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  1. I thought druid was an amazing class design, but that's mostly personal preference, I learned long ago that my tastes don't always synch with other people's lol. The amount of hate the druid essence mechanic got since it was released was enormous, and as @moneda pointed out, some people much prefer to build him full scimitar or with the passives/combos that allow him to stay in heal tray indefinitely. And that's actually the most effective way to play druid these days, but I have never had nearly as much fun with Druid as I did pre-disc when you had to balance life and death trays. Hybrid druid is just fun to play, mechanically, for me. Same with the old Myrm (dont even know how berserker works exactly these days, it changed so much). It added new layers to group combat that weren't there before, made it less spammy because it required different ways to deal with myrmidons instead of just "LMB whatever is red and lowest on health in your FOV". I actually thought templar ended up as a decent class, at least it had a specific pace and playstyle to it, that you didn't find in many other classes. @moneda: except all the pip classes in your list came one after another, so basically it's been nothing but pip classes since duelist, with the sole exception of cleric. Not to mention there has been other non-class systems that used pips as well (like action harvesting and dodges).
  2. Not sure if this thread is still being perused by the devs or not, but here it goes anyways. I know I'm quite late to the 5.3 party, but here are my thoughts on action harvesting and the new survival tray: I feel it's a good step in the right direction, but there are some issues with it keeping me from enjoying its current implementation. I honestly didn't care much either way, but if you guys are going this route of action harvesting, then I feel you should go all the way. Right now it feels basically the same as it was before, you just need to press the button a few more times instead of holding it. You get locked in the harvesting animation, and it's a fairly long one. I would like to see the harvesting animation sped up significantly, so that it feels more dynamic and you have more freedom to move around in between each animation (see Fortnight's harvesting animation length), and/or allow players to move around while they harvest, somewhat like how you can move around while you LMB. So that at least you can look around while you harvest to avoid being caught off guard. In fact, movement and speed is something that felt really jarring to me coming back to Crowfall after a break of several months. I was playing a wood elf which already has a movement speed buff from trail blazer, and it just felt sooo slow walking around the map. While in combat mode it feels even worse. Maybe mounts will drastically change that, we'll see I guess. This brings me to the survival tray. I don't mind the idea of a survival tray per se, the only problem is that Crowfall's tray system has been notoriously clumky in its current implementations. Swapping from one tray to another while you're in the middle of an animation (and I reiterate, CF has some really long animations) just feels very jarring. I said this many times before, I think tray swapping should animation cancel whatever it is you're doing. I also dislike how camera movement works in survival tray. I wish combat and survival trays followed the same pattern of camera movement, but that's more of a personal preference, not sure how others feel about it. Finally performance wise, I lost about 20 fps at least going from 5.2 to 5.3. I used to sit at around 50-60 fps, now it's at 20-40 max. The game is just barely playable for me with only a dozen or so players on my screen, I fear it'll be completely unplayable in larger fights. But I'm going to assume this current build hasn't been optimized yet and ignore that for now.
  3. I don't think it's great, I don't think it's awful either. It's serviceable I guess. Crowfall was never about high octane skillfull combat, but I feel like player skill has been taking more and more of a back seat last year, first with discs (wasn't impressed at all by what discs offered to combat), then the complete loosening of hitboxes, class balance decisions that made me slap my forehead (ranger I'm looking at you), the way the entire CC system revolves around a passive "you dont have to worry too much about it" system instead of a more hands on and active resource management type of system, and the list goes on. Also if I hear about another system that uses pips I might just laugh or cry, don't know which. I do agree with you on two things specifically: discs was all about more is better instead of giving us more unique mechanics and polished visuals. And new classes have all felt kinda meh since templar I guess. Druid and pre-nerf Myrm were absolutely amazing classes with brilliant design and very unique power kits and mechanics. It's been nothing but pips and the same powers with different names since then. I think the current combat system can still work with certain tweaks here and there to give players more agency though.
  4. I mean, Crowfall doesn't need to require twitch skills like CS or Quake, but this is just waaaaay too lax. I know MMOs need to account for more lag than most games and all, but still. Ranged already has so much going for it, it doesn't need to fire truck sized arrows. I mean, I haven't played the tests for a while, but I hear it's Rangedfall out there (and has been since Myrm nerfs tbh) ^^
  5. CC Problem

    I'm willing to wait and see, but centaur Legio doesn't really feel that mobile right now to make a difference as a melee race.
  6. CC Problem

    Yea 5.3 will help a lot once rangers have teleport, infinite ammo and stun/bleed/execute arrows
  7. CC Problem

    The CC spam in the game is just obscene. Even worse is the fact the devs gave the best AoE CC to ranged and mobile dps classes (that fessor knockdown is mentally challenged, AoE supress for ranger, who will soon have a teleport mind you, and AoE root for druid and cleric who are supports). Meantime tanks have decent CC, but what they have just pales in comparison to that. And not a single ranged AoE CC. When in fact it should be the opposite lol. Tanks are the ones who should have more crowd control potential. Not dps. I mean... really. Why would anyone care having a small amount of extra hp when compared to ranged dps classes if they get the best damage, mobility and CC in return? That's just objectively unbalanced. That they would even design classes like that makes me worry for the future of combat balance in this game. I mean, sure. Pre-alpha bla bla balance comes later bla bla. Just the fact the classes were designed like this to begin with is bad. Ashes of Creation just released their first pre-alpha version of combat. It looks bland and generic. However it's a bland and generic combat that at least seems to have a good foundation behind it. DPS and supports get 1 single target CC each, tanks have 3 CCs and the only AoE CC in the game. Makes sense, right? As for the hard CC mechanics by itself, I don't mind the hard CC existing. But I think it needs more room for counterplay. Right now your only counter play is retaliate. One every 30s. Not enough. As for DR, according to other people's testing, it will save approx 2 out of 9-10 CCs. That's way too forgiving for the people applying CC. They can just mindlessly spam it. I think retaliate should cost stamina, that way you can manage your stamina bar and retaliate at the right times. That might screw up the Knight, but maybe just give the Knight a considerably larger chunk of base Stamina to compensate. And maybe make DR more punishing for people who just mindlessly spam CC onto a group.
  8. Good discussion as usual, Zybak. Personally, I don't think it's a huge deal either. My major issue was the VIP combat double dipping and Todd already stated they will address that, so I'm cool with this system as it is. However let's not be fooled. There's still other ways to double dip into combat stats, just not as easy as before - although easy is also relative, it all depends on how much money you're willing to put into the game or how smart you are with RMT ventures to turn that into in game power. Also I'll be honest, I never liked the EVE monetization system to begin with, so the fact CF is mirroring EVE isn't exactly great for me. But I know there's a bunch of people who love that stuff, so whatever. Personally, I always disliked skill injectors as a catch up mechanic, it's a system ripe for abuse of all kinds. Does it break the game? Probably not. But it makes it lose credibility for me. Because I have seen other games do monetization in ways that leave zero room for abuse and I know it's possible to do so. EVE is just grey areas and blurry lines all over the place, and I'm just avoiding to use the term P2W, because that's exactly what I think it is. At the end of the day it's not a huge deal, as long as the game manages to nail combat and performance by soft launch I'll be more than happy. However if combat balance, mechanics, performance and whatnot are still shaky after launch, this "sketchy" skill system will just compound the problems for me.
  9. I think the major contradiction in what you guys said during the Stream is that VIP gives only lateral progression and width of options. Blair gave an example at the end of the Stream explicitly stating a VIP could opt to put both of his profession trainings inside the Combat category, in two different combat trees. That's a vertical advantage. Those stats will all add up on the same avatar. Armor + weapons, ranger having 1h + ranged at the same time, etc. An easy solution would be to limit your two Profession trainings to be spent on separate categories only (combat/crafting/exploration). Do not allow VIPs to double dip. They can still spend $$ on tomes from alts or other players to double dip, but at least diminishing returns limits the extent to which they can do that a little more. Not ideal IMO, but better than what we have now with VIP double dipping.
  10. Rubbish IMO. Star Citizen already has a lot on their plate to be wasting time with tech like this that doesn't really add anything useful or fun to the gameplay experience.
  11. Stand by Me...a Templar story.

    Really cool video Scorn. It stands out from the other pvp videos IMO for the different weather settings used (winter night fights, so cool ^^) and the lore/RP comments peppered throughout it fit the combat that was going on very well. The music was pretty good as well. Good watch!
  12. Oh, my feedback was aimed specifically at the Big Tyranny map. From what I understand, this is the map they are prepping to be used on the live server as the first functional test campaign world with a game loop. In that map, keeps are actually out of the way and far from POIs. So would make sense to give an incentive to hold them for the entire campaign duration.
  13. Great news! It's looking more like a full CW with each new update. Speaking for the long term (not necessarily the build we'll play this weekend) I feel like the one thing missing in this tug of war campaign is some kind of incentive to the factions for capturing and holding a keep. Right now all of the resources are around the POIs and those have been pvp contested areas. Check. The forts are near those POIs, but right now it is too easy to capture one (druid, ranger and duelist can teleport through walls, or a solo fessor can destroy a wall in about one minute) without enough rewards (you just get a respawn point there). But I believe once forts have crafting stations, local banks accessible only by the owner, considerably sturdier walls and strong guards to help defend them from solo cappers, they will become much more valuable. I know that's something for 5.3 though. Or at least the guards are, because they rely on the NPC tech. However what will be the purpose of taking and holding keeps? Maybe the Tree of Life can spawn some kind of highly valuable resource over time? Or just chests with high tier materials inside the keep respawning over time as well. Something to make holding a keep desirable throughout the whole campaign, not just at the last 30 min to decide the result of the tug of war.
  14. I love the artwork! Can't wait to see the last couple races. Make it half-elf next week pls! ^^
  15. I agree with those who said they don't want the already scarce budget spent on fancy and expensive cinematic trailers. However, I believe that in terms of PR it'd be better to not release any trailer at all, than to spend resources making a trailer that doesn't look top notch. Maybe for a live stream with a couple hundred viewers this trailer would have been fine. For an event like Gamescom, certainly not. It was reposted everywhere, reddit, youtube, etc. I mean, it's Gamescom. Just for perspective, this trailer on the official Crowfall YT channel has 368 likes vs 157 dislikes. The massive reveal trailer (which I assume was done as a result of the partnership with the Unity team and looks absolutely amazing) has 1073 likes vs 14 dislikes. If you think likes and dislikes on youtube don't mean anything, you're deluded. For good or for worse, these are the times we live in. Someone already linked the MMORPG reddit post and how it's filled from top to bottom with negative comments. That's all PR. At the end of the day I don't think it's a big deal though. If the game is a smash during soft launch, many naysayers will come around.