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  1. Well if we have city sieging in the game, having to go back to the character screen every time I die in a siege like that would probably most likely make me move on from the game to be honest. 


    Your guild is sieging, you die, you say in ts/vent  ... well just died see you again in 5 mins have to remake my character, travel etc. 

    While this makes absolute sense and is perfectly reasonable... Imagine how unlikely and big a deal a seige would have to be... Your going to seige!? But... but you could die! (I can here my in game rp wife crying now...) I'd seriously consider Doing a seige, but the best feeling would be that I would be scared poorly made socksless the entire time. I know people don't really want real life, but the closer it is, the more exciting imo

  2. Good players can take into account RNG as long as it isn't an insta-kill.


    Some players intentionally build their characters so RNG mostly flips to their favor and know how to perform if this is not the case.


    If you like a PvP game where you can be killed anywhere, do you prepare for the "what if" of being outnumbered or are you surprised by it even though you know it's a possibility? Best to go play an arena PvP game if you don't want variability with stats or anything that people "think" is "unfair". An RPG needs active player skill through engaging gameplay AND passive player-skill through preparation.

    I will agree that preperation is important as a player skill. but prepareing to be lucky? oh in an unfortunate situation I'm just going to chuck it up to the RNG gods. In a legitimately competative environment it's either Not used. Period. or it's relegated to the point of actually being the MOST VIABLE STAT.  Look at FPS's They don't have crit. that's straight up pvp if I ever had any. no crit, whatsoever. why do we have to look at MMO's and say okay if it's an RPG we use this, for what? prep for something else, IT'S IMPOSSIBLE TO BREAK A GAME BY REMOVING CRIT. IT HOWEVER IS VERY LIKELY TO WITH IT. look at most classes in an MMO that could be built with crits. and that includes your Moba's like LoL or DoTA. they had instance where they had to completely rework champs because crit just makes or breaks that class. Look at WoW Fire mages. Have crit, can win, no crit no win, no exceptions. Is that really a way you want to play?

  3. Crit... why crit... Just. plese someone explain to me excactly WHY we need critical strikes. are you allowing things to be built around it (your basically creating a lucky class) How, for the love of god how will you balance around that? crits too high nerf damage, steady damage of those who don't go crit too low, juggle stats on other abilities. crit goes off the chart, increase other classes to compensate..  I mean seriously guys. why even do that to yourselves. You come from games that have that problem built into their system. Yea everyone like the visceral "OMG BIG NUMBAS" but that doesn't last as long as a person feeling like they have the tools at their disposal to have a consistant fighting experience. No one likes losing because of a RNG. and people will feel underwhelmed when they build for a stat like crit and the crits don't happen!


    If you can give me one good reason why it needs to be there, I'll stop about it. but there truly isnt any, its there so someone can feel good about themselves from a RNG. and thats just f****ng sad.


    I will withhold judgement on dash count until I see what it does and how it's increased. but seriously, Warrior my whole life, can only dash so many times.

  4. Logistics. I mean is a seige going to be a common pvp concept? such as in wow bg's? if so, I am dissapoint :P. Is it going to be an event, (much like GW2 does with it's evolving world or whatever they call it?) I'd be carefull of stuffing it with quests. please, don't stuff it with quests. If it's a purely pvp concept then I have to say, Logistics logistics logistics. I mean you can have a seige last for a few hours (basically keep lobbing stuff until something breaks) or it has to be a meaningful decision. I mean why am I seiging? what do I get from it? single use rewards are fine if you want to tur it into a grinding concept (which I'm sure you don't) but what will reward players for chosing to seige -that- place? cuz I want epic loots kinda takes away from the immersion.


         So I'm seiging this place. What can I do? shoot cannon, attempt to scale wall. Can i just ferry cannon, or craft them? Can I triage? Again it does boil down to what are the logistics. How far are people coming from, how fast can they get there? what's your respawn system like (OH GOD THE TEASING!) The longer the logistics, the shorter the seige. Likewise if it's just okay respawn continue mashing- then seiges are going to last so long that it'll get old. Quick.


        A. If It takes me saay... a week to get together my guild/faction. (time coordination etc.) and they come on. Say it takes about... 45-1hr minutes to get everyone moving and supplies gathered. I would hope that the travel there would take about 15 minutes, maybe even closer to 30. in and of itself would be an event. Reason being, this is the time that my opponent can harass my column, disrupt my supply chain etc. (If you look at Planetfall, the idea of harrying your opponent's zerg is dying, mainly because of instant spawns.) So we reach the place set up and are lobbing our whatnots. maybe we have people sneaking in, maybe we're looking for ways to exploit the weakness and peel the onion (remember when that was an actual thing?). Now at this point you take the screenshot, it looks incredibly epic. But imho what makes it feel epic is all the work it took to make that scene happen. When you say seige, I think well we're here for the long haul. say 45 minutes to an hour. (this would really, again, depend on logistics.) And say the walls crack, is city design going to play a role? because some of us may want to desing a squad on what happens then small streets, chokepoints, AOE, etc.


    I would hope that the logistics question is something you guys are looking at way deeper than just seiging and whatnot. because spawns, crafts, transport, guild number limits, raid limits, will all have a HUGE impact on exactly what can be defined as a seige. Otherwise it will become something like a grind. Even, even if the reward is something that has real-world (in game) impact and is everything everyone wants it to be, it will be relegated to a farmfest because at some point you can merely zerg it back and forth and it doesn't matter because it's a numbers game. (Wintergrasp, Isle...whatever it was called)


    Everyone should be able to play a part, but it should happen because a select few (leaders/strategists/tacticians(TACTICS IS A VIABLE STUDY! :P)) want it to happen. This will give people someone to band together around and create a more vibrant and rich story for the individual players.


    I can think of at least 2 people who either already said this, or are thinking it.

  5. So many... Big brain words. Okay So your basically saying scrap HP and create a system that overlays "HP" (A players life) and says, if you want to kill this guy you have to check...hmmm okay yea see that's convoluted. Now if -instead- you say. Okay all that stuff, but instead of it being an "Inner" system, that system is just built based on the actions of you opponent. Now THAT'S cool. I'm swinging my sword (f*** stats yo but in your example magical things) oh your swing, same type of swing looks like it was a clash (sword on sword no damage, sexy looking ;) ) Same example guy is attacking with some glorious damage and maybe the weapon skill has a stun or some sort of effect. (magic stat stuff) oh it would be a clash buut all this stuff is behind the throw. sooo you take the damage (inner shell hp ness of gooiness nougatey center) aaand the effect occurs. I'd be for that. I may not like stat items and gear, buuut hp is one of those things that you HAVE to have in a visceral way. if ou fight a guy you know your winning because he looks beat up. I wouldn't put that much load on game design that they have to look bruised (Though, though if you want to get rid of HP, that's how I'd do it) you need that visual cue.

  6. Instakills are bad. That's why games have the "attack first to survive" mantra. Fights should last longer. Players in pvp and pve should leave enough time to make mistakes and gain back or lose ground.




    Why do people want to reduce PvP down to one tiny meaningless piece? Open-World PvP in and of itself is meaningless. What was meaningful with Shadowbane was mines, farming gold, collecting runes... the fight to get these things to increase your city's tree rank forced people to gain friends and enemies. And THAT eventually led to sieges/wars.


    PvPer's and PvE'rs alike need to discover a common "struggle" that adequately includes both play-types in a way that makes sense. NPC security levels? The Gods power decreases the further you leave town? There must always be downtime. Time where you aren't looking over your shoulder. We need a meaningful struggle within the game that is required to overcome in order to progress. They probably already have it.


    Lastly it really doesn't make any sense for people to always be fighting for pretty much no reason...just for the sake of PvP. THAT is a shallow game and we don't need another one of those.

     There is a difference between having a pvp centric universe and merely adding that you can kill someone.


    Tera- you spawn nearby, no one cares if you die, there's no loss. Server goes from Order>chaos because chaos has no price.


    HardcoreXXXXCOREHARDXXXCORE- You die your dead. done, finito. yea you can kill anyone, but anyone can kill you. people band together because the lone guy gets killed. Death has a price, so even greifers have to weigh cost-benifit. realm goes from Chaos>order yea, opening day could be a gloriously fun mess (Would you like some greusome mass murder and mosh pitting with your game release?) and from there we calm down because hey, this is my char's life we're talking about. even the people who want to pk for the lols will have to bann together and get smarter. But in a system like that, I believe your safe from reasonable killings, now if your idea of gaming is afk farming, or hitting autorun and walking away or sitting in the middle of the field unarmed then hey, you can be that dead guy

  7. Politics, hunting big game, if you can make a big name for yourself you can be on top imo, not necessarily pvp. But if your hunting big game making yourself a legend I'm going to kill you and take your stuff, scream like an enraged barbarian as I dance the two-step on your entrails. If I tell people I killed you, they may kill me (infamy) that is a risk any pvp'er will know of.

  8. If I'm correct Black Desert has migration patterns and such for animals. and in terms of spawning, what's wrong if I kill every last Bison, we'll start raising cows. I don't think I have to go into why leveling is an outdated archaic system. now sure spawning wouldn't be game breaking, but why are you waiting on a spawn? is it a rare spawn, there is plenty of occasion to implement rare monsters (GW2 veteran mobs come to mind) one born of every 20, 50, 100? those are worth hunting and there is nothing wrong with named mobs being gone when you kill them, I mean if the nymean lion spawned after hercules killed it it wouldn't be so special that he did.

  9. No.  We're having some form of disconnect.  You don't need a dodge stat at all with the system I'm describing, and dodging would be fully handled by either sidestepping moves, or short dash type moves, ala a fighting game.  Hell, maybe even a certain defensive ability giving an awesome backflip or something.  Point being, my vision doesn't require passive defense stats.


    As for FF, I don't mind either way if they implement it, as long as it makes the gameplay better.  It's an undeniable counter to zergging getting out of control, however.  As you said, it would require more skill to effectively make use of a numbers advantage without slaughtering your own troops.  The gameplay itself should be what determines whether there is friendly fire.  Too many other unknowns about this game for me to decide which I'd prefer at this point.

    I'll agree with you as far as gameply being formost. I wouldn't be against FF, I would worry that it would create the situation that isn't very "noob" friendly. of course if some guy is putting arrows in my back I would like to be able to turn and take his head. For the team of course.


    As far as soft lock, I've never seen it implemented, from what yoh describes it does sound doable though.

  10. The thing is


    I think there is a problem with you being able to visualize what I'm poorly attempting to explain.


    I want a "soft-lock" targeting system.  Not a tab target system that cycles through enemies, and not a way to /target a player name.  The type of lock/targeting I envision is you're looking around with your mouse, ala Tera or ESO, controlled via WASD, and when your cursor is over a target you can hit your "target" hotkey, making that your active target.  Now you are "locked" to that character, with your camera being focused on them as you move around.  Any moves you trigger will be in the direction of that target.  If they are "auto hit" type spells, so be it.  Things will need to be balanced regardless.  Certain spells can be aimed, certain ones aoes with ground placement etc.


    My point is that you can still allow friendly fire under such a system as I propose.  Just because you are "locked" onto a target, to display their info and direct your atacks, doesn't mean friendlies can't get in the way of the attacks, or be within their aoe ranges etc.

    The thing is when you have a locked target, you have to add the Dodge stat, when you do that you have to start balancing, when you start balancing something is going to be in favor, when that happens you can effectively stop a zerg with 4 or 5 people and that one spell/ability or create an unstoppable one. now to look at them, or keep them in your view sure, but when you go to attack you should still have to aim it. And on that subject, FF on paper seems good to have, however the coordination goes through the roof creating a higher skill floor. you don't want that.

  11. That's the magical word when it comes down to the sustainability of a zerg, which is another important thing.


    Battles shouldn't just be about charging in, swinging left and right and that's it. Siege engines need to be moved from one place to another which will make a siege force extremely slow and vulnerable, scouts should be looking for incoming hostiles, the army need to shelter from bad weather and stay warm by making a campfire, tents need to be put up, the army needs to stay properly fed to prevent starvation. Once the battle is over things need to be looted, repaired and transported back with the usage of wagons.


    All you have to do is look at how things go in real life, cut out the most tedious parts and make sure it fits in the game by introducing some artificial things.

    The zerg strategically is all about hitting hard with everything, if the above (quote) is taken into account the the zerg itself isnt really a problem as there are counter strategies. (running gun, harrying etc.) however if the people killed can respond and be back in no time (allowing for game feasability) then it isn't so much as a zerg as it's just constant bombardment with infinite resources. As long as the person resource can be made finite, I don't see an issue with zergs (the cost of failure). Actually on that note, if the people who die merely go to a starting point near where they died, it won't solve the problem the drawback to the zerg is that your defenseless during and after. That is the price of the zerg.

  12. Yea I like your thinking. I mentioned a system where instead working to "endgame" your endgame is when the character you created operates exactly as you intend them to. To switch perspective the game is just starting with you, it has to learn how you play, how you dodge, shoot, swing your sword, then it learns what will you do against multiple enemies, how do you deal with terrain? how does he like his utility? (to refer to something you said about utility vs def vs offense) the goal is to reach a point where the game can comfortably wear you and can fit your individual playstyle. Maybe I don't want to quest or dungeon. Maybe I want to kill huge monsters all day, can we spawn more? maybe some force realizes "hey this cat is taking out my monsters, let's create some more, or "maybe we can draw him into the storyline" I'm tired of games trying to make me some soldier in some nameless army. you want me to continue playing? learn how I play.

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