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  1. So I was watching some Albion pvp videos recently out of curiosity after their latest Queen update (it turned territory wars into full open world events). Albion is also a Unity game and honestly it didn't give me much hope. They have considerably simpler graphics and combat compared to CF, have been optimizing their performance for several years since launch and videos as recent as from 3-5 months ago still show these large scale fights degrading performance to 10-20 fps along with big ms spikes. But maybe other people that play Albion can comment more on that. I don't know, I keep hearing more tech savvy people saying Unity is perfectly fine to do whatever you want with it, just looking at Albion as the closest example we have of a Unity MMO with large scale fights.
  2. LMAO, damn.... it was kinda sad and comical at the same time reading this old blurb of what they advertised the game would be. And looking at what it is now in its current state.
  3. Just my opinion here, but I don't think this descending trend is only an issue of them stopping their live streams and diminishing their communication to backers overall. I mean, I'm sure it contributed, but if you look at that trend, it basically starts descending after 5.4. You didnd't show 5.3 there, but 5.3 was their first "jesus" patch, it was supposed to be the "first campaign world ever", guilds were super hyped, we had no clue what to expect. Turned out it was broken, with lame exploitable faction rulesets and performance was horrible. Needless to say it was disappointment for many ppl, and interest has just been fading since then. 5.8 is the major (and only) spike since then, and justifiably so. It was the next "jesus" patch, also super hyped, was supposed to prepare for and lead into the first "official CWs with rewards". Honestly it was a big improvement IMO. But also had poor performance, still lame and exploitable faction rulesets and other issues like zone caps and locks clustercustards. Turns out official CWs never happened after all, we had trials instead, and interest kept on fading. Guess it's time for the next coming of Jesus with 5.110 😉 hopefully this one will be good or at least lay a solid foundation for a good Dregs experience in future updates.
  4. A slight tangent, but still in the same topic, but I'm more curious to see how ACE is going to handle zone cap/locks in Dregs. Their zones clearly won't be able to support massive amounts of people, maybe not even as many as they intended to support at first. So they'll need zone cap/locks like Albion has for example. Guess we'll find out soon enough with 5.110. In 5.8-9 faction ruleset it was super cancerous how the 100-player zone lock was often hit 1 hour before the siege even begun and people could just stack alts in a zone to take spots away from the enemy.
  5. I agree CU's engine performance looks good (at least from what I could see outside NDAs), but the whole project looks poorly managed to be honest. At this point I'm not even sure it'll ever release. The new game looks very mediocre in an already saturated genre and will probably fail. How that will affect CU's future is anyone's guess. But it's been 7 years already and CU is still a bare bones alpha demo (despite them calling it beta). Yesterday's reveal was a massive clustercustard, there was gonna be backlash regardless, but it could have been done in a much better way. They really need someone who can do PR and/or marketing. They've always sucked at that. Honestly Kickstarter for MMOs is just a huge failure IMO.
  6. I don't think it's any big secret that ACE is also either already working on a second game, or at least in the planning stages of one. They are even hiring for it in their jobs section: https://crowfall.com/en-US/jobs My personal guess is that this latest round of big investments ACE just got was due to this second game they're developing, exactly like Mark Jacobs and CU. And I don't blame either of them, millions of dollars may sound like a lot of money to some of us, but it's gone in a couple years with projects this size. They need cash to keep flowing in.
  7. Conqueror's Blade does. There's harvesting and crafting and it's fairly important at endgame for epic artillery and legendary troops, but you can spend 90-100% of your in game time doing pvp and progress your character exclusively that way. I wish more pvp MMOs would do that and actually make the grind the main fun activity instead of a chore you must suffer thru before you can have fun.
  8. I'm going to assume (hope) it's just because they didnt get around to implementing a character timeout / location reset yet. Every other RvR I played if you log out in the open world, after a couple minutes your character times out and gets teleported back to the home temple of your faction. Having an army of alts you can logon to at every keep you own is just silly. Alts have enough advantages as it is with crafting, passive training and exports.
  9. There won't be. And if there is, it'll be a side experiment in a side CW somewhere. I was hoping for Big World-like friendly fire outside of your immediate group, which means all players in the 5-man group are immune, but anything outside of that needs to be coordinated to avoid friendly fire. It was fun in Big World and worked pretty well all the way to 20ish vs 20ish. But that's also not happening. Next best thing would be to cap guild size to 50 max and put friendly fire on anything beyond that, like sub guilds and alliances. But let's be honest, it'll probably be full immunity to everyone in your alliance like it works in faction ruleset. Just roll that ball against the enemy ball and have fun with the spammy war of attrition pvp.
  10. @ComradeAma At launch ESO had nearly flawless performance, it was glorious to see. At the very least a couple hundred players on screen and very little lag. Then they kept adding stuff to make the game prettier and beef up the endgame grind, like fancy lightining and particle effects, and champion points that forced the server that track poorly made socksloads of more interactions and numbers, and performance went to the garbage bin. Might be better these days, wouldnt know. But I saw it with my eyes back then, it is possible to happen. Apparently CU has great performance as well from early tests, just poorly made socksty graphics to go with it. But at least the foundation is there.
  11. Myrmidon and archdruid are probably the most interesting classes available in terms of gameplay mechanics. They're the exceptions I mentioned in my previous post. I don't know a whole lot about how current myrm titan works, but sadly archdruid, despite still being interesting, is just a watered down version of the original vanilla druid. Druid was so awesome at launch, one of the most interesting class designs I've seen in any MMO. No clue why they had to dumb it down so much. The game will definitely need a comprehensive balance pass and probably minor revamps across all classes and discs to make as many of them as viable as possible at launch.
  12. APE has pretty much explained everything. It is what it is. People will play Crowfall for the same reasons they play games like EVE or Albion, definitely not for engaging action combat.
  13. If those articles and trailers and promotions were just backer transparency, why publish them in big MMO news site as opposed to just here on the forums or newsletters to backers? Also if your expenses every month is let's say 'X', and every month in pledges and packages you can sell something around 1/6 to 1/8 of X, that's not insignificant. It adds up and helps over the years. The scale in Crowfall is a lot smaller, but it's the same principle for Star Citizen.
  14. I agree with those who said it's very, very low. Lower than Gw2 or ESO, at least years ago when I used to play those 2 games. I heard ESO pvp kept getting watered down with infinite stam/mag builds and proc sets tho, so could be different now. Crowfall is mostly about having the right builds and team comps and focusing single targets to death in the melee scrum. So in that regard group coordination is probably the strongest aspect, but even then it's kinda simplistic in its current form, compared to what group coordination looks like in other games. In large siege fights, if you're not a shot caller, most classes will just be spamming a few keys and tracking targets the whole time. Save a couple exceptions that have bit more interesting mechanics.
  15. From what I've seen in other live service games I followed closely over the years, marketing hype is where they get the largest chunk of new subscribers and revenue. People who buy into it. It's not big updates actually getting patched into the game, but rather just marketing hype bombs dropped on big news outlets. I personally think it's a bit silly how in the past CF has done marketing pushes and campaigns, with videos, trailers, etc. of updates and versions of the game that were terrible, had unplayable performance and tons of bugs, but I don't have access to the numbers. If they keep doing it, it's because they're getting revenue out of it. Even if they lose some disgruntled customers that try out a broken alpha version and leave in disgust, in the grand scheme of things it probably doesn't matter. There's no shortage of live service gamers on this planet lol. There's always more ppl to sell the game to later down the road. It kinda sucks for everyone I guess, them included, that they need to keep having to monetize an unfinished game somehow to keep the lights on. Personally I think the Kickstart model for MMOs is just not ideal. Crowfall is actually the only one that actually has the highest chances to release and go live in the near future. But even then it probably will be in a very rough state. But hey, Albion survived its rocky launch and apparently improved over the years. So maybe all these games need is time.
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