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  1. How is Performance At This Point?

    Slightly better than how it was before, but still unplayable for what the game is aiming to be. Keep fights with 60-80 players become slide shows with 10 fps and 2k ping spikes. Hitching is still a constant. Considering these keep fights are currently the game's main event and only source of guaranteed pvp it's a bit frustrating. (Edit: only other option is to play a ganker spec and kill gatherers in adventure zones or keeps)
  2. 5v5 Tournament

    Honestly I think a better idea would be to just contact all the more active larger guilds, both NA and EU, and see if they're interested in sending a couple (a few) teams each. There might be what, 4 to 6 of these guilds in total? Then PUGs can join in once there's a core of participation. CAL once did a big event like this (colisseum) and it was pretty successful.
  3. 5v5 Tournament

    That sounds fun, good idea.
  4. Vanilla Druid has always been my favorite CF class since it was first introduced in HD, mostly because of the essence management yin yang mechanic. So I finally gave Hybrid Druid a try this campaign. I love the concept of a bomber spec for niche siege situations, but there's definitely a couple things holding it back at the moment. Atm, Hybrid Druid does two things in a fairly mediocre way: bombing and healing. 1) Bombing is the theme for Hybrid druid, so I'll address it first. I don't mind that it's a niche class and a niche ability for siege/choke point situations only. I dig that. But the bombs have approx 4m range and that's less than melee range. It's just too short and inconsistent, specially considering ppl can just ult through it. Also once you activate Blight and the bombs trigger they become invisible to you and you cannot see them anymore. Bug? So Hybrid only really becomes viable when he can hit someone with 3 bombs and get the buff (it's actually 4, because the 3rd orb is not counting for the buff atm, is that a bug?). Hitting someone with 4+ bombs requires a lot of setup, I feel like the bombs should have at least around 7m range. It's still less range than a dodge. The damage values of the bombs and the buff you get from hitting someone with 4+ are all perfectly fine, it just needs more explosion range to be more consistent. I mean, c'mon, melee has better range. And it takes a lot of setup and time to make it happen. Realistically you need to hit someone with at least 6+ bombs to have a meaningful impact that can change the course of a fight, and I'm talking intermediate armor here, not even the high end stuff. Extra range is needed to make the class more viable and less of a fun gimmick. 2) Healing: I get it, this is the earthkeeper's job. But I feel like archdruid should at least be given the option to use the Surging Spirit disc (or something similar) in order to become more competent at healing. Earthkeeper has his passive, you can just keep on healing all day long. Hybrid will still need to swap trays, do bombing, etc. Plus the hybrid needs to make a choice, use his orbs for healing or his bread and butter bombs. And he has less healing powers available too. With surging spirit it could still feel like your heals actually mean something, while not being nearly as good at it as the earthkeeper and needing to swap trays more often. Like the vanilla druid of old ^^ 3) Just as a final note, I'd love to see the Lightning Burst/Aurora Emitter combo returned to the Archdruid as well. It would fit his "siege bomber" niche much better than Stormcaller. I think those two powers should be swapped. And aurora emitter AoE dmg ticks should be buffed (been saying this for years lol). @thomasblair @jtoddcoleman Make hybrid druid great again! <3
  5. I hope they're just missing the tech to make outpost captures a LOT faster than this, and not actually their original intent.
  6. Signed. Tbh, the whole "ult" thing needs to be revisited and reworked from the ground up. It'll feel very off and disjointed for some classes after these upcoming changes.
  7. That's a very valid concern, I agree. I think it was veeshan that suggested in another thread to give the CC promotions CC that sticks a little more somehow (as long as it's not overboard), that way if you want the most effective CC you can get, you need to spec into those. That sounded like a good idea. Redesigning the CC promotion classes to be something else sounds good as well. But I agree they just feel lackluster atm.
  8. Thanks for putting this together Zybak, it was really interesting for me who's been away for so long and am just returning to see what the devs' current perspective on all these topics are. Some highlights for me were: 1) Blair saying they think the current gear power curve is too steep and they want to make it more shallow. Thus the nerf in adv weapon damage. I hope they intend to look into armor as well, since mitigation vs pen is huge as well in terms of power curve, probably a bit too much. 2) Their philosophy on CC is to keep your character more in control and I'm very happy they intend to keep the current direction, even if they're willing to tweak things a little bit. 3) JTodd ideas on a Dregs CW that will eliminate guilds each season based on victory points performance and keep the top guilds til the winner. I know some ppl dislike the idea of being eliminated as a solo player or tiny guild, but honestly I think it makes sense for a Shadow/Dregs CW (still unsure if they are merging both, but assume so). 4) This is more of a concern of mine: but seems like the Big World style 5-man group friendly fire we had in earlier stages of testing is not going to be the default for the Dregs. So basically Dregs could end up being the same zerg ball spamfest that the faction ruleset is with Alliance wide friendly fire immunities. I was really hoping that 5-man group FF from BW would return in the Dregs to differentiate it from the faction rulesets and make the combat gameplay more tactical and less spammy.
  9. Agreed on pit fighter and tank fessor / fall damage. Strongly disagree on retaliate needing to cost 75% of your stamina though. God no, I really don't want to go back to what CC was before these changes. Never being in control of your character and stunlocked for half the fight. Too much CC and stuns have recently ruined Overwatch for the largest part of its community including several pros and ex-pros that spoke out against it, it's simply not fun. Maybe they can tone down the diminishing returns mechanic now that CC is tied to stamina, or even better, just give you more stuff that can be done with stamina so that it's an actual decision making process. Say, dodge/dash is also stam based instead of pip based, so that you need to choose whether to dodge or CC break. I don't think CC should be a "get stunlocked and custarded from full to zero hp" thing, but more of a "got CCed, need to manage your resources carefully and react quickly, but it won't cost you more than a second lost". Also I don't think anti-stealth is quite there vs stealth atm, but I haven't fully tested all the synergies between race, powers and discs that have anti-stealth so I won't comment on that.
  10. So this is pretty much what happens every single night on the US server during prime time siege hours: Some ppl may have slightly better or slightly worse performance, but overall this is what you get. That fight started with around 50-60 ppl and then another 20 or so joined in at the end. So maybe 70-80 in total. Again, I repeat: this is what happens every single night during keep sieges. I sincerely doubt this performance will suddenly get better until the end of the month and the beginning of the official sanctioned campaigns. And I really don't think the first sanctioned campaigns with rewards should be played in lag as atrocious as this. What I propose is for the devs to modify the way objectives work during this time to force people to spread out. So we'd be more likely to see a bunch of 10v10s than one location crammed with 80 people. I don't know how to achieve that, maybe the 6 forts inside adventure zones also can only be sieged during the same time keeps are, and they give something extra special to the faction that owns them? Special mats, a harvesting bonus in the zone, I don't know. That way instead of 3 keeps, there'd be 9 points to be captured and hopefully people would be forced to spread out more? And make it in such a way that you can't just insta cap the forts in 1 min and then everyone rushes to the same keep again. Those fights should be going on simultaneously. I'm not sure, there's probably better ideas out there, but I think something should be done to spread people out. And to avoid at all costs having some sort of objective that forces the whole server to converge on the same spot (like the last emperor keep in ESO for example).
  11. Hybrid Druid (Archdruid) Feedback

    hmm, yea, in the vid it's looking like maybe the walls around you messed up with the reticle aiming or blight placement and the blight circle actually ended up by your feet instead of where your reticle was aiming at the orbs?
  12. ESO had exactly the same problem as GW2. DAoC had no AoE caps, it was glorious to see a well coordinated 8-man group wipe a 50 man zerg caught unaware. If the Dregs go back to the old Big World 5-man group friendly fire, it won't be so bad. But the map objectives should attempt to force people to spread out as well.
  13. Hybrid Druid (Archdruid) Feedback

    While I agree earthkeeper is the best healer atm, I disagree that archdruid is the number one keep defense toon. You can definitely get a high value bomb off in a breach choke point or inside a throne room, and maybe one shot or maybe get 1/2 to 2/3 of someone's health (maybe a few someone's) and it feels great when you do, but that's just not consistent at a 4m range explosion. Honestly what yianni said about bombs not working 60% of the time might just be a range thing coupled with client-server desync, 4m is ridiculously short. You may get one of those high value bombs off in the course of a fight while a templar, fessor or champ is providing consistent nonstop dps, kps, CC, utility, etc. I mean, just look at how many archdruids there are playing in the regular guilds doing sieges everynight, and while I agree he probably has the highest skill cap of all classes atm, I don't think that's the only reason people are not playing him. Granted the atrocious lag during keep sieges also doesn't make tray swapping and bombing very easy, but still. And this is with the current bug of insta invis bombs, he'll get even less consistent when that's fixed. He has his niche, he's playable and he forces people to be mindful of choke points and tight spaces, but he could actually be very viable and the number one toon defense if the range on those bombs was extended by a few meters. Either that or to give him a better toolkit outside of the bomb gimmick.
  14. Backdoor Siege at Sunset

    Well played by Chaos, I actually really enjoyed this "crowfall moment" lol. Didn't you guys have a smaller chaos team defending the last bane tree as well?
  15. To the devs: Are you concerned the ongoing performance issues might spoil the fun factor in these sanctioned campaigns, considering current siege fights on Live servers with 40-80 players already causes severe performance issues (2k ping, 10 fps on good gaming rigs), and even more people might join for the official ones? What would be a backup plan in that case, splitting the population into more servers?
  16. For some rulesets, but not all of them. Some campaigns will allow imports, others won't. Granted, the faction ruleset campaigns will probably allow more imports, so you'd have a point there. But I'd much rather the first official sanctioned campaign start at a blank slate and move from there. It'll be more of a hassle for me since I already have gear and training, but I think it'd be a better starting point. Until the missing systems like skill tomes are in place to allow them to catch up. Doesn't need to be every single CW ofc, but I'd like to see a wipe with every new huge milestone that has the potential to bring a lot of new players and guilds to testing. The effect gear and training has on combat stats is just gigantic.
  17. While I agree stealth is a bit on the meh side right now, I'm waiting for tracking to be implemented before passing judgment. Atm perception is something that a handful of powers give you, and that's rolled against the assassin's stealth. And then you have a couple other powers like mole hunter's one to pop people out of stealth, but with a tiny area of effect. As someone who runs Illusionist a lot, I honestly don't think that's enough when stealthers can pop in and out of stealth almost freely and stay stealthed as long as they want, pretty much resetting any fight they want, anytime, as long as they are careful. But again, tracking is still coming, so I'm waiting to see how that'll play out then. However I think there are a couple other issues in the scenario you described above @McTan that you didn't take into account: 1) Hard counter discs like scarecrow that allow people to completely negate the guards damage (and I won't even go into their effect on pvp here). I've been saying these hard counters are lame for a long time now... 2) The huge power disparity gear has atm. A fully geared decked out character against poorly geared characters, even if it's 4 very experienced players, it's not even a challenge. I know gear has to matter and be important, but atm it's way overtuned IMO.
  18. 80-90 people fighting around a bane tree in a keep siege and the server pretty much melted. First it froze for all the 15 people in my discord channel for a good minute or so, then when players finally started moving again the lag was just unbearable. 10 fps all around, msg spikes in the hundreds, you name it. Basically a slide show. I know the purpose of the official sanctioned campaigns in January is to do these stress tests, but I'm not entirely sure how long people are going to stick around for these slide shows.
  19. A couple more points: 1) Performance: this has been my main concern for CF since the beginning. The current build appears to have a memory leak of some sort, or some other kind of performance issue? I talked to some people about it in General chat, and more people were experiencing it, but I don't see any posts on the matter here. The previous build with the free vendors before the wipe didn't seem to have any issues for me, performance there was the best I have ever seen in CF, really got me excited. My fps there was solid between 40 and 80, now after playing for a while and in certain places like keeps and adventures zones it dips to 20 all the time, really unplayable. 2) Death shroud: Love it, the game needed something like this for a while already, to make battles more decisive. 3) Combat and gear grind: I still think the game leans WAY too heavily on gear and builds and too little on player skill and mechanics. Armor mitigation vs armor pen is a really bad system for me and it creates this huge gear gap. Hard counters like firewalker and scarecrow are just lazy and poor pvp. I hope shadow/dregs will go back to the big world 5-man group friendly fire, because the harsh AoE caps and no FF faction ruleset promotes this really spammy and zergy playstyle. But other than these complaints, combat balance actually appears to have improved a lot recently.
  20. Like Yoink, I'm also coming back to 5.8 after a very long absence, much longer than his. I really like the new talent system, and a more active progression system with vessels, I just think it has to be more fun and engaging. You can go from 1 to 30 inside the beachhead in a couple hours playing solo by just cheesing the system. It's fast and efficient, but it's mind numbing boring. So it defeats the purpose. Actual actions inside the game world like pvp, harvesting, capping POIs etc. should be way more efficient than just crafting junk and sacrificing it. The whole point I think should be that all gameplay paths and styles (pvp, exploration, crafting, gathering) should be equally viable to leveling your vessel in the same amount of time, not just gathering an crafting. Will make a second post for other feedback.
  21. Any other LGBT players?

    @KDSProm Honestly, based on the dumb prejudiced pre-teenager responses he got in this thread, how would you even wonder why he wants to set up an LGBT play group? People have the right to play with whomever they want and feel comfortable with.
  22. game mechanics leans too far on gathering

    @beandip Honestly, just wait until closer to the game's launch, probably around beta or so, til there's a much higher population testing the game and a wider variety of gamers in these forums. Til then your voice will be just be drowned by those who genuinely don't mind spending hours farming mats in one of their multiple alt accounts, for that sweet 15 min of (usually laggy) pvp at the end of it all. Save a few notable exceptions, most others have either quit or are a lot less active now. A higher pop will definitely bring more opportunities for pvp as well, but these problems you outline now will still persist then and will still scare away potential players. Basically they wanted to make a strong and meaningful gear loop to drive pvp, but it turned out that this gear loop completely dominates the experience now, to the detriment of the pvp aspect.
  23. Oi Brasil. Bem Vindo

    This is good news for Brazilian players, but just a small observation here: is running this 6 month test to assess the feasibility of the Brazilian market for Crowfall while the game is still in an unpolished (sometimes borderline unplayable) pre-alpha state the best option? I know this could be said for any region, and maybe you guys plan to compare current pre-alpha sales from the EU market or whatnot, but as a Brazilian gamer I'm just slightly skeptical that the current unfinished version of the game is the best time to verify the feasibility of our market for Crowfall.
  24. No hope for large scale??

    I don't mind a convoluted crafting system per se, but if it's less grindy than CF's current iteration in terms of mats used per piece of gear vs decay rate on each death, then that would already be a big improvement. If CF can get a 100v100 in a server/zone with 400 players online at once, all performing well with smooth combat, I'd be entirely happy with that and call it a success. Then all they'd need to do is scatter how objectives and campaign goals work so that there is no single event/objective in the CW encouraging all 2.5k or however many players to all come to the same zone for a fight all at once (like the last emperor keep fight in ESO). Putting a hard cap player limit on individual zones would feel pretty bad though, it'd have to be something more organical. Hard to achieve, I agree.
  25. No hope for large scale??

    I sincerely doubt that's happening unless it's a very bare bones and rough soft launch. I don't have inside information, but just basing my assumptions on the pace of development as we've been following it for the past few years and what still remains to be implemented. 5.6 is a step forward compared to 5.5 which was unplayable and caused the servers to be nearly empty. But it isn't a step forward compared to the entire development cycle. Performance has always been more or less like this, with a few ups and downs depending on the build.