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  1. only way to bypass this atm is by going on the main website log in then log out then log back in and go to forums. I have to do it everytime I want to post on the forums.
  2. I mean its tested, it works, no point making it this hard for the pre-alpha. nope not really fun at this point
  3. maybe on a non vessel, but you wont be lvling a rare or better from scratch that fast i think you should gain xp toward vessels from harvesting and crafting even if its only a small amount, but current lvling of a non basic vessel is flat aids
  4. Can I have this back for alpha warrior / barbarian spec please


    its a typo i believe
  6. 5.8.2 starter area, gold gained from spiders bugs out and allows you to keep sacrificing the same stack over and over again, also couldn't get a barrier to activate after putting points into con. unless the icon for it just wasn't showing up or something.
  7. I have plenty of videos doing this from the past, do i miss being fully trained and nicely geared, I am on the other end of that stick now and boy does it hurt haha
  8. its the same animation but it doesnt give the invuln. atleast thats what i have seen on champ
  9. a well geared pit fighter is def going to be tough, a not so well geared champ drops fast, i know cause im in poo gear and drop like a fly lol
  10. tbh if they remove /who from the game it basically renders these spies useless unless the person has a monitor for each spy and in that case more power to them lol
  11. imports/exports take so much from the game imo, but for testing purposes I see it as a good thing, but come launch I think import/exports should be earned and not just given edit - also pop is super low due to possible wipe incoming, happens every time. atleast since 5.0 that i can remember
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