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  1. I was planning on maining as Stalker, and then I was like... where'd his page go? And then I learned about the race/class rework. Funny that I missed that entirely til now... I was however looking forward to a ranged style bow oriented play with a different kit, that I suppose is solved by disciplines though. I can now make my stalker build and keep the stealth mode deer hunts man trope when I roll the character.
  2. So I remember participating in my first testing group and many things didn't even have textures yet, in a way this was exciting and cool! Playing a game that had not even decided on what it's rocks will look like. As the tests develop and many classes were announced (I'm looking at you Guinecian Duelist) I was starting to casually wonder where the games art direction was going. It seemed a little round, a little cartoon-ish. As the tests have moved on and the graphics have rounded themselves out more, I'd have to say the look and feel of Crowfall is taking form. It is achieving it's own signature feel which can put a game far apart. Finding your own art style for a game can make a large impact on it's legacy, and most largely successful projects have had their own flavor that set them apart. Like an acquired taste, I was unsure at first but now it is growing on me. Crowfall is turning quite... beautiful, and here's screenshots for proof. Well... there you have it.
  3. Apparently depending on the test I'm fairly down the middle - but 60% (90th%) Achiever, 60% (75th%) Explorer, 40% (50th%) Killer, 40% (50th%) Socializer from the crowfall group test. I guess that makes me mostly geared towards Achiever with a healthy side of Explorer.
  4. Good to see people discussing the aiming feature as I personally believe it does require some attention. In the last play test feedback I had a bit to say on it, though I'm not convinced aim assist would be beneficial as currently it places more weight for decisions on player which I appreciate. Personally I would be against aim assist in a game like CrowFall.
  5. Excited for next play test tomorrow! Ready to rock and roll!

  6. I can furnish ID in favor of open bar idea!
  7. I'm surprised no one has voted for confessor yet, I am personally hoping to roll a stalker. Ranged damage has been a recent favorite of mine accross several games and I can name him DeerJohn.
  8. Welcome, long time between UO and now, what other games took your fancy?
  9. I would second Black Desert, it is what I will be spending time on personally in between the CF test dates. But the graphics aren't too simple, that is the one area I have trouble thinking of something - aside from maybe jamming some seasonal journey play in D3, which isn't a true MMO anyhow.
  10. WoW a long long time ago in a galaxy far far away, numerous small MMO's in between that I don't know if I could recount (silly titles like Luna Online, and FlyFF come to mind). Most recently games like Black Desert, Star Citizen, Diablo 3 (k not that recent), HotS, Smite (also not that recent).. games of all flavors and varieties. I probably enjoy testing MMO's the most out of the various types.
  11. Alright, that's about what I had gathered. Thanks for confirming it, and yes, currently I still show that it is unavailable for DL through that client link (but not the first link in this thread - that one doesn't appear to do anything). Friday it is then.
  12. While I like the idea of weather effecting gameplay, I'm not sure I'd agree with the random penalties without also incorporating some sort of random boons as well. I think a weather system should rather focus on changing gameplay with a pro's and con's type of effect. Rain causes slower movement and visibility but speeds certain types of production (crop growth, milling, etc.) While a clear day may not have the inherent disadvantages of rain, it would also not provide any perks. This would make such a system more dynamic and potentially advantageous to an opportunistic and prepared player.
  13. So, in the same boat, is it correct to assume it can take up to a couple days to receive access and email?
  14. Welcome! I'm looking forward too it too
  15. Nice to meet you too, may I call you Dr. Baloons?
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