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  1. Pretty much this sums up everything IMO. Adding more layers of grind (in the guise of progression) and snowball victory rewards for the dominating alliance isn't going to magically make Crowfall a better MMO all of a sudden. Victory should be more meaningful yea, but mostly with cosmetics, titles, etc. Conqueror's Blade has exclusive and very cool skins and cosmetics for the guilds that win seasons and official tournaments and it works great. Easy come easy go is a great concept for a pvp MMO if well implemented, and in no way detracts from the long term progression experience. Just put the pr
  2. I mean just my opinion ofc, but obviously it's several different factors, but ultimately performance would be my top #1 pick for sure. I was invited to a siege at the second dregs CW I think it was, I was kinda excited to go test it, and then had FPS in the teens throughout the whole thing. I just couldnt bother anymore after that and wont bother again unless they can make performance decent. But other than performance, it feels like they are having trouble nailing "fun factor". For all of Ralph Koster's involvement in initial consulting on CF as a project, that guy is more academic prof
  3. I mean the beta was already released with some considerable deviations from the original pitch and core design anyways. Honestly I just don't think the passive system is even remotely close to being the main issue why the beta was so poorly received and the servers are so empty.
  4. There's pros and cons to both systems. But honestly, it just sounds like it will be even MORE grind in a game that was supposed to have no grind. Not to mention more time and resources down the drain to make this radical change. The passive system just needed to address the issue of crafters being useless early on and that was it. There were other ways to do it that involved far less radical changes. Honestly ACE should have stuck with their own vision and gut feelings instead of spending years in kneejerk reaction mode listening to the hundred or so active testers on these forums.
  5. I've been directed to this thread by a friend. I played Crowfall for a couple years then quit (together with many other friends) due to lack of interest. But I still logged on a few times after that to check out key patches. And I have to say I still have no interest in returning and have lost faith the game will ever be in a state that will hook me up again. The two main reasons: 1) performance. It's simply unplayable in large fights, there's not much else to say. I dont know how you guys still logon to sieges that play at 10 to 20 fps. I did that for a long time hoping it'd get be
  6. Tbh nowadays it's becoming increasingly more common for games to have a disastrous burning launch and then bounce back and become decent/good little games with a niche or even wider following after a year or so. I could name several examples. It seems like many games launch in an incomplete kinda broken state and then slowly fix it afterwards. Now that I condone that at all, but hey 🤷‍♂️
  7. LOL, it sounds like you're really not taking defeat too well in an alpha test. 😂 Did you just want to zerg the server down with numbers or something? Got upset you couldn't? I'm just a lurker these days, but I've known Comrade for years. He's russian and plays both servers and always has. He has some buddies that play with him. In NA he's been with the group that plays with Crem since the beginning (first Sugoi, now KGV). I'm brazilian and back in 5.8 my timezone and work schedule made it so I was always around for circle standing in off peak times. All that circle standing across di
  8. Normally you can't completely avoid it, but other games that do this usually have severe diminishing returns for killing the same characters in a short to mid range period of time to the point it doesn't become super efficient using this method.
  9. I totally agree with you. But I think ACE could actually build on top of this foundation to create a more PVP focused ruleset that still remains friendly to smaller guilds without having to rely so much on flower picking and mob farming. I get it that ACE added all this pve to the game because they want to make sure there's always things to do at all times, even in the downtime between fights. Which is fine, they can keep some of it. But honestly, from a pvper's perspective, the game will only be successful if there's enough population, incentive and herding of player to objectives that ensure
  10. I remember when anything outside of your 5-man group was red and guilds had to work around friendly fire by coordinating in comms and team comps. Now that was more fun. 😛
  11. oh it's bugged and double hiting, I see, gotcha. I think I recall druid orbs bugged and double hitting when they were first released as well. Funny, must be something with the tech. Still, sounds fun to play. Like a more versatile and fun Archdruid (or vanilla druid). Minus the essence mechanic I guess.
  12. Wait, no, what?! lol, you gotta be kidding me. A friend told me I'd like FW cause it was similar to vanilla druid, but I didn't think it was just a copy paste of the orb mechanic with layers of power creep on top of it. Minus the essence mechanic I guess. Well, I guess now there's no excuse for them to not go back and just do a total and complete rebalance of all classes. Sounds like game really needs it with the apparent power creep of FW.
  13. I disagree. The animation lock version was even worse than this current version. Actually considerably worse. Don't get me wrong, I love well made combat systems that make good use of animation locks and weighty movements. My current main game uses animation locks. CF's Hunger Dome was NOT one of those. It was jarring, each time you were moving and performed an action you'd just suddenly stop dead in your tracks and only then start the animation. There was no flow of movement. There was no momentum in the swings and animations. ACE said they tried to make this momentum work, but couldn't. So t
  14. People can suger coat it all they want, but honestly the reasons that made me stop play testing the alphas around 5.4-5.5 are actually very similar to the reasons and feelings that made Lazy Peon drop the game before level 20. And I had a guild and knowledge of the game. Combat and gathering both feel clunky and boring. The process of getting geared up is not fun at all for most people. A guild would just help you skip most of the boring grind gameplay. But doesn't actually make it any more fun or engaging. The game only shines when you're doing a larger, usually more coordinated GvG cont
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