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  1. your wasting your time trying to argue your point with the forum warrior of crowfall, dude want to be a part of ACE so bad :D and this is why I try my best to stay away from the forums, lots of people will say "email" them with your complaint etc but you will get an automated thing unless your one of the old timers who seem to have a direct link to the dev's phone :P again your wasting your time with this post (sadly)

  2. spies are cool until they start harassing the other faction cause the other faction knows they are a spy, or the ones that jump in siege equipment and just sit there or stand on spots people are trying to build siege stuff, those spies are annoying AF

  3. 1 minute ago, BarriaKarl said:

    I think he means FTP in a trial sort of way. Get in play a bit and see how you like it.

    It is a good idea but I wonder how to implement it. In WoW it seems 20 levels last quite a bit and allows player to really get a hang of things.

    In CF you won't be getting any real PvP without going over a bundle of things. It is not as straightforward.

    yea maybe during alpha or beta have a few moths or something free would be cool 

  4. a bunch of hours of not having 100% bene harvest hKoSQ83.png



    A few hours of "broken mechanic" KR4vHrQ.png biu9cFy.png

    the people using it get so many high quality resources white/greens get dumpstered 

  5. Ok so I just installed my new motherboard.processor/ram etc and install crowfall onto a m.2 NVME ssd and when I launch the game I have no sound in game, all other sounds work except for crowfalls, I tried a repair and a reinstall and its the same.

  6. My only dislikes about the spirit bank is the current I can bank whatever I want while in combat or even dead, once in combat it should close any open tabs like spirit bank/inventory etc.

  7. 24 minutes ago, PAINDOTCOM said:

    been a good topic for discussion and yes I may have worded the original post wrong and it may have been misinterpreted by some and I am sorry that has happened.


    3 minutes ago, Jah said:

    Read your OP again.

    I apologized for the mis-wording or misinterpretation of the original post.

  8. 11 hours ago, Gaulwa said:

    I'm sorry, but that's the point, and where the problem lies.

    You shouldn't feels like you're burning out after making 4 sets of blue equipment. For a skilled harvester&crafter, blue gear should be the norm. If people are burning out from making a few blue gear after 6 months of skill time (bear in mind current skilling speed is x3, ergo 6 months), then it shows the game's economy is out of wack.

    Sure, I understand your pain, but the idea behind the item wipe is to reset the gear/material advantage some people obtained through uses of unintended mechanics.

    Some are saying "let me enjoy my blue a bit longer", I also understand, sadly while you enjoy your blue, these bugs have made purple the norm (at least for weapons), so your blue is still a rank lower than your opponents. Would you rather farm an insane amount of time to get your purples and remain competitive, or would you prefer to wipe, bring back the norm to blue at best, and be just as efficient as you currently are with a new set of green?

    My main argument in favor of wiping the items is to collect more data about the real state of the economy as it was intended without exploits. We "could" wait until next patch or whatever... but this is a pre-alpha game, in active development. It would be beneficial for the game to wipe sooner rather than later to collect ueful data about actual balance.
    I know this is painful from a player's point of view because you just want to play your game. And I understand, sadly this is a pre-alpha, and regular wipes should be expected as soon as a major bug screws the economy and the current data.

    This is what a real tester response is. I agree! Everyone that is changing this to be about how people feel or using to say thats why this guild is ahead have gone so far off the path of the topic I haven't responded and just been reading. key things to read in this are "obtained through uses of unintended mechanics."  "My main argument in favor of wiping the items is to collect more data about the real state of the economy as it was intended without exploits." If you think I enjoy starting over just cause then your sorely mistaken, It's about testing and getting the game to a better state and getting the right data thats needed to get it to that better state, unless you want unintended mechanics. This is part of "testing" and "developing" a game and again if 5.9 is close of course wait till then, however, as I have said a few times if 5.9 is a ways out then why wait? This is about the changing of mechanics to work properly and to get data so they can tweak it even better if needed etc. We need to stop making this about "they want a wipe cause they feel like they are behind" "they don't want a wipe cause they are ahead" this is stinking thinking and doesn't help the development at all. From the forums, discord, team speak etc conversations I have had with alot of people the majority think if 5.9 is a ways out still a wipe is good, if its not then stay the course. Thank you all for adding your input on this topic, been a good topic for discussion and yes I may have worded the original post wrong and it may have been misinterpreted by some and I am sorry that has happened.

  9. 13 minutes ago, Frykka said:

    Whenever a player demands a wipe, actual players who crafted gear for this test die a little inside.
    and a JTodd gets his wings...   (we know what that looks like)

    Wipes come at proper intervals and most testing players want it at those proper and appropriate times...    we went a full year once without a wipe.   we have at least 3 more wipes before launch.   let it go.   This is not the proper time because most players would not rebuild for 5.8.x.      I want to see 1X passive training for Alpha...  lets not skip straight to blue gear again with 3x training speed...  this would give us a real feel for the progression creep.


    Noone was demanding a wipe, just made a suggestion, %'s and decimals are changing with harvesting, among a bunch of other things. Thought it was a good suggestion, some people have disagreed and said why. I believe we have been having a solid discussion on the topic at hand beside a few off topic comments. 1x passive training would prolly hurt the pre-alpha/alpha more than a wipe almost a year before getting to second level of passive training seems a bit much.

  10. 2 minutes ago, dreaden said:

    I understand you're frustrated but imagine if every time a bug was found they wiped the database, It would be a ghost town up in here. What you're proposing would set a precedent for anyone who is upset to feel entitled to a wipe. Let ACE develop their game and wipe when it is right for them to do so, not at the whims of testers who feel bad about things.

    Not frustrated at all, it's not just one bug though. Sounds like you sir are frustrated with my suggestion, suggesting me to not partake in the development in a game I like and want to see be better, like everyone else here. 

  11. 1 minute ago, VaMei said:

    I'm not from a small guild, but if they like the ability to buy gear rather than farming for it and crafting it themselves, then they do not want an item wipe. 

    If there's a wipe AT, Srathor's Lawn & any other trading EKs will disappear for another 2 months. Until then, only self sufficient guilds will have gear.

    which brings us to a whole different thing but makes srathors point of getting to that point in the game is horrible, unfun, unrewarding, grind.

  12. 6 minutes ago, DocHollidaze said:

    Nobody is disputing the need for a wipe.

    Just pointing out it won't change anything and most of us who put in big time to the game it won't effect either way, though it will negatively impact the solo/small guild players who are excited to have finally made their first set of blue armor or something.

    The main reason for the kill/death disparity is that most chaos people I run into just stand in bank instead of fight, or literally farm in basic gear and seemingly don't care. I fight in green gear and white vessels, like just try out PvP - you might find you enjoy it.

    There is though, hence the 50+ comments, there is a solid debate why there should be and why some think there shouldn't be. The leaderboards topic is off topic and I am not paying attention to it, so is the being able to spirit bank while in combat/dead. The biggest reason I see people say no is population and solo/small guilds being hurt. Do you think the population has stayed stable throughout this campaign or gone down? (not talking just siege times) Do you think people are more likely to stay around in a solo/small guild knowing that these things are fixed in 5.8.5 and no chance of catching up or if items are wiped and now passive training is the only difference... Either way I am good but I would like to hear from a solo/small guild on this.

  13. 6 minutes ago, ZeFx said:

    Yeah you've been on the receiving end of some our groups out standing in circles. One of the major reasons I cannot wait for a better system. Either way I hope 5.9 is not far off looking forward to all the changes including armor and war tribes. 

    Same, I hope 5.9 is not far off but if its months away and not weeks, My suggestion still stands with a wipe being needed.

  14. 3 minutes ago, srathor said:

    Once the bugs get fixed, we will be able to finally see the gathering game as it is intended. 
    We need a full wipe of all gear all skills and everything. 


    We (as the general playerbase) have never gotten a good look at where gathering is from jump. (Hint, it is a horrible, unfun, unrewarding, grind)
    We need people to experience it, then gripe, loudly, so that they can fix/tune it better.

    First we had the cheaty potions. 
    Then the cheaty race passive training
    Then the cheaty Iron iron iron + seals gear. / Bene harvest shovels, since there are no gravedigging seals

    Once the bugs are gone we can see the gathering game in all of it's unfun glory.

    We need more options in the tool combines. 
    We need multiple skillcap buckets for group gathering/motherloads
    We need a higher base crit chance for all starting early game gathering, either through stats or having weakpoints give crit and crit amount per hit on nodes. 
    We need a base bene harvest addition to all gatherers, either through stats, or added to early training nodes, preferably both.
    We need gathering gear to not cripple combat stats. Turning gatherers into fat victim, loot pinatas.
    We need the action harvesting buffs to hit group members as well as ourselves to break out neat and fun gameplay.

    We need gathering discs to actually have some fun in them, not just fill in gaps in the system, that only open other gaps depending on what we select. (If you take lookout to spackle over the bene harvest gap, then your tool durability sucks do to lack of Villian, or plentiful harvest because of a lack of primary disc like Miner.)

    Choices do matter. Choices like go play a game that is more fun and does not have the flaming pitfalls of suck, that are  built into the primary driver of the entire gameloop.

    this couldn't be more true

  15. 1 minute ago, ZeFx said:

    Not sure how that even corresponds, I know a lot of the Balance folks have done a massive amount of mind numbing circle standing to get where they are on the leader boards. The leader boards have very little to do with gear and have to do more with class, guild, group, and spec. 

    This is true, they have round the clock players, no matter when I have stood in a circle, I have been met by 5-15 balance for good ol arse woopin :D

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