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  1. More like the only people left there
  2. While this makes absolute sense and is perfectly reasonable... Imagine how unlikely and big a deal a seige would have to be... Your going to seige!? But... but you could die! (I can here my in game rp wife crying now...) I'd seriously consider Doing a seige, but the best feeling would be that I would be scared poorly made socksless the entire time. I know people don't really want real life, but the closer it is, the more exciting imo
  3. I will agree that preperation is important as a player skill. but prepareing to be lucky? oh in an unfortunate situation I'm just going to chuck it up to the RNG gods. In a legitimately competative environment it's either Not used. Period. or it's relegated to the point of actually being the MOST VIABLE STAT. Look at FPS's They don't have crit. that's straight up pvp if I ever had any. no crit, whatsoever. why do we have to look at MMO's and say okay if it's an RPG we use this, for what? prep for something else, IT'S IMPOSSIBLE TO BREAK A GAME BY REMOVING CRIT. IT HOWEVER IS VERY LIKELY TO WI
  4. Crit... why crit... Just. plese someone explain to me excactly WHY we need critical strikes. are you allowing things to be built around it (your basically creating a lucky class) How, for the love of god how will you balance around that? crits too high nerf damage, steady damage of those who don't go crit too low, juggle stats on other abilities. crit goes off the chart, increase other classes to compensate.. I mean seriously guys. why even do that to yourselves. You come from games that have that problem built into their system. Yea everyone like the visceral "OMG BIG NUMBAS" but that doesn'
  5. Logistics. I mean is a seige going to be a common pvp concept? such as in wow bg's? if so, I am dissapoint . Is it going to be an event, (much like GW2 does with it's evolving world or whatever they call it?) I'd be carefull of stuffing it with quests. please, don't stuff it with quests. If it's a purely pvp concept then I have to say, Logistics logistics logistics. I mean you can have a seige last for a few hours (basically keep lobbing stuff until something breaks) or it has to be a meaningful decision. I mean why am I seiging? what do I get from it? single use rewards are fine if you want t
  6. So many... Big brain words. Okay So your basically saying scrap HP and create a system that overlays "HP" (A players life) and says, if you want to kill this guy you have to check...hmmm okay yea see that's convoluted. Now if -instead- you say. Okay all that stuff, but instead of it being an "Inner" system, that system is just built based on the actions of you opponent. Now THAT'S cool. I'm swinging my sword (f*** stats yo but in your example magical things) oh your swing, same type of swing looks like it was a clash (sword on sword no damage, sexy looking ) Same example guy is attacking with
  7. There is a difference between having a pvp centric universe and merely adding that you can kill someone. Tera- you spawn nearby, no one cares if you die, there's no loss. Server goes from Order>chaos because chaos has no price. HardcoreXXXXCOREHARDXXXCORE- You die your dead. done, finito. yea you can kill anyone, but anyone can kill you. people band together because the lone guy gets killed. Death has a price, so even greifers have to weigh cost-benifit. realm goes from Chaos>order yea, opening day could be a gloriously fun mess (Would you like some greusome mass murder and mosh
  8. If my bow of epic awesomeness decays i would just die! However, I will pay RL cash to restore it!
  9. nothing wrong with a compass old buddy. have to craft it yourself
  10. Politics, hunting big game, if you can make a big name for yourself you can be on top imo, not necessarily pvp. But if your hunting big game making yourself a legend I'm going to kill you and take your stuff, scream like an enraged barbarian as I dance the two-step on your entrails. If I tell people I killed you, they may kill me (infamy) that is a risk any pvp'er will know of.
  11. Minimap based on proximity awareness (trainable) Agree with player made maps. omit the levels and you got yourself a deal!
  12. proximity based voice comm. in game messaging system for friend lists/guilds
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