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  1. Class Issue Fixed?

    you should watch me 1v8 in my videos
  2. 2v6 noob smashing

    We also have to remember blazzen is one of the best myrm players in game (if not the best) his skill with the class is top notch.
  3. What to do when new?

    Best advice I can give you is to join a guild, join their discord and learn as much as you can from them, join them in their adventures and most active guilds will hook you up with gear and info to get you up and running pretty quickly while you progress your skill training etc.
  4. 2v6 noob smashing

    This is why campaigns will have rulesets, this way people way under geared/skill training wont be mixed with higher unless they chose to be. outside of dregs I believe.
  5. I doubt it will impact crowfall, two different kinds of games all together if you ask me.
  6. I only got about 30 minutes to test it, only thing I came across was I kept randomly getting teleported to the edge of map and couldnt move from that spot, I would then have to relog and it would put me back to where I was originally.
  7. ACE Q&A for March - Official Discussion Thread

    then it should say that it grants a barriar to all damage types and not just one...
  8. ACE Q&A for March - Official Discussion Thread

    barriers from disciplines are negating all damage types and not just the ones specific to the discipne
  9. Advanced Armor/Weapons= I WIN Button?

    Other things to remember, the gear/training is currently well into around or passed 1 year worth, also basics will be removed and the gap between "intermediate" gear and advanced gear will be smaller according to the devs. Another thing is campaigns will have rulesets which I am sure will be along the lines of keep similar geared/trained players I highly doubt you will be forced to enter a campaign as a new player with players that have 1 year+ training. people in current build are well into end game gear/training and will be for atleast 1 more patch cycle I believe. Next patch will also bring a lot more stuff to be made which may push these people even higher, rings/necklaces, legendary vessels etc things are probably going to get alot worse before they start getting better. Just remember were testing and this is not the actual game, at launch and when everything is wiped all will be at the same point and then the mad rush for glory starts, I hope to see you all there!

    such an awesome video
  11. Best Solo Class

    what do you mean by solo? solo as in going out to harvest or solo as in going out to pvp?
  12. Perception

    How does perception work? Whats the range you have to be within? Or is it I just use it and when a stealth comes within range I see them? Just would like to know so I know how it works and how to avoid it when on a assassin.
  13. Remove all 100% crit chance skills from the game

    Noone has every hit me for anywhere near those numbers, but I guess that because I build all defense and armor... build a glass cannon, break like glass. I am also not arguing your point or saying your wrong, I think your taking what I am saying wrong and getting defensive.. I am sure the devs will look into it, prolly not top priority right now tho.

  15. Remove all 100% crit chance skills from the game

    also have to remember this is all stats and gear that wont be seen game for what? upwards to a year or more? yea you can get those big numbers but at what cost, 1v1 it seems strong yes but this game is not based on 1v1 fights and with such a build u will run in and take down 1 target and then most likely die so its a high risk high reward build. its also not a sustained damage output, more of a chance to burst if everything goes in your favor. im sure every class has the potential to be built this way also.