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  1. idk why it changed peppershot, maybe i misspelled it, personally idc if it get nerfed or not but if it doesnt then other classes need some serious buff cause no other class is putting out damage like that. thats a pepperbox crit against a pit fighter thats full crushing resist armor, right after that is a 3200 dynamite as well. I remember when champions were hitting that hard with vicious stomp and everyone cried and it was nerfed to the ground within days lol. I do hope 6.2 brings some serious changes cause the few classes that just outshine most others is getting boring, I would like more d
  2. pepperpoorly made dergs is fine lol they need a buff
  3. "this be poop" can only describe being 5 pipped, full harvesting armor, and a pretty good tool and getting 4 whites 1 dust from several rank6/7 nodes back to back
  4. yea I agree, they always talking about all these knobs they have to turn... guess thats not true cause they could just dial down the rare+ mats with one of those knobs? maybe that knob is broken so they just turn the one that turns all node drops down. fix your knobs!
  5. I have to agree, alot of people did like the change, made them feel like they were getting stuff done, I can see GR maybe not being so good but as you progress into infected and campaign I believe should yield resources like we have been seeing, risk vs reward... if I get the same reward with no risk your telling us to sit in GR and farm.
  6. latest champion footage
  7. I think something buggy with impale, this has happened to me a few times now. was impaled for like 10 minutes.
  8. Currently I play all three specs alot and I have noticed a few things. Pit Fighter - Tank spec Currently pit is top dog, it can wear plate, dish out a good amount of damage and self heal. In a 1v1 just about unkillable with proper use of ultimate warrior/invincable warrior add in the good bandaids and 9/10 your winning the fight. Alpha - crit burst spec IMO this comes in at second place for the three spec's, has decent survivability with the right disc's has good damage potential, I do feel like the crit is not working poroperly tho. does about same or a tad more than barb
  9. Just stopping in to say hi, if your on when these guys play, def worth looking into joining them, very solid group. Hands down best fights with these guys.
  10. Day 1 of new campaign Enuelyn
  11. Current meta pit fighter is the best option here in these 3 videos you can see why. pit fighter Alpha Barb
  12. Some more champion fun
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