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  1. after uninstall and reinstalling drivers and game still black screen
  2. anyone else getting stuck at black screen when you launch the game?
  3. Black screen again, same issue I had with 5.5 except this time reinstalling game and gfx drivers is not working.
  4. lets hope so since from what I read only like 10 or so people got on the test server while it was up
  5. sounds like people didnt read the shostoppers
  6. oh yea I forgot it shows there
  7. depends how much money you put into backing the game
  8. additional test groups needed please
  9. Not sure if its just me, but when I went to login today when I launch the screen I just get a black screen. anyone have this too or know whats wrong? never had this issue before, I have tried to reinstall, run as admin, restart pc etc.
  10. Things to consider when balancing the Champion

    people are basing their "OP" arguments off bug builds. Again fight a champ not running bugged to poorly made socks builds and build to counter them and watch them drop is all im saying.
  11. Things to consider when balancing the Champion

    No doubt champions are strong in a 1v1 situation, but in a group fight (with experienced players) champs are just another class, I mean try fighting without UW and see how you fair in any fight, I have beaten champions 1v1 on assassin and ranger. I just feel like you guys are refusing to break your builds to counter what is most likely your builds counter, I have some video footage of just about every class going toe to toe with champions, obviously if your a squishy target and have no barriers/shields to counter any damage your going to drop like a fly.
  12. Class Issue Fixed?

    you should watch me 1v8 in my videos
  13. 2v6 noob smashing

    We also have to remember blazzen is one of the best myrm players in game (if not the best) his skill with the class is top notch.
  14. What to do when new?

    Best advice I can give you is to join a guild, join their discord and learn as much as you can from them, join them in their adventures and most active guilds will hook you up with gear and info to get you up and running pretty quickly while you progress your skill training etc.