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  1. The problem IMO is that YouTube search algorithm doesnt quite work that way. All these CF youtubers are small, with a following that is already CF dedicated. YT wont recommend these videos to ppl simply searching for NW. Ppl would need to specifically search for 'CF vs NW' for YT to recommend them these videos, or something similar. Last I checked these vídeos all had views on the hundreds or low thousands at most. I'd bet most of which are already regular CF content viewers. I can understand the monotonous mechanics and lacking content parts. NW will 100% lack content for the nolifers in the first few months. I mean in this 2 week beta my nolifer friends already got relatively close to "finishing" a good chunk of the content available. Although pvp seems to have good longevity tbh. But saying combat is crap is absurd. Unless you're some super traditional tab target combat player. For action combat fans NW's combat is the most exciting thing about it. It's arguably the best action combat in any western MMO to date, specially if you enjoy more grounded and methodic combat and less hack and slash. So for ppl who want good action combat but dont wanna deal with korean/asian MMOs, NW is a pretty valid option. I mean yea, combat did suffer a bit of an identity crisis when they hard swapped from hardcore survival pvp to themepark pve. But it still has an incredibly strong foundation.
  2. Open world no toggle pvp MMO? Does that count open world pvp maps that are separate from the main pve portion of the game? If it does, both ESO and GW2 are pretty good in their RvR maps, and considerably better if you stick to small scale fights and don't engage in the more spammy zergballs of 20v20 or higher. But even at the zerg vs zerg I still have more fun with ESO pvp than Crowfall's tbh. Obviously Crowfall is a lot more meaningful in terms of what is gained and lost, but it's also a lot more scarce to find in my experience. Maybe it's a lot better now post launch, but I have my doubts. I spent 2 hours watching 4-5 streams simultaneously during and after prime time keep/fort window, and out of all those streams, only one actually engaged in a few fights and none of them were terribly interesting. In ESO you can pretty much drop by any time of the day and find some action, small scale or zergy. It just won't have any impact on the world (it's an RvR map) or player loot, but the combat is pretty fun. BDO has really good combat as well, and it's actual full open world pvp (but no player loot), but it's known for that notorious korean/asian uber soul crushing RNG-based grind for progression. Conqueror's Blade is some kind of MMO/Lobby game hybrid game, so the open world is usually kinda empty outside of territory wars windows, people spend most of their time in lobby matches. But the open world is full pvp and player loot. However the monetization is a little sketchy, asian style (not p2w by any means, and not terrible, but it is f2p with the usual trappings associated with it, like battle passes, etc.) I've been playing New World lately and the combat is great, but sadly it's toggle on/off for pvp. Albion Online I never played, can't comment, I really dislike that kind of isometric combat. I mean, honestly each one of them (Crowfall included) have their pros and cons, I don't think you could choose one and say it's objectively better, depends on your priorities. For me, good action combat is extremely important, so I spent the last 2 years playing Conqueror's Blade, just quit recently.
  3. I meant more like the article and text he wrote was fair and seems to represent the game in its current state well enough. Even if the actual grade could have been a 50/100 or what have you.
  4. I thought this was actually a very fair review.
  5. I won't lie, I'm really glad I chose not to play Crowfall at launch despite having paid for it already during the pre-alpha. I've known a long time ago zone caps would be a harsh technical necessity for the game (even though I always disliked the idea of caps). However I _always_ assumed they'd come up with a way to somehow balance out the sides during important siege windows or whatnot (maybe contested zones would have separate caps for attack, defense and neutral and you'd have to choose one before entering), so that one side can't simply cap a zone hours before the siege even started. Leaving this how it is for launch is just so sloppy I don't even know what to say. Todd saying "this is good enough for launch, we'll try to fix it later" just appalls me. This breaks the game on a fundamental level and the VIP priority queue is just the rotten cherry on top.
  6. I'm gonna pass on launch, this current Dregs build/ruleset and how everything fell together simply isn't what I hoped the game would be. But my account is still there, if/when they change the rulesets, try different things, maybe game matures a little more, gain more tech and mechanics, then I might drop in. I expect first few months will be rough, but Albion went through the same and thrived, hopefully CF can evolve and become a good niche MMO as well. At least performance seems much better in large scale lately from the videos I've been watching, so the rest is just a matter of game evolving and trying different rulesets for CWs, and implementing new mechanics.
  7. Pretty much this sums up everything IMO. Adding more layers of grind (in the guise of progression) and snowball victory rewards for the dominating alliance isn't going to magically make Crowfall a better MMO all of a sudden. Victory should be more meaningful yea, but mostly with cosmetics, titles, etc. Conqueror's Blade has exclusive and very cool skins and cosmetics for the guilds that win seasons and official tournaments and it works great. Easy come easy go is a great concept for a pvp MMO if well implemented, and in no way detracts from the long term progression experience. Just put the progression elsewhere, and don't dump it all into the gear. Crafting should also be meaningful, but "easy come easy go" could just as easily originate from crafting instead of wartribes. Or wartribes could be more tied into crafting instead of ready to use gear, etc. The issue isn't more or less grind, more or less progression, or whatever. It's just FUN. ACE devs said this at the very beginning of development, back in original hunger dome, they had to get combat right. If they didn't get combat right, nothing else mattered. And honestly, IMO, they failed at combat. PVE is a mind numbing grind because combat is bland and boring like this. As so many others said here, pvp only works and can be relatively fun in small scale when the stars align. It completely falls apart in large scale, just mind numbing, spammy and laggy balls of attrition. There's very little mechanical skill involved, it's too numbers and build sensitive and not enough room for plays and outplays. Then instead of trying to at least make tools to discourage "zerging", everything seems to facilitate and encourage bigger alliances to form and ball up and lag the server, from campaign objectives to combat AoE mechanics. Cause we gotta be a "throne war politics" game afterall. Enh. Honestly, Crowfall is a great idea on paper, with not enough strong direction/vision or creative talent or technical prowess to pull it off. The fact Hunger Dome 2.0 is the most exciting thing coming out of it at the moment, and that's basically a makeshift bare bones battle royale, is pretty concerning about the game's state this close to release.
  8. I mean just my opinion ofc, but obviously it's several different factors, but ultimately performance would be my top #1 pick for sure. I was invited to a siege at the second dregs CW I think it was, I was kinda excited to go test it, and then had FPS in the teens throughout the whole thing. I just couldnt bother anymore after that and wont bother again unless they can make performance decent. But other than performance, it feels like they are having trouble nailing "fun factor". For all of Ralph Koster's involvement in initial consulting on CF as a project, that guy is more academic professor than game dev these days. CF feels like an academic thesis in gaming. On paper, we must make interdependency so players rely on each other and interact, we need to have X and X grind activities so they are out on the world doing things, etc etc etc. Instead of actually asking the Q: how can we make this fun? Dunno, may sound simplistic, but feels that way to me the more they added systems on top of systems (most of it boring grind with mind numbing gameplay).
  9. I mean the beta was already released with some considerable deviations from the original pitch and core design anyways. Honestly I just don't think the passive system is even remotely close to being the main issue why the beta was so poorly received and the servers are so empty.
  10. There's pros and cons to both systems. But honestly, it just sounds like it will be even MORE grind in a game that was supposed to have no grind. Not to mention more time and resources down the drain to make this radical change. The passive system just needed to address the issue of crafters being useless early on and that was it. There were other ways to do it that involved far less radical changes. Honestly ACE should have stuck with their own vision and gut feelings instead of spending years in kneejerk reaction mode listening to the hundred or so active testers on these forums.
  11. I've been directed to this thread by a friend. I played Crowfall for a couple years then quit (together with many other friends) due to lack of interest. But I still logged on a few times after that to check out key patches. And I have to say I still have no interest in returning and have lost faith the game will ever be in a state that will hook me up again. The two main reasons: 1) performance. It's simply unplayable in large fights, there's not much else to say. I dont know how you guys still logon to sieges that play at 10 to 20 fps. I did that for a long time hoping it'd get better, but it never did. Maybe it'll improve a little after launch, maybe not. 2) combat and pvp. I dont think there's a nice way to say this, but it simply isnt good. It's always been who has the best build or best group comp, coupled with numbers. There's very little room for individual mechanical skill and to outplay someone that way. As Duren described large fights are just spammy blob vs blob wars of attrition. It's kinda mind numbing. It's combat designed for the lowest common denominator. I heard aurora emitter and other forms of stack busting finally made a come back, and hey great. I hope it works out. Because combat was actually a little better in the past when we had 5 man group friendly fire and couldnt just blob vs blob, druid could punish stacking severely, myrm was super high risk high reward. It feels like they just kept making everything safer, fool proof, and blob friendly. Even divine cards seems like it was watered down from a more edgy design of small guilds can win to a return of more numbers is always better. I always knew CF combat was gonna be kinda mediocre mechanically (lack of budget and prior action combat experience), but on top of being mediocre they keep making all the decisions that favor a safe low skill spammy zergy combat. 3) I wont comment on crafting, gathering and economy cause I have very little interest in those aspects of the game, but they have always felt grindy, unfun and work for me.
  12. Tbh nowadays it's becoming increasingly more common for games to have a disastrous burning launch and then bounce back and become decent/good little games with a niche or even wider following after a year or so. I could name several examples. It seems like many games launch in an incomplete kinda broken state and then slowly fix it afterwards. Now that I condone that at all, but hey 🤷‍♂️
  13. I remember when anything outside of your 5-man group was red and guilds had to work around friendly fire by coordinating in comms and team comps. Now that was more fun. 😛
  14. People can suger coat it all they want, but honestly the reasons that made me stop play testing the alphas around 5.4-5.5 are actually very similar to the reasons and feelings that made Lazy Peon drop the game before level 20. And I had a guild and knowledge of the game. Combat and gathering both feel clunky and boring. The process of getting geared up is not fun at all for most people. A guild would just help you skip most of the boring grind gameplay. But doesn't actually make it any more fun or engaging. The game only shines when you're doing a larger, usually more coordinated GvG content. And even then it's not that great, it's kind of a spam fest in its current form (or at least it was last I played in 5.9, doesn't look any different from what I've been following and watching in videos). It actually got worse over the years IMO. Lazy Peon is far from being the brightest content creator on YT, he's kinda known for doing shallow first impression videos. But he does represent your average MMO gamer. And he's actually the type of guy that can enjoy both pve as well pvp content. So it's not like he just hated the game because he didn't get to the better pvp part of it.
  15. So I was watching some Albion pvp videos recently out of curiosity after their latest Queen update (it turned territory wars into full open world events). Albion is also a Unity game and honestly it didn't give me much hope. They have considerably simpler graphics and combat compared to CF, have been optimizing their performance for several years since launch and videos as recent as from 3-5 months ago still show these large scale fights degrading performance to 10-20 fps along with big ms spikes. But maybe other people that play Albion can comment more on that. I don't know, I keep hearing more tech savvy people saying Unity is perfectly fine to do whatever you want with it, just looking at Albion as the closest example we have of a Unity MMO with large scale fights.
  16. LMAO, damn.... it was kinda sad and comical at the same time reading this old blurb of what they advertised the game would be. And looking at what it is now in its current state.
  17. Just my opinion here, but I don't think this descending trend is only an issue of them stopping their live streams and diminishing their communication to backers overall. I mean, I'm sure it contributed, but if you look at that trend, it basically starts descending after 5.4. You didnd't show 5.3 there, but 5.3 was their first "jesus" patch, it was supposed to be the "first campaign world ever", guilds were super hyped, we had no clue what to expect. Turned out it was broken, with lame exploitable faction rulesets and performance was horrible. Needless to say it was disappointment for many ppl, and interest has just been fading since then. 5.8 is the major (and only) spike since then, and justifiably so. It was the next "jesus" patch, also super hyped, was supposed to prepare for and lead into the first "official CWs with rewards". Honestly it was a big improvement IMO. But also had poor performance, still lame and exploitable faction rulesets and other issues like zone caps and locks clustercustards. Turns out official CWs never happened after all, we had trials instead, and interest kept on fading. Guess it's time for the next coming of Jesus with 5.110 😉 hopefully this one will be good or at least lay a solid foundation for a good Dregs experience in future updates.
  18. A slight tangent, but still in the same topic, but I'm more curious to see how ACE is going to handle zone cap/locks in Dregs. Their zones clearly won't be able to support massive amounts of people, maybe not even as many as they intended to support at first. So they'll need zone cap/locks like Albion has for example. Guess we'll find out soon enough with 5.110. In 5.8-9 faction ruleset it was super cancerous how the 100-player zone lock was often hit 1 hour before the siege even begun and people could just stack alts in a zone to take spots away from the enemy.
  19. I agree CU's engine performance looks good (at least from what I could see outside NDAs), but the whole project looks poorly managed to be honest. At this point I'm not even sure it'll ever release. The new game looks very mediocre in an already saturated genre and will probably fail. How that will affect CU's future is anyone's guess. But it's been 7 years already and CU is still a bare bones alpha demo (despite them calling it beta). Yesterday's reveal was a massive clustercustard, there was gonna be backlash regardless, but it could have been done in a much better way. They really need someone who can do PR and/or marketing. They've always sucked at that. Honestly Kickstarter for MMOs is just a huge failure IMO.
  20. I don't think it's any big secret that ACE is also either already working on a second game, or at least in the planning stages of one. They are even hiring for it in their jobs section: https://crowfall.com/en-US/jobs My personal guess is that this latest round of big investments ACE just got was due to this second game they're developing, exactly like Mark Jacobs and CU. And I don't blame either of them, millions of dollars may sound like a lot of money to some of us, but it's gone in a couple years with projects this size. They need cash to keep flowing in.
  21. Conqueror's Blade does. There's harvesting and crafting and it's fairly important at endgame for epic artillery and legendary troops, but you can spend 90-100% of your in game time doing pvp and progress your character exclusively that way. I wish more pvp MMOs would do that and actually make the grind the main fun activity instead of a chore you must suffer thru before you can have fun.
  22. I'm going to assume (hope) it's just because they didnt get around to implementing a character timeout / location reset yet. Every other RvR I played if you log out in the open world, after a couple minutes your character times out and gets teleported back to the home temple of your faction. Having an army of alts you can logon to at every keep you own is just silly. Alts have enough advantages as it is with crafting, passive training and exports.
  23. There won't be. And if there is, it'll be a side experiment in a side CW somewhere. I was hoping for Big World-like friendly fire outside of your immediate group, which means all players in the 5-man group are immune, but anything outside of that needs to be coordinated to avoid friendly fire. It was fun in Big World and worked pretty well all the way to 20ish vs 20ish. But that's also not happening. Next best thing would be to cap guild size to 50 max and put friendly fire on anything beyond that, like sub guilds and alliances. But let's be honest, it'll probably be full immunity to everyone in your alliance like it works in faction ruleset. Just roll that ball against the enemy ball and have fun with the spammy war of attrition pvp.
  24. @ComradeAma At launch ESO had nearly flawless performance, it was glorious to see. At the very least a couple hundred players on screen and very little lag. Then they kept adding stuff to make the game prettier and beef up the endgame grind, like fancy lightining and particle effects, and champion points that forced the server that track poorly made socksloads of more interactions and numbers, and performance went to the garbage bin. Might be better these days, wouldnt know. But I saw it with my eyes back then, it is possible to happen. Apparently CU has great performance as well from early tests, just poorly made socksty graphics to go with it. But at least the foundation is there.
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