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    aeshura got a reaction from buhbuhcuh in Crowfall Bluesky Design Series Part 1 - Level-less   
    Yea I like your thinking. I mentioned a system where instead working to "endgame" your endgame is when the character you created operates exactly as you intend them to. To switch perspective the game is just starting with you, it has to learn how you play, how you dodge, shoot, swing your sword, then it learns what will you do against multiple enemies, how do you deal with terrain? how does he like his utility? (to refer to something you said about utility vs def vs offense) the goal is to reach a point where the game can comfortably wear you and can fit your individual playstyle. Maybe I don't want to quest or dungeon. Maybe I want to kill huge monsters all day, can we spawn more? maybe some force realizes "hey this cat is taking out my monsters, let's create some more, or "maybe we can draw him into the storyline" I'm tired of games trying to make me some soldier in some nameless army. you want me to continue playing? learn how I play.
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