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  1. To be fair of all the Kickstarter MMOs Crowfall seems to be the one doing the most progress towards completion with the possible exception of Ashes of Creation, but that one has just gone shady af with the whole thing of releasing a battle royale side project before expanding their pre-alpha tests. I have faith Crowfall might be the first one to release out of all Kickstarter MMOs, but that's still some time away. With that said, I'm also fairly disappointed with CF, not because of delays, but more like what the game is slowly becoming (or not) in terms of gameplay. I'm definitely not backing a Kickstarter game again, that's for sure. I'd love to be proven wrong and eat my words when CF releases though.
  2. ^ pretty much this IMO. Have you guys spent a good deal of time playing on the NA servers? I know W used to make smaller forays into EU sometimes. But as someone who's played both servers, EU and NA, during 5.8,there's just such a huge difference in how the meta is played (or not) between them. But hey, maybe this new 5.100 or w/e patch is different and now tactics trumple composition and build.. although I somehow doubt that.
  3. I won't mince words here. Everything you described above is exactly why Crowfall's combat sucks ass right now. The combat went from being something that ranged between average to mediocre pre-disc to what is now something sitting between mediocre and garbage tier. I know major and more comprehensive balance passes will only happen closer to launch, but there's no skill, mechanical input or nuance to CF's combat, only builds and comps and counters and hard counters. The ceiling is just so low, provided both sides have equally decent shot calls and ppl who knows which skills to use and can listen, more often than not the fight is decided before it even starts, by just looking at the comps/builds. I've been saying this for years, but it just falls on deaf ears. And I won't even go into the problematic mess that healing has always been. Unless they completely revamp the balance and purpose of discs, classes and other mechanics CF will just be a spread sheet meta game.
  4. I honestly do not think this idea of queued matches fits well with the overall design Crowfall has. And this is coming from someone who enjoys Conqueror's Blade a LOT, that has been my main game for a couple months now, I think their game design is brilliant. But the issue is that CF's entire goal is to provoke organic random PVP situations in resource hotspots across the map (POIs, caravans, refineries, etc). The population splitting into queued matches would draw players away from the map. CB has random fights breaking out on the map over resources as well, but that's not the main draw of the game. Maybe queued matches could work if there's ever a downtime between campaigns or something of the sort for people who are not in any CW atm. Maybe even as a function of EKs.
  5. CU seems to have some good things going for it, like the engine capable of supporting large scale and a good mentality from the devs (like no AoE caps and anti-zerg mechanics). I know DAoC was good back then for what it was and the time (I mean, DAoC almost two decades ago had better RvR mechanics than CF's faction ruleset at present). But the slow paced tab target combat and extremely slow development progress have been turning me off. Maybe when they lift the NDA and I can have a better look at it I might be more excited.
  6. So basically the entire community agrees to let Order win? 😂
  7. I think the first closed beta was 2011 for the asian market, first open beta was 2014 or something? It's been released and closed in a few different regions, like asia and russia. Here's an interview with the developers, explains more on the russian version closing in 2017: https://wccftech.com/kingdom-under-fire-2-interview-perfected-for-pc-release-this-november-devs-now-looking-at-other-platforms/
  8. I don't fully trust Gameforge, so I'm trying not to keep my hopes up too much for this. However the actual game was already released and played in other regions, we know it has a good design and fun gameplay at least. They just can't screw up the monetization and whatnot. I haven't played Archeage or Albion, so I can't comment on limited conquest points in those games. But I recently played Conqueror's Blade (a game that is somewhat similar to kuf2) and it worked perfectly fine there. Since these sieges are fought in a 15v15 (in kuf2 it will be 8v8), it doesn't matter if the zerg has thousands of ppl, better team wins usually. Also it was usually easier to defend than attack, so even outnumbered you had a good chance to hold on to your land. Plus the map being huge and movement slow, a zerg could only cover so much ground in the timeframe allotted for land conquest (twice a week there). Obviously the megazergs still owned more land than the smaller forces and could cover more ground, but the smaller forces still had mechanisms in place that allowed them to compete and hold on to their land. To be entirely honest with you, CF will be a LOT more zerg friendly than those games, unless scoring, objectives and goals change drastically from faction to dregs ruleset. Doesn't matter if people can't attack your EK if they can just zerg you down inside the CWs and you won't be able to export the best stuff.
  9. It'd definitely be DOA for me, that's for sure, but tbh it could probably survive even with crappy performance in large scale. I mean, didn't Albion survive? Their launch was pretty disastrous with servers melting and for all I know they still don't have stellar performance? People are just thirsty for MMOs and will probably just play it regardless while complaining about it. But it'll definitely affect the amount of people playing it and the success it can achieve for sure.
  10. ESO did it post-launch for a short period of time. It had great performance in Cyrodiil with 100+ players on screen. After their lightning patch was released to make pve pretty and flashy performance went downhill and never recovered after that (at least while I played it, not sure if they ever managed to fix it afterwards).
  11. Which part are you talking about? Specifically CB's root motion combat? Or any sort of of more mechanically engaging action combat with tighter aim? Or are you talking about performance? If it's the first, really depends on how they would have handled other stuff like powers, healing, CC, ttk, etc. CB's combat definitely wouldn't hold well in a 100v100 scenario, but it wasn't designed to. However I do believe root motion style combat could. BDO did it with dozens of players in wars. In ESO I saw as many as 180+ players fighting in the same area. From what I heard Darkfall did as well, but I didn't play that one so can't comment on it. Performance varied wildly in those games and as someone else here mentioned client vs server side checks as well. But if we're talking about performance, let's be honest, it's not like CF's has been any better with the combat they did choose to employ. Quite the opposite, it's the worst so far.
  12. This is finally getting released in the West, it was just announced for a November launch. It's an MMO that has a very unique hybrid of traditional action combat and RTS gameplay. Particularly for people who enjoyed Conqueror's Blade, there seems to be a lot of similarities between the two. Like an open world map with regions and cities that guilds can conquer and upgrade. Your hero can control up to 3 troop units in these fights. If Gameforge doesn't screw it up, it could be really fun. Here's some edited footage of an 8v8 gvg for a city conquest: EDIT: Release trailer:
  13. They tried, way back in the beginning. They didn't manage to make it work. I'm not sure if it was due to Unity's limitations, or just their lack of experience with action combat. Their original goal was root motion combat with weighty animations and directional movement based on your inputs and abilities fired. Kinda like TERA or most asian action combat systems really. The truth is that I have yet to see a western developer make this kind of combat work. It feels like asian developers are light years ahead of the west when it comes to action combat. Check out Conqueror's Blade for a root motion combat done really well, in the same vein CF tried to make and failed. I never said BDO was like an esport, I did say BDO had more mechanical engagement than CF. You're right about the nolife endless gear grind ofc, it was a korean grind trap from the start, I just played it at the very beginning before it got completely out of hand. Just BDO's combat system by itself, if you remove the ridiculous RNG gear grind trap, is pretty cool. Might not be everyone's cup of tea, but it's a really well designed combat system. It was just spoiled by the dumb gear RNG.
  14. I think there's an aspect of the OP that wasn't explicitly discussed and that is giving an incentive for the underdogs/losers to keep fighting as well. Both sides need a reason to fight: the winners and the losers. I also played ESO and DAoC and I agree pvp points there for meaningful rewards worked great in those RvR games. Not sure how artificial that'd feel in something like Dregs though. I know some of you may want to mix this up with RL's educational/philosophical views that losing/underperforming shouldn't be rewarded, but this is a game and needs to be designed in such a way as to keep its population playing and engaged. That includes the losers and underdogs. The winners clearly need to get the better side of the deal, but the losers should have incentives to keep playing as well. The OP mentioned pvp points, but there could be other more organical mechanisms to encourage and incentivize people to play the underdog side, maybe even to the point of allowing a "homeless" guild/alliance to be viable to some extent.
  15. You are only focusing on the two extremes of this discussion, pro esports pixel pinpoint accuracy and high floor low ceiling spam combat. There's plenty of action combat MMOs out there that managed to do a much better balance act between these two extremes and put all due importance on both sides of the coin. ESO for example has very complex build, ability and gear systems and its action combat is fairly generous in terms of hitbox and so on, but it still has considerable more mechanical skill involved (at least it used to before proc sets and champion points, haven't followed it in years). BDO is the same with a more fighting combo style. More recently Conqueror's Blade with root motion combat and troop management. The latter two are sandbox MMOs as well. The games exist and are out there, I wasn't asking for any sort of esport extreme.
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