I think it just becomes a quality option if you heal groups that take a lot of constant damage (like Melee groups). I don't know if there is a staple disc anymore if that nerf takes effect - though I will still recommend it as it works just about all the time.
  7. More comments on Berserk's current design. People do not use Berserk as a tool, they use it so that they can deal competitive damage. The fact that it makes you survivable in this patch is a secondary gift/curse. When you do get focused (as high damage classes do) it is too difficult to survive under pressure when you compare yourself to other melee classes of a similar role. That is why people complain about crashing and the ways to mitigate it, and the change to merging berserk into one ability modified by promotion. No other class in Crowfall functions this way. No other class
  8. So the idea here is that it reduces the number of times you have to mitigate crash per minute from 5 times (5x12s cooldown) to 3 times (3x18s cooldown rounded) in an attempt to give you more chances to mitigate it using raging bull and potentially group CC immunity combinations, things like that. If you look at it from that perspective it is a buff. The downside is that if you miss a partial crash you are now hung out to dry for longer without immunity, and you can still die to a full crash anyway like normal without an optimal setup. Without mino 360 degrees stun immunity or half giant bar
  9. @miralunaA poor RNG implementation to make crafting more laborious, not more active. It isn't better than the old system was and it is extremely tedious in the current state of the game. My opinion may change when passives are reset and we can build up more naturally. Right now we're trying to catch up to pre-wipe levels of crafting, but that change added to the grind and the pain it did not alleviate it. If it was either less harsh or more rewarding it may become OK but I don't think anybody is having fun popping out boots and gloves to get something mandatory for logistics. Do I think
  10. It does still, 2 minute duration. When I wrote that section initially (it is mostly unedited) HG was not a great race so I was lazy with it. I've gone ahead and updated this - thank you! This is still the situation, but they are far better now with better crafters available in the game to make up for some of the missing stats. Good race!
  11. Oh also this old school crowfall meme will be you someday too OK.
  12. This relevant in practical terms but not for this discussion. The point RobbenDumarsch is trying to make is that a player could reach that point and it makes new players less viable - which is true. Skill Tomes, however they are implemented, will help these players catch up in the systems that are worthy of criticism. I think you may be overstating the value of the combat stats listed (caps are easy to reach on many of them, and gear is a far larger contributor) but that doesn't make you wrong - it just makes your outrage a little more limp. Many, many people (myself included) would appr
  13. Sick myrm changes all around. This helps a lot. Titan/Battleragers may need a little more health but this is a huge improvement for Conqueror.
  14. Just tested it. I agree that if it works on applying bleeding it is strong, but as it stands right now you will heal yourself for far more during your vengeance (which caps your health anyway) and unless you continue to apply fresh new bleeds while vengeance is down, you will not heal any more than 75 per bleed application. For context, I have 9k~ HP on a white vessel for every 5 targets I apply a bleed to, I will heal 375 HP. That amounts to less than 1 basic attack for most players. Lets talk about an ideal situation where you are fighting 40 on 40, and you run into say a group of 10 p
  15. I've tested this and it should only heal you when you apply bleeds, not when they tick. Since you apply a severe bleed, it's 75 HP per target you hit with a bleed before any modifiers. It's not terrible healing but it also isn't really impressive either - you aren't going to outlast anybody with that low amount of healing. If you got healed every time a bleed ticked however it would be insanely strong. I'll test it again this afternoon and report back. If I am wrong then this is definitely a talent to take (likely sacking Conq passive + minor disc to get there).
  16. So this is a fun little deliberation and I think you could do this, but I probably wouldn't. Sparring gives +2% Crit and arguably your most valuable damage bonus that you currently struggle to cap without investing disciplines into (unlike in 6.100). 10% to my most consistent form of damage is far more valuable to me than an extra 7.5% crit and 15% crit damage. Spirit Whip is a better argument, but when I think about how I fight I feel that an extra splash on my third basic (one of my largest sources of damage) and 5% Enemy High Health Damage Bonus I value that, or the option to grab som
  17. Hey folks, welcome to my Conqueror Myrmidon Guide for 6.200. This guide will cover the changes implemented in the Class Revamp of 6.200 and set you to walk the road of Vengeance. Myrmidon has received a lot of changes in 6.200 that makes things better for the class, but also somewhat worse. Specifically, Vengeance, Berserk, and Frenzy have been combined into a single spell (Berserk) and then Berserk is modified by your promotion class. The benefit here is that you need less buttons to operate your class, the downside is that you are locked into a particular playstyle. This guide focu
  18. Hey folks! I've updated this guide for 6.200. I expect there will be some minor changes to some of these things prior to the patch hitting live but I think the dust has mostly settled. The big changes in the guide are around Discs, Races, and Talents. Otherwise how you actually play a Crusader hasn't really changed much. Stand in your circle, press your spells. TLDR you can go Human and be pretty happy, there are lots of new discs, and I like two different builds but TBH just go full healer.
  19. Gaea's wail hits REALLY hard. Way too hard. Blight was already a big problem for AOE damage on stormcaller, but now that the bear actually hits and has no charge time it is doing crazy things. It can hit individual targets multiple times, the dots is very high damage and has a spammable 9s cooldown. It is more damage than pre-nerf Aurora Emitter on a lower cooldown and animation commitment.
  20. Killing NPCs with the Mino Charge or Elken Charge on a slope can leave them floating in the air.
  21. Cool? Archers still value AP a lot and will be further hurt by this change. What's your point?
  22. Normally you need to have earned money through normal ways to purchase a seed and run it out there, and normally campaigns launch at a fair competitive time for the region. Zero Import campaigns are the best for using the land rush system because you have to completely earn 75k in a contested environment with no prior advantage in your slippers. They sort of suck on Test and on Import campaigns once the economy has developed. I happen to be one of the crazy people who wants 2~ month long campaigns with no imports though. Not even vessel imports - just everything contained in one closed c
  23. Just so we're on the same page, 10 AP = 1 Weapon damage. When you are at 100 weapon damage, 1% Damage Bonus = 10 AP. When you get to 110 Weapon Damage, 1% Damage Bonus (of any kind) becomes more valuable than 10 AP. None of that matters however because they do not compete for the same real estate on gear. They do somewhat compete in base stats later on, but as @Yoink pointed out all of their coefficients are essentially meaningless anyway. Helpful, sure, but mostly meaningless. The only time I would value STR on a DEX or INT based DPS class for damage bonus is at an absurd amount of AP/Weap
  24. Damage Bonus comes at the end of the formula and is a multiplicative stat, whereas AP is at the beginning of the formula and is additive at a rate of 10 AP : 1 Weapon Damage. They are both important stats due to their placement, but the key difference here is that you have very few sources of damage bonus that aren't from powers or unmodifiable gear values (leather vs mail vs plate for example), whereas AP is everywhere. For the record, we're talking about untyped Damage Bonus which is the final modifier here, typed damage bonuses are also good but are similarly hard to find. I imagine i
  25. @ACE-TiggsYep - we understand what Rhea and Blair are trying to do here. It does not fix the problem however, it just further reduces the options available for classes now because increasing AP is the most valuable thing you can do if you are looking to increase damage. The other stats are now made far less valuable by this change - we aren't going to look for alternatives we're going to have to chase it harder.
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