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    I have been known to write a really awful novel now and again.
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  1. So vendors/stalls have to be attached to a house itself (cottage, villa, manor) and not just inside of a fort, keep or castle? There goes my idea for a flea market...
  2. Hey Kraahk, thanks for posting that pic--it really explained a lot about how the various buildings looked when slotted into their various tiles. Got any others?
  3. As long as the addition of Doc/Entertainer roles doesn't require the three separate health bars, I'm okay with a bit of extra social gameplay.
  4. Woo

    Age limit

    Found this with a wee bit of searching: https://community.crowfall.com/topic/3724-game-age-rating/ Consensus was 'T' for Teen.
  5. Also, the Keep Greathall is extremely underpriced. At $110, it's a steal compared to a mere Villa. For ten dollars less, you get this huge(!) stone greathall. Is there any functional difference between a Greathall and any other house? Can I not place crafting tables or Thralls in my Greathall? From the sheer size of it, I'd imagine it would hold much more than any of the houses. I know it would look ridiculous to see a Greathall plopped down in the woods without any of the other walls, but if it worked like any other house, was cheaper, and gave them more crafting/thralls spots, then why wouldn't people do it?
  6. Yes, I know. I was talking about backers who didn't get any houses or parcels. Someone coming to the store would be a bit put off having to spend $120 for a Villa and then find out they don't have any land to put it on. For that price it should come with a plot.
  7. I just sprung for a manor and then, after some reflection, a woodland creek to place it on. But that got me thinking: considering how much they cost, perhaps houses should come with a plot of land, just like forts, keeps and castles. I have a bunch of kickstarter land coming to me, but what of those backers who didn't get in quite so early and therefore don't have some land to place their newly purchased house on?
  8. Huffy_puffy, 'cause I like sock puppets.
  9. http://www.carrotonastick.com/massively-multiplayer/crowfall-teams-with-game-of-thrones-for-exclusive-items/ "ArtCraft Entertainment have revealed that they’ve officially partnered with HBO and author, George R. R. Martin, to release Game of Thrones themed items into Crowfall." I want a pet pig that follows me around shouting "Hodor!"
  10. Any info on whether we'll be able to trade in the physical Collector's Edition for store credit? I'm not into collecting more stuff, but I'd be more than willing to exchange that for some digital in-game swag.
  11. Loved the outtakes at the end! Awesome!
  12. I'm hoping for something akin to ArcheAge's gliders: not much of a way to increase altitude once airborne and a set limit on glide time. And if only the Fae can use it, that would limit the potential for abuse. Probably...
  13. It was slightly interesting in SWG because we didn't know any better. When ArcheAge used it to block chat between factions, I hated it. We ended up having to use our pets/mounts are walking billboards, changing their names to speak.
  14. Wow, I'm really stupid. I just got the pun.
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