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  1. I was in the Temple of the Sun, and for some odd reason, decided to jump up on a box next to a column and at the bottom,of the stairs. I turned around a couple of times, and suddenly I was in Petra Town. After killing a bunch of the rod3nts, I returned and tried it again, and I was able to repeat it four times. I think I was actually rotating the camera around my toon, and sometimes he’d just get bumped off the box. I jumped back up. And it happened again. He’s near the random vendor. He’s a link to an image with arrow pointing to the box (Insert Image from URL didn’t work for me): h
  2. I started the evening playing my Minotaur Ranger. I pressed F3 to go into Ranged mode, and then when I pressed F2 to go into Melee mode, nothing. F1 did nothing. F3 did toggle me out of Ranged mode, but F2 still would not take me to Melee mode. I kept hitting keys until I finally did get to Melee... before I was killed, thankfully. I tried several toons with the same results. I did finally notice that if I pressed F1, F2, and F3 simultaneously, it would toggle between all of the trays/modes. Did I miss a meeting about this? 😉
  3. The Map has an issue when you are near the top/ The white arrow that shows which direction that you are facing is difficult/impossible to see against the beige background.
  4. At first I thought it was a bug that every time I use "Mount Pack Pig" I lose many of my survival tray functions. Pressing 8 does not do Recall, F3 (I have remapped for Toggle Tray 2) doesn't put me into the Ranged Tray, etc. I found myself quitting the game and signing back in to "fix it," until I realized that I hadn't "unmounted" and there was no indication of that being the problem. Yes, I realize there will be visible mounts someday, but still, a simple "You can't do that while mounted," would be really helpful.
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