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  1. After trying it out all Arkon, the 3m melee range feels REALLY awful. If someone is in survival tray they can walk away from a champion after only one basic attack from point blank range and out of attack range. Not to mention, all of the animations and models reach further than the actual attack range - this is especially amplified on champions and Half-Giants. Being able to so easily evade without using movement abilities is quite bad - your damage takes a huge dip if the attacker simply walks away from you. I believe melee definitely needed the nerf they got, and maybe if interp gets reduced via better servers this problem will be reduced, but I feel that 4m or 5m range is likely this games sweet spot. Considering many of the point blank AOE abilities hit that far today, it makes sense that basic attacks should reach further as well. I've also noticed issues with targeting small races (like guinea) when they are right beside you when playing larger races. It's cool that the rats can dance between my centaur legs but that's probably not a good game mechanic.
  2. She asked in the streamer/content creator discord, so she did ask folks across both factions I just had the video up first.
  3. Just as a reminder, it wasn't always as bad as it is now. We were reminiscing about the old Pitfighter days and saw the old nameplates: It used to be a lot more readable cc @jtoddcoleman
  4. The Guild Recruitment forum is a good place to start. The guilds actively recruiting are: The Clam Stacking Casuals (Balance) HaX (Chaos) Corvus Citadel (Chaos) There are some other quality guilds as well but their recruitment is more selective. Check out Winterblades and Hyshen Avari. Some guilds also spam in game!
  5. That depends on the guild or people you are playing with, but is definitely a fair point. I agree with everything else in this thread though. Welcome to Crowfall @Avitik!
  6. Target acquisition is a big problem/skill in this game and it has been made harder by the nerf to 3m range (from 5m) for Melee. It was almost certainly needed for balancing, but I miss a lot of skills/kills that I would have gotten in the previous patch quite easily. Overall it is manageable, but you need very good comms and planning ahead of time to be effective as a melee DPS player. Ranged DPS have it a lot easier, but their damage is somewhat lower in burst so that's totally reasonable (except for Confessors, you OP bastards). Can't wait to review this. I was pretty disappointed in our performance at the fight itself and it helps a lot to see things from the other side. Great fights CV!
  7. It's royalty free - is what it is The title was in reference to the total size of the fight, not each force. Also click baiting or whatever. Still very hype. Thanks for the shoutout @Pann!
  8. They just added that! Put away your pitchforks until we triple cap tonight.
  9. The outrage isn't about the reward, we all get the same badge just a different color. It's just completely backwards logic.
  10. If this is about getting killing blows, fine, make it Kills divided by deaths, but dividing by assists as well is awful. Hell - make it pure kill count. That would be cool too.
  11. Lets give another example, this is @Darthbunbun's stat card: Bunbun Last Campaign Kills 135 Deaths 30 Assists 1,000 Score calculated for this campaign 135/(30+1,000) = .13 Random Assassin Score Kills 10 Deaths 10 Assists 0 Score calulated for this campaign 10/(10+0)=1 Great. He won't place top of the scoreboard again but in the Lore would Arkon really value the other players input more?
  12. This doesn't make an assist more valued than a killing blow, it makes getting an assist COUNTER your killing blows. Fighting with others on your faction hurt your chances of ranking high, in this game all about player collaboration. Also as far as I know, you get an assist for killing players below level 30 - which opens up avenue for degenerate stuff. This makes getting an assist on a kill equal to dying in terms of your ranking. My 90+ kills in a campaign and sub 25 deaths will place me lower than someone who gets 1 kill and dies twice, then logs out, because I'll also have over 250 assists.
  13. You aren't in the same party. If he can see your orbs that's a bug.
  14. Unlikely. When they did the last vessel + inventory wipe it took 1.5 campaigns for the large guilds to get into blue~ gear. There is a serious treadmill. Regardless of the timing though they will be geared before new players. I just really feel like this whole set of rhetoric is a dog whistle for people to ignore the real reasons they are actually losing. Can't wait for no import campaigns on the Alpha passive wipe and for the people who win today to still be the people winning then.
  15. We are saying the same thing.
  16. No censorship here breh. I think the important part of what I said was the part about viability. If it's quick to reach viability but it takes a long time to reach luxury than a new player shouldn't feel so snubbed, because they quickly reach the point where they can compete. I don't think any new player in a sandbox or an MMO game expects to be able to compete at a top level when they first start the game.
  17. I think this type of stuff is better off in a feedback thread but here we go. Passive training is only a big deal in crafting and gathering, combat passive training is significantly less impactful than others have stated in this thread. I was a top 10 PVPer on the Balance leaderboard for four~ months while I worked on my Blacksmithing and Ore trees without a single point in combat - the amount of power you gain from those trees is not zero, but your gear and the resources you have access to are a far larger contributor to why you get run over by me 1v1. For our guild, we start to gear harvesters once they've reached the third harvesting tree in their respective profession. The fact that they can't keep up with trained harvesters until that point (and they are only scratching the surface really) does suck. The passive training system will almost certainly get a balance pass in the future, but it's likely they will take a similar approach to passives as they have done with crafting in 5.100. It should be quick to reach viability and take more effort to reach luxury. How quick is quick? That depends on your perspective, but a player on day 1 should probably be spending time learning the ropes and testing systems, a player in week 1 or 2 should probably be able to do something impactful. Crafting is another ballgame, but again I think they've really helped improve that with the crafting changes in 5.100. If you have saved up some quality materials, even with low-ish experimentation skill you can make some good gear.
  18. Looks like Colossus Smash's range is not correct currently. It's missing about 4 - 5 meters of range.
  19. I think that is up at critical, catastrophic, and AYI but lower on no risk - marginal compared to live?
  20. @thomasblair Looking into the spirit whip tooltip, it says: That does not really describe that it acts as a chain lightning instead of spreading outward (whipping, if you will) from the primary target. Now that it's clear how it works the tool tip makes a lot more sense.
  21. @thomasblair That makes sense. It just seems like a weird interaction when it jumps that far from a left or right most target but not from the middle in that short of a range. Maybe the tool tip could be improved? Thanks for the clarification!
  22. Looks like spirit whip will only cleave in one direction.
  23. Yeah this change was shipped in the original 5.100 patch on test. I agree that the interaction is weird now. This does improve harvesting speed at higher gear tiers, but the previous setup was very smooth at mid tiers of gear (where you would 4 - 1 - 3 for max stam and damage to node). It's likely that this is a response to the 5 Pip, Villien Active ability, 5 pip, 5 pip rotation that was happening and dealing a ton of damage.
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