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  1. whats ur pc specs? is it a fresh reinstall? there is a settings file somewhere that has helped people, I dont use it since I haven't had any issues (knock on wood) also make sure your up to date on updates.
  2. I casually play, everytime I log on I find pvp \o/ you can find it in any of my videos.
  3. Finding some pvp in game is about as easy as it is to find one of your posts on this forums.
  4. if your looking for tanky that does well within a group comp of say a couple dps, and has heals. Pretty much any of the beef bois will do, pitfighter is one of the top self sustaining tanks and can dish out a little damage, never tried knights so cant give much on them but I know one of the specs can be built super tanky. Frostgaurd is a very good tank with self sustain and decent damage+good cc, however, alot of people who try frosties tend to not like it cause it requires some practice to be good with them. Dirge would even do for impale, dirge just doesnt really have alot outside of that tho. Barbarian can be a solid choice, less tanky but has alot of sustain and damage.
  5. pops popcorn as I read comments
  6. they kinda do let us know over on the official / non official discords
  7. I know this is months old, did you end up getting a rundown of whats new?
  8. The biggest issue I see people having is the time it takes to gear, well it doesn't take long to get geared. you can go kill some mobs and get a full set of WT gear (yea not BiS) in 30 minutes tops. I understand you want your min/max pieces you crafted etc. The main problem is finding that % drop rate that makes this whole thing enjoyable, most of us agree there will/should be gear drops in a campaign for those that want it. Tons of us have been asking for it, yea not the pile of dung they dropped on us but that is what testing is for. I honestly think it just needs to be fine tuned to fit in the game, if you say otherwise it cause you dont like item drops to begin with and love farming in infested. I for one will always want this gear drop idc I would even take the 20% cause I can play in WT gear and not care and have fun
  9. bad implementation made loot drop seems bad, they need to fine tune it to fit in the game. It will have to coincide with harvesting/crafting timeframe. IDK how to fix it but I vote for it to be in the game.
  10. remove alliances seems easier, let me rephrase - remove alliances on dregs/campaign if you want alliances go play on infected, if you want to ally with other guilds in dregs deal with FF and have your politics on who gets what or turn on eachother and fight over stuff
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