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  1. I agree but again from my understanding thats where it is heading it seems, and again I could be wrong. It is hard to tell when it comes to this games data since decimals keep getting messed up
  2. i don't know if thats suppose to be 24% or 2.4% , i am getting the feeling that the most proc chance were going to be seeing is 10-20%. I could be wrong though.
  3. @Navystylz sorry i messed up my decimal, guess I am getting use to blair math! @makkon you confuse me with a new player... I have been around, I was suggesting this more for newer players, I could care less either way. Hence a opinion/suggestion. @Gaulwa I am glad you see the logistics of the big picture @Arkade Yea if its that close, however, if it's not and its 5-6 months out... Again I don't care either way, in a few more days I will be playing a completely different game for a while. People keep throwing out the poster wants a wipe cause hes behind the veterans... I have been around since 5.1ish, had the game longer just chose not to play, it has nothing to do with that. It has to do with me wanting whats right, if your against and getting defensive about it your taking this way to personal. This is a developing game that will be wiped thats how they get new data from the testing. And for the last time I personally could care less if they wipe from now till launch, I was talking to some of the "newer" players and they said things along the lines and i thought it wasn't a bad idea considering the 3 things I mention plus the ones that weren't mentioned. If you don't agree with a wipe that's fine, keep your passive aggressiveness to yourself tho (you know who you are and we leave that there).
  4. true, at the rate it seem's to be going i was thinking its going to be up to months before we see 5.9, I am good either way I just was making the suggestion cause of the changes being made to harvesting which is a pretty big part of the flow of the game, and I don't think you will be able to achieve 50% but I could be wrong
  5. there is quite a big difference between having bene harvest up 100% of the time to having a 10% chance at max to proc it, wouldn't you agree? from my understanding having a .6% chance right now is giving a 60% chance instead
  6. it's a developing game in pre-alpha, wipes are kinda needed for the good or bad, when we purchase a game in development we acknowledge and agree to this, yea it sucks but we chose to buy into a game in early stages.
  7. not prior but with the patch, I don't mind wipes with new things being added, its gets them more data to make the game better.
  8. I agree, there is a bit of new stuff just with this next patch, if any of you haven't been on test you should check it out
  9. I understand that, however, have you been on test server and farmed any resource? there is a huge difference after the changes. I am not saying a full wipe, just items, and again I will be ok without it but will also give me more to do then to just log in for siege.
  10. All these have been asked for, they are working on those things, I was just suggesting for the here and now. I get that people are nearing the end of crafting trees etc, but at the same time having that knowledge of these "bugs" and fully taking advantage of them is not what testing is about, the fixes for these "bugs" are being implemented next patch all im suggesting is an item wipe to go along side it is all. *edit* plus with an item wipe they will get more testing on the new %'s, proc chance of bene harvest, and proper testing of the crafting that was fixed, so its a win win, with no wipe of "items" alot of people that are fully trained in harvesting wont be out there harvesting cause they have thousands of purple/gold ore dust and embers sitting in their bank/s.
  11. The resources may be basic, but when you can farm trees that never go away and collect dust/embers non stop while using 100% bene harvest....
  12. I know alot of people will disagree with me here but I suggest a item wipe, my reasoning is due to people taking advantage of the 100% uptime of bene harvest, infinite trees on EK's for mass farming of dust/embers, bugged weapon crafting and a few other things that gave them an advantage over people who didn't know about these things or newer players. I know the fixes for these things are coming with the next patch but that wont change the fact that people are running around with godly rolled purple/gold gear that knew these things were not working as intended and exploited it, I personally don't care if it happens this is just a suggestion. I also am not accusing anyone in particular, am just stating the facts for people who still don't know, to understand why they may be getting pooped on when they think they have decent gear
  13. I like your suggestion, we need more people to drop suggestions for the dev's to skim through when they have time, more often than not they have to read over flaming posts to get to anything worth reading so good job
  14. i dont think they are all 5gb, cause some take a matter of seconds
  15. currently talent system would make a few classes seriously stronger than others pre 20
  16. its not the campaign that most people are not playing, its more the performance from what I have gathered from the people I play with anyway. Yea some are not playing cause of the campaign but most of those people moved to EU and are still playing. hence the pic of that mound of chaos from the EU server earlier in this discussion.
  17. if the pit fighter is running away and healing he is not fighting, I thought we were talking about a pit fighter actually fighting, not to mention if he is running you can be healing too...
  18. well later on you wont be able to just craft your disciplines, you will have to go out and farm them, get the stuff to make them, buy them and also I dont believe swapping them out on the fly will be a thing either, when these things take effect things will drastically change. I mean you have to learn your class and know what classes hard counter you and build accordingly. most of the classes have a promotion spec that when built the right way, with good gear and put in the hands of a skilled player may seem OP but in reality they are really not. I am really tired of seeing the champ OP posts so next campaign I am going to build a champ killer and that will be my sole purpose to play is to just kill champions
  19. I will let you know when I get my new parts and put it together
  20. give me a bit ill upload a video of me on pit fighter fighting cremdalacrem on a dirge, its along fight and niether of us could kill eachother, if he was running plague lord he would have dropped me for sure. Actually i dont have maybe ill upload it some other time lol
  21. maybe for you, but again I said to what I dub playable/fun. What i think is playable is fun can be alot different than what you call playable and fun. During large scale pvp 5-20 fps is not fun to me, slideshows are not fun to me, I enjoy the game, I am not saying the game is bad, all I am saying is to alot of people current playability during pvp is just meh. after months to years of playing it like that people like to take a break and play some better polished stuff.
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