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    galvia got a reaction from Dakoth in A cowards exit or big brain strategy?   
    Yeah @Dakoth that's what I'm saying.  There should be a kill box down there so that when they take the cowards way out they burn their recall and die, instead of just falling down there and only burning their recall. Their cairn should likely be placed wherever they were as they jumped.
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    galvia reacted to Jah in -W- is our friend - edited   
    This War Story could be named "The Fog of War."
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    galvia reacted to KatzeWeiss in Activity Channel Needs Removal/Rework   
    The wolves and sheep analogy has no part in a pack pig discussion. Sheep cried on the forums for years to make it so resources are literally everywhere on the map, there isn't a funnel anywhere to make it even remotely possible to find a harvester other than dumb luck. Now we have a mechanic that lets people that actually want PVP to engage in a risk vs reward play and we have the crybabies once again asking ACE to hold their hand so the big bad doesn't hurt their precious feelings.
    If you can't handle fighting then go back to smashing rocks and let the last bit of open world PVP in the game be.
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    galvia got a reaction from JamesGoblin in A Brand new Crowfall Trashtalk discord!   
    Did you guys get banned or something from the unofficial and made your own?

    This is already the best thread.
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    galvia got a reaction from JamesGoblin in Test Server – Status & Update Schedule   
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    galvia reacted to Hungry in 5.110 TEST Feedback for 6/12/20   
    I don't understand a lot of what is going on with Crowfall right now in the character customization / build department.  I can only hope that all of this is a game of wackamole for problems now that can be better handled with proper time and care later in beta during the balance and polish phase.
    Removing all semblance of interesting customization on armor is a really bad move.  Armor is boring now.  Regardless of any gameplay implications this is the most damning thing for a game that considers crafting an equally valid pillar of play to combat.  It's not exciting to make armor, and it's not exciting to receive stronger armor.  Yes, it isn't technically any worse than the old options -- however that is a very low bar to pass.  It was easier to forgive that so many crafted armor options were bad before because the game was pre-alpha.  If armor crafting looks like this at launch I don't expect it to be looked upon kindly.
    Illusionist's damage increase was a problem I 100% agree; however Illusionist fills a very wonky role now than it used to.  Which is fine I suppose, but with the current state of the game the number of powerful, interesting, and build-defining options are continuing to be reduced with nothing to bring it up.  Frequently, when ACE makes changes to build customization, the discussion isn't "wow a brave new world, what do we do?" You cross off an item on the list and say "Well I guess the 2nd and 3rd best thing are now the 1st and 2nd best thing."  Again, this could be changed in a balance and polish pass where things can be considered more holistically, but I am losing confidence that this game is ever going to be able to fulfill the build customization I was hoping to see from a game that invoked Shadowbane.
    We want MORE meaningful customization and choice, not less.  All the options that are getting added are just boring or bad or worse, both.  I hate to be so negative but this update has several changes (Centaur 20 meter dodge is silly as well) that make me feel like what I want and what the designers are creating is inherently incongruous.  
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    galvia got a reaction from Tofyzer in Test Server – Status & Update Schedule   
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    galvia got a reaction from McTan in Test Server – Status & Update Schedule   
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    galvia got a reaction from Gradishar in Test Server – Status & Update Schedule   
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    galvia reacted to Pann in Test Server – Status & Update Schedule   
    Hey folks,
    We wanted to drop a quick update for you on the status of the TEST and LIVE environments over the next few weeks.  
    As of last week, the War of the Gods update is now running on our LIVE environment. This is a great milestone for Crowfall, and we want to thank you all for helping us to get here. 
    Now that 5.110 is on LIVE, we’ll be shutting down the TEST environment to clear the way for our next update. LIVE will be up indefinitely in the meantime.
    We don’t want to run a Dregs test on LIVE until we have fixed a handful of issues, most notably fixing the scoring bugs, lowering the spawn rates of caravan animals, adjusting the siege schedule and tweaking the details of the campaign Victory cards.  We also have the first of the three chapters of the new player experience almost ready, so that should be coming to TEST in the next version as well.  Estimated time of arrival for the next version on TEST is one to two weeks.
    Now that LIVE is available, we’re also going to shift back to old habits on how we treat the TEST environment. This is a place to test the boundaries of features and functionality, not to worry about people being competitive.  To that end, we’ll be turning on vendors with free resources and building materials. Further, we will alternately boost skill training and/or wipe the database as necessary to facilitate testing.  We appreciate those of you who are willing to brave the TEST environment, and we don’t want you to have to spend a bunch of time and energy helping us check that things are working as intended. 
    As a quick reminder, we have another ACE Q&A tomorrow at 11:00 am CDT | 6 pm CEST. This one will be a bit different as we’re going to wade into deep waters and answer some of your more pressing and unanswered questions.  Join us if you can, but remember that if you aren’t able to join us for the live stream, you can always watch the video at your convenience on our YouTube channel at YouTube.com/Crowfall.
    Thanks, and we appreciate your continued support as always!
    Todd & Gordon & the Crowfall team
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    galvia reacted to Hungry in OK, Let's Talk Dregs Ruleset   
    I agree, this would be incredible.  If they wanted to add this on top of pack pigs as an alternate vector so you can "pick your poison" so to speak on how you obtain your building resources that'd be nice.
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    galvia reacted to Hungry in OK, Let's Talk Dregs Ruleset   
    Unless Glory points are worth literally 0 you will always be intentionally kneecapping your own total point scoring ceiling by not participating in one third of the scoring pillars (or two-thirds if you consider Wealth another "too grindy" objective).
    You can always elect not to do them because they aren't fun, but understand you are actively fighting both human psychology and game design wisdom by believing players will not min-max the fun out of everything.
    Read this article from Soren Johnson, the lead designer on Civilization IV about this concept.  He opens up with a quote from Raph Koster whom you may know in the MMO space and even consulted on Crowfall's design: https://www.designer-notes.com/?p=369
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    galvia reacted to Hungry in OK, Let's Talk Dregs Ruleset   
    Part 0: First Off, Why?

    Over the past four Dregs campaign snap-tests I have been in touch with some of the more competitive guilds and their membership -- it seems there is some concern. In general the consensus is as follows: Dregs mechanics are driving player behavior in a negative way.
    The impetus to write this post came because of HoA announcing their shift away from Crowfall and onto other MMOs. After 5 years of testing by their community it seemed unbelievable that HoA would call it quits now. I want to get my thoughts out and hope others chime in with their own, but most importantly I want to try to zoom in on the complaints I have heard and how the systems in the current iteration of Dregs are creating community-wide problems.

    Part 1: Identifying the Problems
    "Your players have a better understanding of how they feel about your game than you do. They can tell easier when something is wrong and they're excellent at identifying problems..." - Mark Rosewater, lead designer of Magic: The Gathering 

    The Good
    1. Increasing the number of hostile opponents increases PvP content. This could lead to problems with population expansions without an alliance system, but this is to be seen.
    2.  City-building is an amazing mechanic. This type of mechanic creates a sense of ownership around territory and drives people to defend it to the last drop of blood. It creates a sense of “home” because of the investment many players put into these locations. This mechanic has created some memorable moments and serves as the anchor for this game.  I hope to see more mechanics emphasize this feeling of ownership and customizability going forward.
    3.  Divine Favor as a system of scoring is not only a great way to make Campaigns feel unique, but it makes Crowfall unique.  It creates room for alternate ways to compete and creates the opportunity for all kinds of guilds to exist and play together.  Specific cards or their balance can be questioned, but at its core the system is awesome.

    The Bad
    1.  Conquest-focused guilds hate Glory.  Directly gating victory points behind man-hour grinds is never going to sit well with these kinds of players no matter how much PVP it generates.  You never know how much grinding will get you in first place, so you are incentivized to grind as much as possible and avoid PVP to win.  Worse yet, you cannot ignore Glory objectives if you wish to remain competitive.  To achieve victory Glory is compulsory.  
    2.  Pack Pigs create a low-content grind.  Wealth as a scoring pillar essentially demands you put in a pack pig quota in order to remain competitive.  This is a refrain of the above about Glory:  directly tying Divine Favor points to a grind-focused objective leads to grindy gameplay.  Even if you get PVP fights constantly while grinding these objectives, at the end of the day you still gotta put in the same number of grinding hours.  The PVP just gets in the way of victory.
    3. It’s difficult to engage in PVP due to the variety and quantity of grinding mechanics.  Fighting over resources is good, but the amount of resources that need to be farmed, and the amount of places to farm them, means that players are frequently spread out to maximize returns and thus it is difficult to find PVP content.  There need to be concentrated PVP drivers for players to pool into.
    4.  Siege schedule is stifling strategy and PVP. Only having one hour of vulnerability (set by the game, not by guilds) where all objectives are open incentivizes those who have little to defend and allows Keep owning guilds to rampage once the bane trees go down.  This system is static and creates static gameplay.

    Part 2: Considering Potential Solutions

    "...but they're not as equipped to solve the problems. They don't know the restrictions you're under or what needs you have to fulfill. They see the game from their perspective, but your job is to understand the perspective of all the players. So use your audience as a resource to help figure out what is wrong with your game, but take it with a grain of salt when they offer you solutions." - Mark Rosewater, lead designer of Magic: The Gathering

    As a player giving feedback, I hate offering solutions. I always refer back to the Rosewater quote above because I find it extremely accurate. However, in this case I will go against my gut feelings and attempt to express my thoughts via an exploratory discussion.

    Problem:  Scoring on Glory is required to remain competitive.
    Solution: Make glory not required to remain competitive.  One suggestion I have would be to only allow guilds to score on two pillars, rather than all 3. This creates a competitive environment that encourages varied strategies.  Landless cards would need to fill a different role in this scenario however, as landed guilds are already forced out of an avenue for points when they appear, which would remove the point of being able to choose what to score on.

    Problem:  Pack Pig Caravans are grindy and low-content.
    Solution:  Increase spawn timers, increase output, and signal related player activity. For example, if Pack Pigs are on a 30-minute timer make them award 3x or 4x as much as they do now.  This maintains similar time-gated progression, but increases the percentage of the time spent PVPing and reduces the amount of time spent waiting for pigs to catch up to you.

    Problem:  There's too much grind, and not enough PVP.
    Solution: We need the emergent player interactions happening around the world. The crux of this is currently it is too difficult to find PVP when you are working toward Glory objectives or other guild goals. This results in bubbles for each group in which little-to-no PvP-based interactions occur. We need “soft” coordination drivers that amplify rewards and encourage participation. The key here is to offer objectives that provide increased rewards for periods of time to drive PVP, without denying access to those resources at regular rates elsewhere in the world.  PVPers would rather fight over a “hot zone” wartribe camp that gives extra rewards than spreading out and farming uncontested zones.  You are still putting in the same hours in the game, but now it’s PVP for a reward, instead of grind with PVP getting in the way of your goals.

    Problem:  Siege schedule is stifling strategy and PVP.
    Solution: One idea is to just don’t fix what ain’t broke and try to introduce a handshake siege mechanic into Crowfall.  The attacking force must pay a cost to create a vulnerability window. The defenders set said window. This can be implemented in a variety of ways, and mostly comes down to how difficult it would be to implement on ACE’s side.
    This is one “solution” I would like a broader discussion with other players and the devs to occur to better tweak dials to ensure a successful experience.
    Part 3:  The Takeaway
    In Summary:
    1. Glory is an unmitigated grind due to the way Divine Favor points are awarded.
    2. Pack pigs are almost exclusively the scoring vector for Wealth, which suffers from similar issues to Glory.  
    3. The directed PVP objectives are not succeeding in creating PVP due to the above: players avoid PVP to grind because 4 of the 6 scoring vectors incentivize this.
    4. The siege schedule is good for getting people online for that hour, but everything being vulnerable at once encourages defensive play, so few fights happen.
    Edited 13 minutes ago by Hungry
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    galvia reacted to Hungry in OK, Let's Talk Dregs Ruleset   
    I wouldn't say that Mithril Warhammers was playing competitively.  Ask W how many hours of PVP they did vs how many hours of pack pig running they did.
    My post already addresses this: higher pop helps with running into PVP but at the end of the day you still have to grind an indefinite number of Glory sacrifice items and a massive amount of pack pigs.  Getting interrupted with fights is just giving you small breaks between the interminable grind.
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    galvia reacted to Hungry in Bringing War of the Gods to LIVE   
    That doesn't answer my question definitively "Dregs will be on TEST" does not exclude that Dregs may end up on LIVE before beta.  What Pann said above could just as easily still happen but a Dregs campaign goes live second week of June without a beta wipe.
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    galvia reacted to Hungry in Bringing War of the Gods to LIVE   
    I don't have an issue with wiping live, basically the people who are playing the game do not want to belong to one of the below camps:
    1. People who did not keep up with leveling / gearing / skills on LIVE and be way behind if a Dregs campaign gets propped up there
    2. People who did keep up with leveling / gearing / skills on LIVE and wasted their time when no Dregs campaign gets propped up on LIVE until beta
    I understand if plans are in flux, but it'd be nice to get something definitive so that people don't go out of their way to waste time on LIVE and instead focus all of their efforts on TEST if that is where the Dergs will be.
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    galvia reacted to Hungry in Bringing War of the Gods to LIVE   
    Will there be a wipe when the game transitions to beta, or only now as the 5.110 arrives?  Will there be a Dregs campaign on LIVE before it moves to beta?  
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    galvia reacted to Hungry in Bringing War of the Gods to LIVE   
    OK thank you, the reason I ask is because competitive players will want to know if it is "worth" spending time on LIVE to keep up with their gearing and leveling and skilling in case the Dregs ruleset transitions to LIVE before beta.  
    So to clarify: Will there be a Dregs campaign on LIVE before beta?
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    galvia got a reaction from Ruq in A Brand new Crowfall Trashtalk discord!   
    Did you guys get banned or something from the unofficial and made your own?

    This is already the best thread.
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    galvia got a reaction from UnemployedBalloon in A Brand new Crowfall Trashtalk discord!   
    Did you guys get banned or something from the unofficial and made your own?

    This is already the best thread.
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    galvia got a reaction from Staff in A Brand new Crowfall Trashtalk discord!   
    Did you guys get banned or something from the unofficial and made your own?

    This is already the best thread.
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    galvia got a reaction from BenQ in 5.110 TEST Feedback for 5/4/20   
    Yeah everyone is totally losing already because of the like 5% crit and mitigation and pen stats folks have already. It has nothing to do with the farming and the gear everyone has access to that the better players are actually trying to acquire. Or the skill gap due to scrimming and trying to win. It's always something.
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    galvia got a reaction from Staff in Please Remove the lack of privacy in Guild chats and PMs   
    Bro right after you dips got kicked from DIS your boys were complaining in general chat for getting kicked for saying "Racist and Misogynistic stuff but oh well". They didn't even try to hide it or point fingers or something, just "Ah shucks, better luck next time I guess!".
    Grats on this "slur" not being racist, and thanks for making this thread so that we can all see you for who you are! Go back to Albion or whatever, okay?
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    galvia reacted to Hungry in Please Remove the lack of privacy in Guild chats and PMs   
    Did you know you're my favorite.
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