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  1. Willkommen Krähen, für die von euch die mich noch nicht kennen, ich laufe normalerweiße unter dem Namen Drako, bzw. im Kontext zu dem Thema auch als DrakosGameZone herum. Ich hab nen Youtube Channel wo ich schon seit mehreren Jahren Videos mache unteranderem pumpe ich seit den letzten 2 Jahren auch jede Menge Crowfall Content heraus. Unteranderem habe ich eine Serie begonnen wo ich Konzepte von Crowfalls Grundidee zusammenfasse und darstelle. Hier mal ne Referenz damit ihr euch etwas darunter vorstellen könnt. Unter anderem bin ich jetzt beim Thema, Gilden und Communities a
  2. is he playing activly? but yeah can't beat that xD
  3. Me and my ego are happy to serve
  4. better late than never @pamintandrei but YEAH I think I am the youngest member of the community (who is at least active on YT and ingame.... we don't talk about the Forum xD)
  5. So a small update from us, we now have a “Youtube Channel”…. (“Yei”) Content planned so far: -Crowfall updates -Crowfall guides -Crowfall explained (exactly what it sounds like) -Group fights -Guild announcements -… and more if I ever get to this point So if you are interested: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UChaQjMyZVFLR9S-o4xI1Aog/featured?view_as=subscriber Welcome in the club
  6. Frohes neues zu saufen... Ah warte ne da ist irgendwas falsch gelaufen xD Aber egal Details können wir ja In-Game beim Abschlachten klären.
  7. Actually, the Confessor is in a pretty good spot right now. Accelerating in bigger groups where there are people he can help out with mass aoe and cc and them helping you while you deal some tasty damage and regen mana. But the key word here is group. If you play alone, you are pretty certain to die as long as you don't get somehow some big advantage.
  8. Are we talking here about a RP server, because if yeah you can write your backgroundstory... mean yeah I am not going through the trouble and trying to stop you from writing a story for your character... But if we are talking about the backstory of the game, which the developers provide and is supposed to give us a base idea of the World (<- you know for the lazy people :D) we are playing in, then the sources are speaking against a ranger,... touché
  9. What are you thinking of? a gigantic barrel?
  10. Agree on the part above, I'd just hope you guys add a few additional panels on the main page later down the row. I feel like it's focusing too much on the Destruction and Creation aspect but not on Harvesting, Combat and Crafting... which at least the last time I checked was and is why we are all here? As far as I now we weren'there some blind slaughter and some world buiding.
  11. I don't have anything against the suggestion ... but have you actually read the lore of the ranger: "[...]A few of them, we save. Most we put to the sword, or feed to the fire. If that’s the only way to save them from the Hunger, we burn them and shed not one tear of regret. To be blunt, most men haven’t the stones for it. [...]" In comparison: As far as I see they have nothing to do with protecting mother nature or have a link with it... they rather are the people who do have to do the dirty work, those who clean up after a world dies...
  12. We are not going down that rabbit hole,... cause if we do,we had to change the templar, ranger, minotaur-champion, assasin,elken, and so on until we are 100% historical correct. (could someone clear the double post?)
  13. We are not going down that rabbit hole,... cause if we do,we had to change the templar, ranger, minotaur-champion, assasin, and so on until we are 100% historical correct.
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