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  1. Apparently depending on the test I'm fairly down the middle - but 60% (90th%) Achiever, 60% (75th%) Explorer, 40% (50th%) Killer, 40% (50th%) Socializer from the crowfall group test. I guess that makes me mostly geared towards Achiever with a healthy side of Explorer.
  2. Good to see people discussing the aiming feature as I personally believe it does require some attention. In the last play test feedback I had a bit to say on it, though I'm not convinced aim assist would be beneficial as currently it places more weight for decisions on player which I appreciate. Personally I would be against aim assist in a game like CrowFall.
  3. Excited for next play test tomorrow! Ready to rock and roll!

  4. I can furnish ID in favor of open bar idea!
  5. I'm surprised no one has voted for confessor yet, I am personally hoping to roll a stalker. Ranged damage has been a recent favorite of mine accross several games and I can name him DeerJohn.
  6. Welcome, long time between UO and now, what other games took your fancy?
  7. I would second Black Desert, it is what I will be spending time on personally in between the CF test dates. But the graphics aren't too simple, that is the one area I have trouble thinking of something - aside from maybe jamming some seasonal journey play in D3, which isn't a true MMO anyhow.
  8. WoW a long long time ago in a galaxy far far away, numerous small MMO's in between that I don't know if I could recount (silly titles like Luna Online, and FlyFF come to mind). Most recently games like Black Desert, Star Citizen, Diablo 3 (k not that recent), HotS, Smite (also not that recent).. games of all flavors and varieties. I probably enjoy testing MMO's the most out of the various types.
  9. I think that a Stalker named Cabella would be the way to go, ultimately turning the tables after hundreds of years of one-sided hunting.
  10. Alright, that's about what I had gathered. Thanks for confirming it, and yes, currently I still show that it is unavailable for DL through that client link (but not the first link in this thread - that one doesn't appear to do anything). Friday it is then.
  11. While I like the idea of weather effecting gameplay, I'm not sure I'd agree with the random penalties without also incorporating some sort of random boons as well. I think a weather system should rather focus on changing gameplay with a pro's and con's type of effect. Rain causes slower movement and visibility but speeds certain types of production (crop growth, milling, etc.) While a clear day may not have the inherent disadvantages of rain, it would also not provide any perks. This would make such a system more dynamic and potentially advantageous to an opportunistic and prepared player.
  12. So, in the same boat, is it correct to assume it can take up to a couple days to receive access and email?
  13. Welcome! I'm looking forward too it too
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