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  1. No hope for large scale??

    I don't mind a convoluted crafting system per se, but if it's less grindy than CF's current iteration in terms of mats used per piece of gear vs decay rate on each death, then that would already be a big improvement. If CF can get a 100v100 in a server/zone with 400 players online at once, all performing well with smooth combat, I'd be entirely happy with that and call it a success. Then all they'd need to do is scatter how objectives and campaign goals work so that there is no single event/objective in the CW encouraging all 2.5k or however many players to all come to the same zone for a fight all at once (like the last emperor keep fight in ESO). Putting a hard cap player limit on individual zones would feel pretty bad though, it'd have to be something more organical. Hard to achieve, I agree.
  2. No hope for large scale??

    I sincerely doubt that's happening unless it's a very bare bones and rough soft launch. I don't have inside information, but just basing my assumptions on the pace of development as we've been following it for the past few years and what still remains to be implemented. 5.6 is a step forward compared to 5.5 which was unplayable and caused the servers to be nearly empty. But it isn't a step forward compared to the entire development cycle. Performance has always been more or less like this, with a few ups and downs depending on the build.
  3. No hope for large scale??

    I totalle agree with this. While I vastly prefer action combat (and honestly have a hard time imagining myself playing a tab target these days), CF's combat isn't anything special and the usual skill ceiling present in action combat games is actually very low in CF. At first I wasn't concerned at all with CF's persistent performance issues, because all I heard was that performance and optimization were always worked on last, once all systems are in, we'd get there, etc. And that still might be the case. But after seeing CU's approach to performance and how solid (or epic, even) it currently is at a similar stage of development, it does make me wonder.
  4. Guess I'll play Ranger Too

    To me that's just one of the major issues with discs. Ranger at its base kit already had really high damage, range, fairly good survivability and good CC. They were already very powerful, but the lack of mobiity balanced things out. A ranger couldn't escape or kite forever before, that was their weakness. Then they got buffed (?!) to gain even more CC and utility. And once discs and races opened up, it allowed them to have ridiculous mobility, turning them into one of those do-it-all builds. I love the total flexibility discs give you to create builds as much as everyone, but this is the reason for PVP MMOs I honestly prefer more strict class based progression to keep each class more confined within its own role(s) and ensure it has clear pros and cons to each. I completely agree with this and it's another thing I dislike about discs. These hard counter discs are just so boring and it's simply not fun for the players involved.
  5. No hope for large scale??

  6. Feedback: Chicken ticker decay rate is way too harsh. We can get food easily, that's not so much the issue, it's just really annoying to have to keep clicking food nonstop throughout everything you do in the game. Just watch any GvG pvp vid on YT, people have to stop multiple times in the middle of a fight to eat food. That's just over the top. Same thing if you go out harvesting or whatever, you're always stopping what you're doing to click food items. I think the hunger mechanic by itself is perfectly fine, I just think the decay rate should be toned down considerably.
  7. Any plans for South America Servers?

    Travian is supposed to be in charge of South American servers from what I understand. I think they're launching a server in Brazil and localizing the game there, we're just not there yet. Maybe closer to soft launch.
  8. Coming back to testing after a long absence. Some feedback: 1) Performance was decent on Saturday and pvp witth 20 players on screen was playable despite some severe fps drops for most of the guys in my group. However on Sunday performance slowly degraded until it became unplayable Sunday night with 2k+ consistent ping. Maybe a memory leak or something of the sort? 2) The amount of dust required to craft everything seems overbearing for anyone who is not heavily specced into dust gathering. I had the potion up, the runedisc up, and dropped some points in the survivalist skill node for extra dust and still found myself collecting dust for my intermediate gear long after I had already finished collecting the other mats (slag, wood, stone, etc). 3) I was happy to see certain skill training nodes toned down, in particular the ones that give range and cooldown reductions. I've been saying this since the last time I played the game, skill training was giving faaaar too much power. That's a very good step, but I think armor mitigation is something else that needs to be addressed. Right now everyone had to start from scratch, but once people start capping their skill training once more the nonsense will start all over again.
  9. Disciplines should be tied to the Sacrifice system

    Ok I'm sorry, my bad, might have been sloppy (and incorrect) from my part to clump the entire proposal under the term "Sacrifice". But yea, it's exactly how you described in your previous post, that's the idea at least.
  10. Disciplines should be tied to the Sacrifice system

    I like the idea you proposed and I think it could be a good compromise to make the active progression very important while leaving discs untouched as they are, I just happen to think there's already soooo much other stuff that crafters have to experiment on and make in the game. Gear is extremely important, and soon we'll have even more stuff for crafters like building cities in the Dregs, and siege equipment. Removing discs from the equation wouldn't have the effect to make crafters obsolete IMO. Instead, it would just put more agency in the player's hands when it comes to their specific character progression (we're not talking about which armor and sword you choose to use, but which powers you want your character to have); avoid a potential snowball effect that character progression as gear can have; and make active advancement important and worthwhile throughout the course of a campaign all in one go (not to mention to possibiity to rebalance discs as trees and limit how you can stack them in different classes/builds).
  11. Disciplines should be tied to the Sacrifice system

    Sorry, maybe I haven't been explaining this part of the idea very well (although I thought it was pretty clear in the OP). There's already capping forts on top of material donation. And there's been talk in the past of expanding the system to include other activities. This is a main part of my proposal, that the "Sacrifice" system as a whole be expanded to include a bunch of different activities that can earn you points towards leveling up in this active progression system. I cited several as examples, like killing other players, capping forts and keeps, donating materials, killing infested mobs (or whichever mobs), exploration activities such as map making/discovery, etc. Just stuff that you'd normally be doing on a daily basis.
  12. Disciplines should be tied to the Sacrifice system

    You could say that about anything harvest related lol. Botting as an argument could be applied to all sorts of different systems in the game. You'll need teamwork and skilled plays (or maybe just a zerg who knows) to capture forts, keeps, POIs, to win campaigns as a whole. Whole game will require that. Disciplines is a progression and character building system. You could say it's the core of it. There's already lots of other stuff to craft (maybe even a bit too much at this point). And the devs already stated they want to put a bit more emphasis on active progression. That's because you are taking Sacrifice for just its material donation aspect, the point is that it can be expanded to include all sorts of activities (as devs said before). As long as material donation doesn't end the absolute most efficient way to level Sacrifice, and you can gain sacrifice through capturing POIs, killing other players or npcs, exploring areas and so on, then no, it wouldn't just be the same thing as harvesting/crafting. I mean, I understand that "this is not how it was in Shadowbane", but honestly, there's been other good games besides Shadowbane over the years. If what matters for the game experience is that contested territory fight over the special mob spawn (and I agree that's a really cool feature), just make those mobs drop something else, like the seeds needed to plant bane trees, or something related to bloostones, or anything important for the CW win conditions, really. There's different ways to achieve the same fun experience, it doesn't need to be an exact copy and paste of Shadowbane.
  13. Disciplines should be tied to the Sacrifice system

    If the guy is an enthusiast apple harvester, yea sure. Why not. It'll give him access to the same builds everyone else has. Except he'll be doing his favorite thing in the game. Point is, doesn't have to be apple harvesting, but anything allowed by the Sacrifice system. Which should be varied enough. Rune droppers would still be there from how Todd described how the mechanics currently work. And other than rune droppers, as I already said before, there's mats POIs, forts, adventure zones, and more to come with future stuff like bloodstones.
  14. Disciplines should be tied to the Sacrifice system

    I mean, I get that, and I agree with you. Something that generates a point of conflict and pvp is a great thing. However I think the game will already have plenty of that when it comes to forts, keeps, bloodstones (when bloodstone campaign or something similar comes online), materials POIs, etc. And while one more in the form of disc "bosses" would be cool, as you said it yourself "regional control" just screams snowball to me, for the amount of power discs currently grant. Imagine being the underdog guid/alliance, that would already be challenging enough on its own to fight the other guild/alliance that has more people, more access to better materials, crafting tables and spawn points, etc. Now imagine fighting them in vanilla builds vs their optimized disc builds. I just think discs are core enough to the combat and progression system that tying them to the Sacrifice system just gives you a lot more agency in how you build your character. Plus it gives the Sacrifice system proper weight and keeps players engaged in it throughout the course of a campaign. Why do you always discuss things through rethorical questions?
  15. Disciplines should be tied to the Sacrifice system

    It's not a grindfest, or doesn't have to be. If the ways to acquire Sacrifice points are robust and varied enough, you can be doing the things you'd normally be doing on a daily basis and be acquiring them. Capturing forts, pvp, pve, harvesting, uncharting new map territory, etc. I mean, how is that a grind, as opposed to having to camp the disc mobs and harvest a ton of materials to craft the discs? I'd rather have more options to get discs through different gameplay other than harvesting.