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  1. Did you guys get banned or something from the unofficial and made your own? This is already the best thread.
  2. I'm not on DIS rofl. Most of the community knows what went down. I'm talking about your clear behavior in the forum, on discords, and in the game itself. Buh bye!
  3. Bro right after you dips got kicked from DIS your boys were complaining in general chat for getting kicked for saying "Racist and Misogynistic stuff but oh well". They didn't even try to hide it or point fingers or something, just "Ah shucks, better luck next time I guess!". Grats on this "slur" not being racist, and thanks for making this thread so that we can all see you for who you are! Go back to Albion or whatever, okay?
  4. DAE remember when Spider Gang was a funny crew of memers and general chat poorly made dergs posters?
  5. Economy can, and you are really _not_ that far especially since they keep tweaking those trees to keep the entry barrier low while still keeping a bit of a barrier. This problem will come around - keep that feedback coming. Your feedback around passives is totally reasonable, and I think many folks don't like passives on principle and that is something they need to see. Just using that as an excuse as reason to not start playing or some huge problem is disingenuous. There are a ton of other reasons to not play and problems with these systems outside of your perceived power compared to other players.
  6. This times 10 thousand. I can usually piece together a good reason for a change being made but this change has left me baffled. Perhaps something coming in the NPE will supplement this lost experience but we'll have to see. Happy grinding!
  7. Yeah everyone is totally losing already because of the like 5% crit and mitigation and pen stats folks have already. It has nothing to do with the farming and the gear everyone has access to that the better players are actually trying to acquire. Or the skill gap due to scrimming and trying to win. It's always something.
  8. Please! I want to fight more players.
  9. Please do not post my personal opinions on my behalf you culinary monster.
  10. You missed my point. I am using KDA as a proxy for PVP competency, and in my post directly directly beside that I referenced conquest point totals as a proxy for attaining wealth and power. That is absolutely not the intended gameplay style to win. ACE almost certainly did not design this system around single day seasons, and the PVE grinding objectives are intended to drive PVP. Makuza said it best, a single person could have won this whole thing if they grinded enough. Obviously I don't mean that KDA should score you favor or conquest points. Which is what I said in my first post, and you could have summarized your entire point to this single sentence. In terms of working together, even if you can't earn each other points or heal each other, you can still target the same force or work on screwing over the higher ranking guilds to gain ground personally. You can roam together and gank them, you can band together and attack their holdings while they are off doing other stuff - you can increase your reach and mutually benefit even if you can't directly score points for them. This type of uncreative shoulder shrugging is the exact type of stuff I'm talking about. You've already decided that you've lost because of X, Y, and Z reason. It's cool if you don't want to put in the work or time, but that doesn't mean that you can't make gains by trying a little harder in the time you do have. You are giving excuses. 👏
  11. This thread is literally a whining thread one 4 day campaign into a test. We do this same song and dance all the time - it's plenty fair to start calling out losers. We don't do it enough, but we sure as hell spend a lot of time complaining about WHoA or "zergs" or whatever the hot button topic is. Vanguard certainly did. Spider Gang showed some spirit but I expect a lot of the cards that we saw this last campaign to be adjusted, because of how many points a 7 player guild who are fresh off the boat grinded to victory. If you don't think that Vanguard and Spider Gang took advantage of distinctly non-pvp objectives to win, you should talk to YumX about Chaos Ember drop rates. That isn't some sort of call out or flame - this is just what was required to place highly in this previous campaign. On the topic of Spider Gang, they kicked the poorly made dergs out of clams (and many other players) on points for sure, but I wouldn't look at any of their (or any other sub top 4 guild) KDA or conquest points over the campaign. We swatted them off the map so many times I lost count but damn did they ever grind to win. If you put in more hours you should win, but I really don't expect that we will be picking flowers or throwing sub 1% drop rate embers into the fire again soon. I expect we will be fighting for wins, and that many of these cards were not designed for our current population. Kudos to ACE that this is the type of stuff we're talking about after the first test of a completely game changing update. Balance and design is easy to fix compared to technical issues, these systems are solid and give space to guilds of all sizes. Just cut the crap about the state of "PVP" and actually try to play the game.
  12. Vanguard won the campaign even if the bugged victory screen said HoA did. Capture penalties were bugged this patch and that was identified by the devs and will be fixed. You shouldn't lose more points than you gain by holding something. For the record, V was taking a lot of fights on both of those guilds with half their numbers and custard crushing it. Feel free to use whatever crutch makes you feel better, but the reason you're losing has nothing to do with "zerging" and everything to do with your attitude. If you aren't trying as hard to win, you won't. The end. That's why pound for pound Vanguard is the best guild in the game right now - they play the game seriously and actually try to win. I'm going to pull out the one piece of valuable insight you shared and highlight it: I'm going to focus on the first two days of the test campaign, as we discovered later into the test that the wards in the keep for sieging were broken and it was impossible to capture a keep. The first few days had a lot of folks staying home instead of going out to pillage. That is a game theory mistake. This game is a throne war, you need to do politics, you need to talk to other people and you need to take risks. If you are lower on the totem pole, work with others beneath #1 to screw the big guys over or accept your position. If you are a small guild, take advantage of the per member favor cards and wrack up points while you work with other guilds to fight bigger fish. You don't have numbers? Find some through cooperation or get completely destroyed in every serious PVP encounter. The big boys didn't leave their base because nobody was doing a damn thing to meaningfully affect the game state - why would they go on offense when the status quo only benefits them? This is the single biggest problem with the Crowfall community right now. I know it is, because I've personally tried to make a bunch of small guilds on Chaos work together in the previous patches and failed. Nobody wants to work together, nobody wants to actually put in the effort to beat a guild like W or HoA. You all just want to act like they are on some sort of conspiracy poorly made dergs to destroy the game when they aren't. They actively fought one another in the Dregs, and their original alliance was setup to fight the death alliance (a MUCH larger group of people) - and guess who promptly left the game when they got slapped? We've had their numbers available to us and more countless times and not once has the community stepped up. Just throw your hands up and quit I guess. We all need to get good.
  13. We had a player die as they zoned through the brieltas runegate from the vicinity.
  14. Let me fight players outside of my EK in the PVP MMO (you can win).
  15. Touching the target dummies in the Castle seems to teleport you back to a gate.
  16. Can we please have some way of fighting each other outside of EKs? I know you don't want to spill the beans on any changes that have been made to campaigns as a whole but I am getting pretty tired of 5's in an EK. Totally appreciate polishing and fixing up Dregs before we see it so you don't mess up the big reveal, but I really want to fight in a larger format.
  17. Icecaller cool ice snapshots off of icecallers healing modifier stats at the time of their placement, but their support power fluctuating does affect the throughput. This means that if you plague lord an icecaller their existing heals will heal at the same throughput as their original placement, but if you touch of rot them they do go down. Feels like a bug because it affects some healing stats but not others. Not sure if intended.
  18. Few pieces of EK feedback. It would be great if respawn timers adjusted by world band. Obviously this isn't a thing to put to the top of the list, but when scrimming or testing in an EK it's annoying to have your respawn timer build up like it does in a campaign world. It would be awesome if we had some sort of alliance toolset in an EK setting so that we can do larger scrims than 5v5 with shared healing. It would be great to be able to have an EK be upgraded in size automatically by backerpack or some sort of revenue generating system. Sending a support ticket is fine but you folks should get something more out of the request and we shouldn't have to contact you after every major patch to upgrade the server again.
  19. Retaliate bug is absolutely crippling to gameplay flow. It seems like the new way that abilities are queuing cause the bug to happen more often. To be clear on what I mean if it wasn't already obvious: Retaliate is a combo ability, but that combo step cancels if you move or press any other button regardless of your ability to execute that action. The new ability queue system seems to store inputs for about a half second or so prior to any action, which makes it very easy to bug out your retaliate with normal movement or play. This happens especially often during CC's like flame wave or tornadoes because you are not immediately CC'd. Anybody who wants more CC in the game to control players, try fighting a scrim right now and enjoy dying in the space of a single retaliate bug without ultimates.
  20. Confessor fire shield combo steps don't appear on cooldown on the combo display, the stages only show on cooldown in the power bar - which is annoying.
  21. Confessors don't currently go invisible in EKs after ulting.
  22. Berserk is instantly getting retaliate bugged by just regular movement. It seems the new movement queuing system is interrupting the combo before you can even react to the stun. I just realized that my retaliate got removed between fights somehow which explains this.
  23. This guild kicks ass and also is my guild. This message was sponsored by the Red Lobster Boys.
  24. There is a ballista hidden in the ground outside of the keep. Coordinates in the top right but: Duchy of Marconia 1882 1 2702
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