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  1. Tbh nowadays it's becoming increasingly more common for games to have a disastrous burning launch and then bounce back and become decent/good little games with a niche or even wider following after a year or so. I could name several examples. It seems like many games launch in an incomplete kinda broken state and then slowly fix it afterwards. Now that I condone that at all, but hey 🤷‍♂️
  2. LOL, it sounds like you're really not taking defeat too well in an alpha test. 😂 Did you just want to zerg the server down with numbers or something? Got upset you couldn't? I'm just a lurker these days, but I've known Comrade for years. He's russian and plays both servers and always has. He has some buddies that play with him. In NA he's been with the group that plays with Crem since the beginning (first Sugoi, now KGV). I'm brazilian and back in 5.8 my timezone and work schedule made it so I was always around for circle standing in off peak times. All that circle standing across different timezones really helped Chaos secure a victory in EU back then. It is what it is. As long as these objectives exist, variations of "night capping" will always be a thing, even META 🤷‍♂️ That said, I'm not a huge fan of the current way DV cards work either. In that I do agree with your points. Too much pve for my own tastes. The cards are cool in concept, and I love how they give smaller guilds a chance, but I don't want to log on and go farm mobs and hit rocks and sacrifice flowers/paws to contribute to my guild's victory. Maybe a higher pop will improve on that, maybe it won't. But I already accepted, CF may not be the game for me, I prefer to spend most of my online time doing pvp (preferably polished and balanced).
  3. Normally you can't completely avoid it, but other games that do this usually have severe diminishing returns for killing the same characters in a short to mid range period of time to the point it doesn't become super efficient using this method.
  4. I totally agree with you. But I think ACE could actually build on top of this foundation to create a more PVP focused ruleset that still remains friendly to smaller guilds without having to rely so much on flower picking and mob farming. I get it that ACE added all this pve to the game because they want to make sure there's always things to do at all times, even in the downtime between fights. Which is fine, they can keep some of it. But honestly, from a pvper's perspective, the game will only be successful if there's enough population, incentive and herding of player to objectives that ensure this downtime in between fights is minimal. They can take this card concept of "per player", which I think was fantastic, and just run with it to more pvp oriented objectives. Kill count per player, healing done per player, damage inflicted per player, assists per player, etc. Then open room for more fancy stuff, like highest kill streak without dying, highest number of kills in the least amount of time, etc. Heck, if they wanted even keep/fort capture and conquest could be tallied with a division of keeps owned divided by total players in that guild/alliance. But I think that'd probably be a step too far and remove much of territory/map control and management out of the strategy game.
  5. I remember when anything outside of your 5-man group was red and guilds had to work around friendly fire by coordinating in comms and team comps. Now that was more fun. 😛
  6. oh it's bugged and double hiting, I see, gotcha. I think I recall druid orbs bugged and double hitting when they were first released as well. Funny, must be something with the tech. Still, sounds fun to play. Like a more versatile and fun Archdruid (or vanilla druid). Minus the essence mechanic I guess.
  7. Wait, no, what?! lol, you gotta be kidding me. A friend told me I'd like FW cause it was similar to vanilla druid, but I didn't think it was just a copy paste of the orb mechanic with layers of power creep on top of it. Minus the essence mechanic I guess. Well, I guess now there's no excuse for them to not go back and just do a total and complete rebalance of all classes. Sounds like game really needs it with the apparent power creep of FW.
  8. I disagree. The animation lock version was even worse than this current version. Actually considerably worse. Don't get me wrong, I love well made combat systems that make good use of animation locks and weighty movements. My current main game uses animation locks. CF's Hunger Dome was NOT one of those. It was jarring, each time you were moving and performed an action you'd just suddenly stop dead in your tracks and only then start the animation. There was no flow of movement. There was no momentum in the swings and animations. ACE said they tried to make this momentum work, but couldn't. So they switched to the current version. Which is also not that great, I agree on that part. But better than what we had. As for the OP, I assume it _might_ get better near release, since they might still have plans to add more feedback to the combat. More stickiness upon hit registration or at the very least more sound/visual effects upon hitting.
  9. People can suger coat it all they want, but honestly the reasons that made me stop play testing the alphas around 5.4-5.5 are actually very similar to the reasons and feelings that made Lazy Peon drop the game before level 20. And I had a guild and knowledge of the game. Combat and gathering both feel clunky and boring. The process of getting geared up is not fun at all for most people. A guild would just help you skip most of the boring grind gameplay. But doesn't actually make it any more fun or engaging. The game only shines when you're doing a larger, usually more coordinated GvG content. And even then it's not that great, it's kind of a spam fest in its current form (or at least it was last I played in 5.9, doesn't look any different from what I've been following and watching in videos). It actually got worse over the years IMO. Lazy Peon is far from being the brightest content creator on YT, he's kinda known for doing shallow first impression videos. But he does represent your average MMO gamer. And he's actually the type of guy that can enjoy both pve as well pvp content. So it's not like he just hated the game because he didn't get to the better pvp part of it.
  10. So I was watching some Albion pvp videos recently out of curiosity after their latest Queen update (it turned territory wars into full open world events). Albion is also a Unity game and honestly it didn't give me much hope. They have considerably simpler graphics and combat compared to CF, have been optimizing their performance for several years since launch and videos as recent as from 3-5 months ago still show these large scale fights degrading performance to 10-20 fps along with big ms spikes. But maybe other people that play Albion can comment more on that. I don't know, I keep hearing more tech savvy people saying Unity is perfectly fine to do whatever you want with it, just looking at Albion as the closest example we have of a Unity MMO with large scale fights.
  11. LMAO, damn.... it was kinda sad and comical at the same time reading this old blurb of what they advertised the game would be. And looking at what it is now in its current state.
  12. Just my opinion here, but I don't think this descending trend is only an issue of them stopping their live streams and diminishing their communication to backers overall. I mean, I'm sure it contributed, but if you look at that trend, it basically starts descending after 5.4. You didnd't show 5.3 there, but 5.3 was their first "jesus" patch, it was supposed to be the "first campaign world ever", guilds were super hyped, we had no clue what to expect. Turned out it was broken, with lame exploitable faction rulesets and performance was horrible. Needless to say it was disappointment for many ppl, and interest has just been fading since then. 5.8 is the major (and only) spike since then, and justifiably so. It was the next "jesus" patch, also super hyped, was supposed to prepare for and lead into the first "official CWs with rewards". Honestly it was a big improvement IMO. But also had poor performance, still lame and exploitable faction rulesets and other issues like zone caps and locks clustercustards. Turns out official CWs never happened after all, we had trials instead, and interest kept on fading. Guess it's time for the next coming of Jesus with 5.110 😉 hopefully this one will be good or at least lay a solid foundation for a good Dregs experience in future updates.
  13. A slight tangent, but still in the same topic, but I'm more curious to see how ACE is going to handle zone cap/locks in Dregs. Their zones clearly won't be able to support massive amounts of people, maybe not even as many as they intended to support at first. So they'll need zone cap/locks like Albion has for example. Guess we'll find out soon enough with 5.110. In 5.8-9 faction ruleset it was super cancerous how the 100-player zone lock was often hit 1 hour before the siege even begun and people could just stack alts in a zone to take spots away from the enemy.
  14. I agree CU's engine performance looks good (at least from what I could see outside NDAs), but the whole project looks poorly managed to be honest. At this point I'm not even sure it'll ever release. The new game looks very mediocre in an already saturated genre and will probably fail. How that will affect CU's future is anyone's guess. But it's been 7 years already and CU is still a bare bones alpha demo (despite them calling it beta). Yesterday's reveal was a massive clustercustard, there was gonna be backlash regardless, but it could have been done in a much better way. They really need someone who can do PR and/or marketing. They've always sucked at that. Honestly Kickstarter for MMOs is just a huge failure IMO.
  15. I don't think it's any big secret that ACE is also either already working on a second game, or at least in the planning stages of one. They are even hiring for it in their jobs section: https://crowfall.com/en-US/jobs My personal guess is that this latest round of big investments ACE just got was due to this second game they're developing, exactly like Mark Jacobs and CU. And I don't blame either of them, millions of dollars may sound like a lot of money to some of us, but it's gone in a couple years with projects this size. They need cash to keep flowing in.
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