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  1. IMO the most important factors for deciding a combat engagement atm are: 1) builds and comps first, so yea, agree with you there; 2) comms and shot calling, due to how healing and AoE currently work target prioritization and some discipline is pretty important IMO. It is, IMO, why sometimes you see those 6v11 or similar videos (on top of a few other factors as well, ofc); 3) Gear. Maybe not as important as 1 and 2, but still pretty significant nonetheleess. It's easy for those of us who are always ahead in the power curve to dismiss how much of an impact all purple+ gear has on your stats when compared to newer players starting in whites and without jewels for example.
  2. Having an impact is different than getting 30%+ healing received or base damage, on top of an extra 6k+ hit points, on top of 35%+ mitigations to damage, and the list goes on. The difference between a BiS geared character and some dude in whites or even god forbid, intermediate is just ridiculous for the original design goals of the game. Honestly intermediate gear should just be called "training gear" or something, to be made very clear to new players hopping onto the game that stuff it just garbage to get started and not something to really be taken seriously. You can still have a strong crafting economy without such a steep power curve in gear. There's other games that can be used as an example of that. Funny you used Overwatch as an example, because that game pretty much died for doing certain things that are very similar to the direction CF is headed (Apex Legends was just the nail in the coffin, OW was already on life support before that). Picking widow or hanzo in a low to mid rank game may look like throwing a match, because of how high both the floor and ceiling are on those heroes, but in the first few seasons of OW a highly skilled player picking widow for example could still outplay and beat her "counter" heroes like winston. Same for a match up between tracer and mccree for example, it was all mind games and big plays. There was a meta in the pro scene (dive) but player skill still trumped that. Koreans were widely known for being the most skilled players, and that was shown in many games where they went against a meta comp with oddball comps like junkrat back when he was pretty bad and still won because of individual plays. After Ana every hero added to the hoster was some sort of "hard counter", CC heavy, power creep hero that pidgeonholed the game each time more into this sort of heavy healing melee ball ult combo GOATS meta that has dominated the game for ages. Skill matters a lot less now, to the point those same korean players can't really stand out anymore. The ceiling has dropped dramatically due to the hard counter spam heroes like Brigitte and the unbeatable meta. It's a class balance issue really, not just a "winning mentality" one. There was a very brief time in CF's pre-alpha (at the end of Big World, after myrm was finally nerfed and before rangerfall began), which was probably the most balanced combat had ever been in this game. Confessor was a little overpowered compared to the other classes, but that was mostly because of the huge AoE and good dmg it had, but it was still squishy and could be killed fast, so it wasn't too out of control. The only "mandatory" pick at that point was having one healer and one dps per group, everything else felt viable if played right. If you picked a second healer, you were losing on dps, so one healer was still a good call provided your healer could stay alive. Each class had some definite pros and cons. Now in group play there's like a handful of specs that can pretty much carry you through any situation the game throws at you and puts your enemy at a severe disadvantage if they're also not playing those specs.
  3. Oh god, healing is a topic that deserves its own thread and discussion lol. Healing and AoE as well. Healing is kind of in between atm. It's not fully firehose in the same sense you have in other MMOs (one healer keeping an entire raid alive by spamming his AoE heals), but at the same time it's still strong enough that you'd actually want to stack 2 healers in a group of 5 if you can. So the lack of any meaningful AoE damage outside of ballistas (rip aurora emitter, you're missed) and the lack of dedicated healer classes (there's like 2 and a half out of god knows how many promotion classes), plus a bunch of beneficial AoE ground effects, and we have this melee ball meta of classes that can self sustain without needing too much healing and can still dish out almost as much damage (if not as much) as a squishy dps class. It's all champs and myrms out there, with a couple healers and a knight for chain pulls. 🤣 Honestly this would be the time for the Archdruid to shine. Increase the explosion radius of his orb bombs from 4.5m to 6 or 7m, and give him aurora emitter back, with a buff to its damage. I'd play that 😍 Also another reason why I'd really like the Dregs to have that same 5-man group wide friendly fire that Big World used to have. Otherwise it's just going to be the same zergball spamfest from factions, except as alliances instead.
  4. Honestly, yea. Something pretty close to that. I'd keep skill training and vessels tho. Then just slap classes, promotional classes, weapon selection (different weapon styles for each class, not just one weapon type per class) and a new gear system with less of a power curve. And give class/promotion class/weapons more variety in powers to make builds a bit more unique. Exactly. I know that's not going to happen, but hey you asked what I'd advocate for 😋
  5. My post wasn't really a commentary on the current state of the past couple CWs. I know gear isn't even close to being the deciding factor in Balance being so powerful compared to Chaos and Order (although it's still an important factor regardless). I'm not that naive, lol. It was just a commentary on the current state of combat mechanics and the progression/gear power curve. Which I'm sure you'll disagree with me on that as well, but just wanted to clear that out. This is a NOT a "why balance is OP" thread. I've been making these threads with feedback on the power curve for years now, ever since discs rolled in and the gear power creep started to get out of control. And I'll probably continue to make them until launch whenever I happen to be bored and feel like writing on the forums 😂
  6. I highlighted certain parts of this FAQ for discussion. Just wondering if the above is still a design goal for the game or if it's just an outdated FAQ at this point. This is clearly not where we're at, or have been for a very long time (since big world I guess). There are vessel levels now, with a pretty big power curve in them, which means anything below lvl 30 can hardly even compete properly (and you'll see lots of new players around below lvl 30). The grind for lvl 30 isn't extremely long (despite being super boring), but it's mostly vets who speedrun the process in the most efficient way. I get it that it's supposed to be some sort of tutorial to get you acquainted with your powers, but just throwing this out there. And I won't even mention vessel quality here. This "flat" power curve for both skills and gear is pretty far from where the game is at, but it's specially true for gear. Basically instead of grinding to get to lvl 100 and own lower levels, you grind to have all purple+ and own everyone else. Jewelry atm is particularly disgusting in how much power it gives, but armor is also horrible. Mitigation and pen is a huge power gap. Honestly combat stats are far too complicated and bloated, whole system should be streamlined and toned down a lot. I know the Shadowbane vets love their deep customization and builds, but I still hold firm to my belief that the game's combat started going downhill with discs. They addded very little in the way of interesting new mechanics and gameplay options, and just added more stat stacking, power creep, hard counters and cheese combos/builds. It's much easier to balance around a kit. I like promotion classes, I think the whole game could revolve around that and weapon selection and having plenty of powers to choose from within each class/weapon, instead of discs and so many gear stats. Right now Crowfall isn't so much a territory control PVP game, but more like a farming simulator spreadsheet game with some pvp sprinkled in to close the loop. Kinda like EVE I guess, which isn't surprising given how ACE modeled their game after EVE, but still disappointing for those of us who bought in based on their original design pitch. The only part of the game I feel is working perfectly well with the original pitch is the tactical/coordination side. Comms and good coordination/shot calling is one of the major deciding factors in fights atm, probably the most fun aspect of the game right now IMO. Other than that it's mostly spread sheet combat, stacking stats and winning that fight cause you have the right disc/build not so much because you made the right plays. So yea, might want to rethink certain elements of the game if the question "HOW DO YOU PREVENT SEASONED CHARACTERS FROM SMASHING NEW PLAYERS?" is still something meaningful to the game's design.
  7. Couldn't make it to last night's siege but I heard one of the zones was locked one hour and a half before the siege? Wut, lol! Yea, they need to look into these zone caps. On top of hardcore farming you now need to do hardcore AFK'ing 😂
  8. Oh damn, I just saw that 115/7! LOL impressive indeed 😁
  9. Teddy, if you don't understand the concept that a leaderboard in a competitive pvp game should be fair and track the progress of all gameplay activities that directly correlate to winning the campaign, then I honestly don't know what else to tell you. Specially considering this leaderboard is going to determine campaign awards and who gets what. This is not a novel concept, that's how it's done in several other successful games out there. In Elder Scrolls Online, kill points (in the form of AP) are awarded to every team member that was close enough when a kill was scored, not just by the guy who delivered the killing blow. So healers and utility builds get the AP as well. It's a team effort. Overwatch tracked healing done. Etc. And I'm not talking 1v1s here, or whether a healer can win a 1v1, but just to give you an example, my earthkeeper build is designed in such a way to stay in life tray 100% of the time. I just swap to death tray to use CC or if I happen to be the only person who caught up with a fleeing target. If there's no healing to be done (it was rare in EU Chaos, since we were always short on healers and you can heal players outside your team as well) then I'd rather beam my main dps guy for higher burst than do that pitiful spark dmg myself because that's just more optimal in most cases. I was top 10 on EU Chaos as an earthkeeper as well Yumx. Fayde and I got to top 10 not because the system is fair, but just because we no life'ed the game more than all the others and kept flipping forts and outposts 24/7 (I only joined the campaign in the second week, but still). I got 10th, but I'm sure I could have gotten 1 or maybe even 2 places higher if I had the same score I did on my fessor in previous CWs, with a few dozen kills and hundreds of assists. It doesn't matter now, but for the live game when getting 11th or 10th could mean getting a desirable reward or not that'd be pretty frustrating and unfair. Maybe kills should be tracked like XP: whoever is inside you team and in close enough proximity gets the kill. Or they can come up with some sort of healing score. And healing should give points for assists as well like you said.
  10. Great analysis, I agree with most of your points. I already discussed this with you in discord, but here are the only points I'd have to add: From what I understand fall dmg on Test it was already nerfed (deals 40% of your current health max cap). And I disagree retaliate needs to be nerfed, but I think there should be other stuff that consumes stamina, dodge using stamina instead of pips would be a great start (need to manage your stamine and decide whether you prefer to dodge or retaliate). Like ESO which I know you played. Even for a magicka build, you still use stamina for many different things, like block, CC break, dodge, etc. So you need to manage it carefully and it becomes a decision making process. I prefer what we have now with easy retaliate than what was before with cancer CC and being out of control for 50% of the fight It just needs to have more player management of resources, right now retaliate is all you use stamina for outside of a few sprints here and there.
  11. Just as an example, 50 kills and 200 assists would still be 250 points. Which sure, is not the majority of your points by any means when you'd have something like say, 2k points in the final score. But it's still a pretty significant amount that could be the difference between getting 10th or 11th place. I mean, it makes no sense why dps would get a few extra points over healers, even if they are a smaller amount. While healers are obviously contributing just as much to a fight. Is it a make it or break it issue for this upcoming campaign? Not for me, I don't care about the color of the badge. But it's something the devs should try to look at when they add harvesters and crafters to the leaderboards as well.
  12. I think everyone knows the best way to get top 10 is no-life'ing the CW for capping 24/7. The issue is that healers (and specially earthkeeper) are at a disadvantage by being severely gimped in kills and assists, which are two categories that also contribute to the leaderboard score. Dedicated crafters and harvesters even more than healers, because they spend a good chunk of their in game time crafting and/or harvesting instead of capping, as @Ussiah pointed out.
  13. Oh, yea, I started editing my post immediately after I saw that, guess you were faster 😁
  14. You guys mentioned the need for harvesting and crafting to be added to the leaderboards, but please don't forget healers as well:
  15. No, they didn't have good enough gear to win 😋 Faction based, fort capture pvp MMOs have always been like this. I played many of them, DAoC, GW2, ESO, they all had night capping. This campaign it was the NA players who flooded Euro server, so basically a timezone issue, but rest assured for the live game, there'll be no life tryhards organizing night cap groups. People were upset with the "tug of war" previous mechanic, and rightly so since it had its own issues, but as soon as they announced this new capture mechanic the first thought that crossed my mind was "night capping". Specially in CF where victory has more meaning and gives better rewards (supposedly), people will do whatever they can do to win. Wasn't ACE going to add time windows for forts at least, so they can only be attacked within a certain time? But even that has issues, since it screws players/guilds that can't play in that specific time. And the outposts will still be night capped regardless. Personally, I'm just hoping the Dregs will have a better scoring mechanic. The current mechanic of capping forts and outposts is shallow, braindead and boring. It just rewards no-life'ing the game and night capping.
  16. You have to realize, Winterblades is a Roleplay guild (#confirmed), they're just RP'n balance, one weekend they helped chaos, the other they helped order. Seriously though, yesterday's siege was a blast and really close. Bane tree was at 4% I believe when the ToL went down. Saturday's siege was also awesome, with the 3 way fight outside Bardshofn when Chaos managed to defend successfully against both forces. And it was a really good "test" for the new catch up mechanics, Order managed to catch up really well with those 500k+ points from the keep and the campaign is really close, could go either way. But it was also a very painful reminder of how messed up this current scoring system is. After the siege it was just an excruciating and boring af ring around the rosie capping and recapping forts and outposts nonstop, basically a competition of who can no-life and stay awake the longest. Something really needs to change, or at least Dregs needs to be radically different.
  17. Speaking strictly about druids, the above statement is definitely true. Vanilla druid was the most interesting the class has ever been, the kit was just tight and had a lot of synergy. It's just been getting more and more watered down as time went on. Earthkeeper is a good healer, but boring as hell to play. Archdruid is the closest you can get to that vanilla druid, but still feels like a shadow of its former self and quite gimped in several key aspects. Stormcaller (or w/e it's called) it's just a bland and squishy LMB spammer with good damage. I'm sure it's better for other classes, but there's other stuff about the system I don't enjoy, like the heavy reliance on hard counter discs. I'd like to see more discs like Force Mage that can change your play style and add more gameplay choices, and less discs like elementalist or scarecrow.
  18. I miss my fessor 😥 Where is health healed in the leaderboards? 🤔
  19. Feedback: 1) It takes waaaay too long to cap an outpost. It should be much faster capping an outpost than a fort. Specially considering this was an activity designed for solos, duos, etc. Standing there for several minutes is not fun or engaging gameplay at all and it discourages people from capping and fighting over outposts. 2) Ballistas are currently dealing way too much damage, needs to be toned down a bit. 3) Really need to fix the bug in which attackers can place ballistas on defender's walls, even from the ground below. 4) At some point it'd be nice if you guys compiled a list of what you consider "working as intended" genuine methods of bypassing keep and fort walls. It's getting a little confusing out there what is a bug and what isn't.
  20. Honestly I'd like to see the general chat return, for this and for other reasons as well. I think the inevitable toxicity is a small price to pay to be able to communicate with enemy factions.
  21. I was reading the dumpster fire thread for entertainment when I came upon this extremely interesting post by @makkon that mirrors my thoughts on the matter exactly: I've been saying this since discs were first introduced and it's just been getting worse over time. There's layer upon layer of complex stats that interact in weird ways with each other and all of it is almost esoteric and almost none of it is explained anywhere. CF has very little mechanical skill involved and almost all of it is knowledge and build based. In build I include gear as well. The devs said they want a more shallow power curve and I'm really happy for that, the first steps they've taken to lower the gear power curve was a very good start. At some point the game will need a monumental wiki effort in order to lay it all down, and considering this is a PVP game (unlike other complex knowledge based PVE games like Warframe), a lot of it will be kept as a secret and people will be unwilling to share it, including bugs and exploits (this already happens in the test). And even when/if this monumental wiki effort to explain everything to new players and guilds coming into the game occurs, and a good chunk of the knowledge is available somewhere, it'll still scare away a large part of the people that don't like to read dozens or hundreds of pages on the wiki to learn about the game and be competitive.
  22. Feedback: You guys already did some pretty good balance passes on the sanctifier and damage that was scaling too high for assassins, duelists, etc. But honestly, when are you going to take a look at pit fighters? The amount of survivability they have is just ridiculous and completely breaks the flow of pvp in smaller scale engagements (I'm not talking duels here, but actual group vs group). And it's not like their damage, utility and mobility is bad either, the class is just grossly overpowered atm compared to everything else. Ballista damage is also really overpowered atm.
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