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  1. Region: NA Time Zone: PST (UTC-8) Atmosphere : Looking for a helpful, friendly guild that is willing to take on a pretty casual player. Casual/Hardcore: Casual. Focus: I enjoy assisting others, community involvement and ganking people when the situation arises. Play-Style: Ranged DPS and/or Assassin. I've been playing a confessor since the Hunger dome, but I haven't logged that many hours. My confessor is only lvl12 and I've probably messed up the skill tree!. Faction: Not committed atm so I'm flexible. Game Experience: Everquest, DAoC, WoW, Shadowbane, Rift, & ESO, Voice-Chat services: Discord and have used Teamspeak . Languages: English Misc: I'm not going to lie, I only play a couple of hours in the evening, a few days a week. I have also backed CU, but do not have Alpha access, so if the guild has a CU chapter, that would be cool too. Thanks for listening.
  2. From my limited testing experience (only Sunday night) and doing random queuing, you all have your act together, congrats!
  3. I was looking to purchase this Laptop too. Good to know it works well. I have an Alienware 13" Laptop now, and that screen is just too small!
  4. Killed the entire guild solo huh? I played a Shade, Mage-Assassin, not a Mino!
  5. If one has already consumed their bundle, the mini-bundle upgrades are not able to be purchased at the discounted price, correct? Thank you.
  6. Original member of the Morloch Horde, then Morloch's Vengeance. What fun times those were!
  7. Cosmic - Morfus, Chadda or Dretchen with you guys? I saw "Brightdance" LFG on the LFG thread, I remember a Brightdance from the early days on Archimonde, not sure he is the same person though? In WoW with Serpents I was Narr, if that rings any bells?
  8. Serpents huh? I ran with Serpents in WoW at release. Even met a few when they got together in Vegas,
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