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  1. can u post a video with the new talent trees, disc's, no weapon disc etc also not once in that video were u debuffed with a healing debuff which tells me the people you were fighting had no idea how to counter a champion. Dont get me wrong they are a tough cookie but there are other classes/builds that are just as strong with no self healing abilities
  2. I'd rather go pvp on a game that isn't a slideshow for me, I pop into crowfall here and there but most people like myself are just are tired of the lag/ping/slideshow when its large scale pvp so they went on to other games, for most of the people I play with, it has nothing to do with the guilds merging onto balance, its part of the game. making alliances is going to happen, its been going on since I started playing and will happen after launch. Same with people coming and playing/testing, they will come and go for various reasons. Also upgrading my toaster here pretty quick, when I do I will pop into crowfall and if it helps I will be playing more if its still the same I will still play here and there till the game can handle large scale pvp at what I consider a playable/fun state. When that happens also I can almost 100% say you will see a huge flux of players.
  3. only way to bypass this atm is by going on the main website log in then log out then log back in and go to forums. I have to do it everytime I want to post on the forums.
  4. I mean its tested, it works, no point making it this hard for the pre-alpha. nope not really fun at this point
  5. maybe on a non vessel, but you wont be lvling a rare or better from scratch that fast i think you should gain xp toward vessels from harvesting and crafting even if its only a small amount, but current lvling of a non basic vessel is flat aids
  6. Can I have this back for alpha warrior / barbarian spec please


    its a typo i believe
  8. I have plenty of videos doing this from the past, do i miss being fully trained and nicely geared, I am on the other end of that stick now and boy does it hurt haha
  9. a well geared pit fighter is def going to be tough, a not so well geared champ drops fast, i know cause im in poo gear and drop like a fly lol
  10. tbh if they remove /who from the game it basically renders these spies useless unless the person has a monitor for each spy and in that case more power to them lol
  11. I play the alpha to be a part of a game I enjoy, I play the alpha to be a part of a pretty cool community, I play the alpha to test all the new things that come along every new update, I play the alpha cause even in its alpha state I have more fun then playing a launched game, I play the alpha cause alpha is life! I also play the alpha so when the game does launch, I will be one of the ones that will know the ins and outs of the game and will make an impact on the campaign I play from the start and not be a fresh player complaining about everything I dont like, because I played the alpha and took part in forming the alpha that I choose to play. EDIT - in the end if you play the alpha you helped form a game that you enjoy, or don't it will continue on with or without
  12. Myrkul is looking for more worthy warriors to bring him blood and bones!
  13. Thank you! Its good to be back, looks like a lot of new players for me to show my name again
  14. Hello you dirty crows! it has been a while, things in my life have gotten better and the champ has returned! I will see you all on the battlefield soon!
  15. people are basing their "OP" arguments off bug builds. Again fight a champ not running bugged to poorly made socks builds and build to counter them and watch them drop is all im saying.
  16. No doubt champions are strong in a 1v1 situation, but in a group fight (with experienced players) champs are just another class, I mean try fighting without UW and see how you fair in any fight, I have beaten champions 1v1 on assassin and ranger. I just feel like you guys are refusing to break your builds to counter what is most likely your builds counter, I have some video footage of just about every class going toe to toe with champions, obviously if your a squishy target and have no barriers/shields to counter any damage your going to drop like a fly.
  17. We also have to remember blazzen is one of the best myrm players in game (if not the best) his skill with the class is top notch.
  18. Best advice I can give you is to join a guild, join their discord and learn as much as you can from them, join them in their adventures and most active guilds will hook you up with gear and info to get you up and running pretty quickly while you progress your skill training etc.
  19. This is why campaigns will have rulesets, this way people way under geared/skill training wont be mixed with higher unless they chose to be. outside of dregs I believe.
  20. I doubt it will impact crowfall, two different kinds of games all together if you ask me.
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