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  1. The bomb was not totally invis, but only one orb-bomb showed up and only when it was about ready to detonate. You can see the one bomb there for about a full second, maybe two (unless all bombs were stacked on top of each other? dunno). I haven't played in a long time, not sure how long the bombs stay around once triggered before they explode. As someone who always enjoyed vanilla druid / current archdruid gameplay and considers it one of the scarce few classes that still have any interesting flavor to it, I'd hate to see this nerfed into oblivion. The game sorely needs good AoE and this is one of the few left. Plus the explosion radius used to be 4m range, pretty hard to hit consistently and very easy to dodge if you exclude things like root bugs, terrible performance, etc. It also takes a long time to set up these bombs at the right place. Honestly would hate to see this nerfed.
  2. Cool video man. Even for someone who's not super interested in coming back atm, it was still entertaining to watch and catch up 👍
  3. Enh. You'd be right if you said "most people" do that. But every single game there's always a smaller percentage of players that prefer good fights and gameplay over "must win at all costs". Also I feel pretty custard sad for whoever thinks exploiting and cheating is alright to secure a win. I would never do that or be in a guild with ppl who think that's alright. I'd rather lose with a small group of competent and coordinated players and get some really good fights against the megazerg, as long as the game systems and designs give the smaller force a chance to do that and still have fun and secure small wins here and there, even if hopeless in the end. That's the key aspect. Some games are good at providing that, others are absolute poorly made socks and just give all advantages to the zerg. I'd be bored to death and beyond if I won a campaign world (or any other game) by megazerging and/or unclebobbing the server to the point I just snooze every siege because there's no competition. That win would be hollow as custard for me. I play games for other reasons. But to each his own. Multiple 20+ guilds, what are you talking about? Only one that seems to fit that description of former ally is UDL and I was there when HoA and W allied for the first time, UDL had all left the game at that point and there were prolly 10 of them max playing. If you are talking about them getting stomped before the WHoA alliance, I wasn't very active around that time, but from an outside observer POV, it seemed to me that it was just a fairly even 3-way between HoA, W and UDL for a while? I mean, I can only speak for my own personal experience here, but CF has been a buggy, laggy, spammy combat mess for a long time now, and a pre-alpha test on top of that. A silly pixel reward in the new Trials ain't enough to bring people back into the game. IF and I mean IF the game actually delivers an actual playable fun experience closer to beta/launch, that's when people will bother to play the game, and many guilds will bother to compete, including countless guilds that haven't even stepped into the tests yet.
  4. Your scenario of just one unstoppable megazerg is also perfectly possible in the Dregs assuming the scoring objectives aren't much different than current ones in Faction. I cited 2 or 3 megazergs as best case scenario assuming a healthy population of a few thousand at least. I know there'll be zergs, maybe I didn't express myself too well. My point is that the game can have gameplay/mechanics that either leave the megazerg as the ultimate best solution to everything, or it can at the very least have gameplay and mechanics that encourage and give a chance to smaller groups to be competitive and fight back. For example, you mentioned friendly fire. Based on everything they said so far, it doesn't seem like Dregs will have different rules for friendly fire from faction ruleset. Most likely guilds and alliances will be FF immune and able to deathball like factions. If the current scoring mechanic from factions is more or less transplanted to Dregs (build and hold keeps and forts for points), that doesn't look too hopeful either. A long time ago they mentioned a Bloodstone ruleset that sounded much more interesting, hope they go for something more along those lines. Even the base combat itself with AoE caps and similar stuff doesn't help either. Just so it doesn't seem like I'm spouting pipe dreams here, I'll mention the current MMO I'm playing, Conqueror's Blade. Yea, the game naturally evolved into 2-3 megazergs dominating. But there's still a few mechanisms in place that favor smaller groups and allow them to compete. Sieges having a cap of 15 players each side, what's happening is that multiple smaller independent forces there have been able to hold smaller portions of land from the megazerg. Also the map being absolutely gigantic, 5 regions with tons of fiefs to fight for, and slow overworld travel speed, it's been impossible for a single unclebob to steamroll it all. Really hard for a megazerg to dominate an entire region and then push for a second, even with close to one thousand players. I know CF is different, but just saying, devs put the mechanisms in place to shape player behavior.
  5. Agreed. RvR can be fun when the combat and gameplay mechanics are fun and engaging, but those issues indeed exist. But honestly unless Dregs have some really interesting scoring and objective mechanics it'll just devolve into 2 or 3 megazergs capping keeps in the end as well. The issues with this GvG system is that it becomes a zergy hugfest with alliances replacing factions. Some ppl enjoy the politics of that more than factions tho, so there's that I guess.
  6. It's not a game yet, it's a pre-alpha test. It'll be even more rough and unfinished than many 'early access' games you find out there. It's also not exactly a good game to stream on twitch either IMO. If you just want to check it out, support the devs and the concept of the game, then yea sure. But don't buy it expecting a finished game.
  7. Honestly at this point I don't really care about roadmaps, development updates or w/e. I'd rather they just turtle up and focus all their resources on getting the remaining missing features done asap, that way they can move on to polishing, optimizing, balancing, etc. It'll be done when it's done. IMO a roadmap would just make people more frustrated when they keep missing deadlines, delaying, changing things, etc.
  8. Mind telling me which comments were that Ble? I'm a bit out of the loop. I don't think the game will have issues getting players come launch. Far from it, they'll probably get waaay more players than their servers can handle and they will be overloaded. Whether those players will stick around for longer than a month or two is anyone's guess though. Judging by Albion's current state I think it might be successful enough to stay afloat though. Might not exactly be a hit, or the savior of PVP MMOs we were hoping for, but it should be successful enough to stick for a while. Even if it's not my cup of tea. I do agree with @APE though, atm there's absolutely nothing in CF other games don't do much better. Obviously it's an unfair comparison for a game in pre-alpha, but I'm also talking about the direction and core mechanics of the game, not only what is already implemented. Hopefully Dregs, refineries, caravans, building your own cities, etc., all that will differentiate CF enough and elevate it beyond its core mechanics to the point it'll be a worthwhile and awesome experience. I'm still hopeful, despite already being quite cozy over at Conqueror's Blade 😝
  9. While I agree with your point in principle, I think a major issue here is that ACE has been marketing this buggy, unbalanced and incomplete pre-alpha test as something fun and exciting for people to buy into so they can drive sales (war stories, videos, social media, trials with rewards, etc.). I partially don't blame them, because I know it costs money to keep the lights running and monthly pledges is a decent chunk of their flow of revenue. On the other hand it creates this very awkward situation where they're trying to sell a fun #warstory experience when in fact it's an incomplete and rough pre-alpha test. It's even worse than many early access games on Steam. So I guess the devs need to decide whether they want to make this pre-alpha test a fun and enjoyable experience, in which case they should keep all the experimental, incomplete and hassle features for Test and keep Live as streamlined and fun as humanly possible for the trials and the war stories. Or they just dump this whole marketing thing and focus on what it is: a pre-alpha. I completely agree with you. And I'm one of those who chose to not play it for now.
  10. Finally started playing this game, having a lot of fun with it. Sadly their servers appear to be struggling since the weekend, they said the open beta brought more players than they anticipated and they're going to increase server capacity this week. It's really fun, I think they struck the right balance between bitesize accessible and enough depth and endgame engagement for more hardcore guilds to sink their teeth into. The fact you can do your character leveling almost entirely through pvp already feels like a blessing 😂 I have been telling myself for years how cool it'd be if Mount & Blade was a pvp focused MMO complete with all the RPG progression, guild territory control, etc., and then this game comes along.
  11. Yea, DAoC got many things right, and CU is supposed to be following the same path. For example, no AoE caps (it made a big difference in DAoC). Just the little things that add up. My major concern with CU seems to be how behind the schedule it is and how slowly it's moving compared to other Kickstarter MMOs like CF or AoC. They're all moving slowly, sure, but CU appears to be the one that is the slowest. Maybe that has something to do with the NDA, but it's just the impression I get. But other than that they appear to be have the most solid foundation in terms of engine and performance, so that's a huge differential.
  12. I'm gonna be real, for most PVPers I've ever known just having fun PVP with good mechanics out there in the world is enough for guilds to be out and about hammering at each other all night long. Just look at any RvR game. There's usually no meaningful character progression to be gained from doing the RvR, most of that is done off stage in pve, and there's no real benefits to "winning" the faction war, it's usually inconsequential buffs. And yet in the successful games guilds still spend most of their time fighting each other nonstop on the field. I'd expect going through the motions needed to score the objectives and win the CW would be more than enough incentive to have ppl out and about in the live game (not a pre-alpha test with 200 players and tons of bugs in its best days), without the need to go too overboard with overly complicated grind mechanics that stack layer on top of layer of farming and grinding and crafting. But that's just my personal taste, I guess. Also note that I said going "too overboard", but never said remove the need to farm mats completely. Regardless, it seems like refineries have the potential to really contribute to the "fun factor" of this gear grind at least, and with these news that specific NPCs will have specific discs, it should make the disc grind more bearable as well. But I'll probably stay away from testing until more of these systems are implemented.
  13. Frankly combat plays very similar to when it first started in terms of structure and abilities, with the one major significant difference being the replacement of animation locks for free movement (which was a much welcome change, mind you). We're placing too much faith on the economy saving the whole thing at the end. What about no import, minimal outside contact hardcore campaigns like Dregs? I doubt the enemy alliance will be selling the minors and other stuff I need to be competitive. There might be a disconnect between the section of the community that want to play the economy game and the other section that want to PVP as much as possible (but still realize you need to gear up). Hopefully the devs will find a nice balance. Refineries sound like they have a lot of promise, I think RNG drops need to go as well. From what folks described what they had in Shadowbane sounded much better than this.
  14. That's what RNG is. I play looter games. Some guy can get the drop he needs in 1 run, another does 100 runs and still doesn't get it.
  15. This is not a pve looter game. I don't mind killing mobs for drops, some of the best pvp I ever had were in PVE-PVP hybrid zones (like sewers on ESO). But the drop chance of these components should be 100% or 50% worst case scenario. People will still need to go to these war tribes to farm the disc and vessel components, the one-use recipes, gold and whatever else they come up with. There's no need to gate your character's progression behind an RNG grind on top of that.
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