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  1. Day/Night cycles and creatures that only exist at day or night exists in many other games. For example lotro had it 10 years ago... doesnt sound new or cool in any way to me. 40m day&night sounds really short. I feel, its weird that night is time of hunger and that it goes away when the sun goes up... I thought of the lore in other ways... but thats not on me to decide... seasons coming will be a nice change, though.

  2. I'm not sure if I like the tomes, but timebanks with 1d/1m time are a really good change. This is, what I hoped for from the beginning.

    However... It shouldnt be possible to buy tomes or whatever to reach more training than would have been possible normally.

    Like If I buy 2 tomes of 1 month combat training 1 month after game release, I would be better in combat than any legit player... this shouldnt be possible and encourages alt accounts to gather training time for the main account.

  3. They should change to allow VIP to chose the next five Pips to be trained instead of just ending all Pips of the chosen Skill.

    Thats still bad if the active one ends in off-peak-hours and just activating the next five to-be-trained Pips would be much more relaxing.

    Plus, nonVIP should be able to set the next to-be-trained Pip. Otherwise, they lose time between EVERY Pip of EVERY skill, just by having the delay of clicking at the right time. Calling that "just be active" is really nonsense and far from reality.

    I thought, they'd change it in a way to allow VIP to queue up the next to-be-trained-skills. And instead they even put more to-be-trained pips with timegaps by inactiveness in every single skill... Thats so sad...

    I even hoped for the opportunity for VIP to be able to select any Skill in any Skilltree and have the Skilltraining system automatically train up to that skill in an optimized way... Like "I want basic crafting tree made full, click on highest tier, come back a month later and be done".

    That would be a nice VIP perk... Now, we have to come back to the game every some hours as nonVIP and every other day as VIP... I just hate it.

    Imo, one loses enough time with the old system for just not being there when a Skill is trained full without a queue for the next. Now VIP stay with that crap and nonVIP get the crap multiplied by 5? ouch.

  4. Ich finde die Änderungen furchtbar.

    Vor langer Zeit spielte ich Ogame, ein browsergame, dessen Hauptmanko war, dass man um effizient zu sein, seine Spielzeit vorausplanen musste. Man musste immer wissen, wann man das nächste mal online kommt, um darauf angepasst Aktionen zu machen. Das war grässlich und führte dazu, dass ich damit aufhörte.

    Ich sehe durchaus ein, dass es sinnvoll ist, VIP in dieser Weise zu stärken. Aber ich möchte eine bessere Stärkung vorschlagen, denn auch als VIP ist es ineffizient, wenn man einen Skill anklickt und dieser irgendwann mitten in der Nacht endet, während man schläft. Für die maximale Effizienz wirklich auf die Sekunde genau aktiv sein zu müssen ist einfach Mist.

    Mein Änderungsvorschlag lautet:

    VIP können die nächsten 5 zu trainierenden Stufen auswählen. Unabhängig davon, ob das verschiedene Skills sind oder nur einer. Zudem können sie dies irgendwann über SmartphoneApps tun.

    nonVIP können nur die nächste Stufe auswählen und nur ingame.

    Das führt immernoch dazu, dass man früher oder später als nonVIP Zeit 'verliert', denn niemand ist alle paar Stunden ingame. Aber immerhin verliert man dann nicht zwischen JEDER Stufe Zeit.

  5. 6 hours ago, Pixelmancer said:

    I didn't prove your point. I did the opposite. A football is basically a balloon. That's in no way comparable to a person. If you'll look at the part of the video I linked you'll see what you said only applies to ridiculously light objects like inflatable balls and feathers. Anything with a significant weight falls at the same speed, as the video illustrates with a tire and a car falling. As far as the guinecian physiology goes, have you ever seen a hamster fall? I've seen one walk right off a counter that was the equivalent of a 4 story fall and walk away like nothing happened. Those little bastards are practically indestructible for their size.

    what I said applies to ALL objects. The effect is just MUCH more obvious and practically neglectable for dense objects. Its still there. Always.

    A ton of feathers has the same weight like a ton of iron. still, as long as you dont compress it to the same volume, it falls slower.

    aerodynamics can be ignored for dense objects and falling heights of less than 20m and everything above will be deadly anyway. that it can be ignored for practical reasons doesnt mean its not there. let a car and a truck fall from 10km height, and they will NOT hit the ground at the exact same time. its irrelevant to the game, but its real.

  6. 2 hours ago, Pixelmancer said:

    Feathers act like a parachute and are super light. People are a different story. If you try it with two objects heavy enough to overcome air resistance it works in air too. It's not the slightest bit hard to find proof, but I'll provide it for you anyway. 



    well, thanks for proving my point. car and wheel startet at the same height, yet when the car struck the floor the wheel was a bit less than a meter away.

    at least, thats how the vid looked to me :P

    if objects with nearly the same density get used for such an experiment, obviously the difference is very small. its still there.

    and as I wrote: density is whats interesting, not pure weight.

    (and the effect is small on dense material)

    a stone or cannonball still drops faster than a football of the same weight or volume. you just only see it, if you let them drop a looong distance.

    (the effect is practically irrelevant for characters in games as the height which makes a difference is deadly anyway, still, the effect is always there for objects with different density/shape).

    If anything, an effect that does make a difference is, if a giant falls 2m and his legs are 5m long, thats not really falling for him, its just like doing a step. his muscles have no problem with that. if a mouse falls 2m, it gets hurt as its muscles are too weak and small to cushion. Different creatures react different to speed and power, even if they have the same speed or whatever. the falling speed for humanoids is affected by light resistance, but that is only then a big difference, if the falling height is deadly anyway and in that case density/shape and not weight makes the difference.

  7. 10 hours ago, Pixelmancer said:

    Freefall speed and acceleration are independent of mass.

    in vacuum ;)

    in air, mass, or better density has an effect as denser material gets less air resistance and therefore accelerates faster and reaches higher maxspeed.

    however, as long as all races are made of flesh (hello stoneborn), their density is the same. Difference would of course be whats in the inventory. an plate-armed rat with alot of iron in its inventory is of course denser than an unarmored fae with nothing in its inventory.

    stones fall faster than feathers outside of vacuum ;)

  8. On 24.5.2017 at 0:42 AM, Dondagora said:

    [Passive] Magnetic Personality: All enemy compasses in a 75 meter radius will shift North to point at the player. Landmarks and players and the like marked on compasses will stay relative to the compass and not their actual position. This means if a temple is to the East, but the Lode-Born is south of the compass, the temple will still be seen as "East" on the now skewed compass, though "East" will now be pointing towards the actual West.

    rofl. awesome. thats funny.

  9. 16 minutes ago, pang said:

    Yep got this same notion from the last long thread on this as well. Its like some would rather have a poor PvP experience just to say there are no restrictions, rather than have a good PvP experience that requires some limits and restrictions. Seems silly to me, at the end of the day we are all here to play a good game are we not?  

    in every game, some players are just there to annoy others. nothing else ;)

  10. and why do tanks even get AT at all... why not a much clearer focus on defense?

    Why isnt there a class with only defensive buffs and other classes with only offensive buffs from training?

    In the end, everyone that plays a certain class will trait everything anyway. so why then should everyone trait everything, no matter which class he plays?

  11. 14 minutes ago, Yumx said:

    Still, isnt 300% absurd? Lets say his absolution hits for maybe 9k with advanced book, then he crits for 27k?

    Thats almost 3/4 of a low healthpool archetype.. 

    I would suggest you kept crit damage at a 150% maximum like all crits ever in mmos, much easier to balance..

    err... in lotro, critdamage can get much higher than 150%, some classes even get higher than 300%.

    but yea, class balance is bad there. If I remember right, vanillaWoW had 200% critdamage for melees, at least clearly higher than 150%

  12. tested EK stuff today. Worked. However, when I planted buildings, the trees didnt dissolve, they were in the building. When I planted walls, the trees vanished. With buildings, trees stayed. That was weird.

    Plus, dunno if you implemented new recipes or my training unlocked new ones... Seems like I need large amounts of unobtainium for parcels (plus large amount of 'premium ressources' which will exist in CWs so are no problem). what does one need to do to gather unobtainium? is this somewhere locked in passive training? didnt find it anywhere. besides unobtainium, i guess i know how to craft parcels now :) *happy*

  13. Yea, skill based crafting would have been nice. However, it seems the only skills one needs for crafting is patience for passive skills to rise, luck for experimentation and some knowledge about which material gives which bonusses. Only the last point is interesting, I'd prefer to get rid of the first two.

    Seems like waiting for CoE and what they do as they target skill based crafting.

  14. 3 hours ago, srathor said:

     No no.. You have tons of choices. Gathering Disciplines are going to let you do amazing things with gathering like.

    Hit rocks.

    In 3 months.

    To get more stuff!

    If they treated combat like Gathering or god forbid Crafting can you imagine the screams?

    Hmm like Crafting into combat.

    When walking across a field you have a 97% chance to walk safely. But every now and again. You break your ankle. - 50% hit points - 50% movement speed. Oh and sorry we are having issues with the randomizer you got a streak and your Archtype died. But that is fine. Risk vrs reward right? Or better yet. Sorry only a 3 percent chance of a heart attack. You will be fine. Go Fight. Have fun!

    Oh you want to swing your sword. No problem. You do have some training right? Oh no? Pity. You have a 50% miss chance then Go get some skills. Yeah it will take 3 months of skills training before you get good. And then it is a 5% increase! that is like 10% to total skills even!

    Or more like gathering. 

    Sorry you cant fight Templars yet. You need skill training to fight that archtype. Right now you miss 90% of your swings, but no worries 3 months and you can fight a templar. Have fun. Ooo a confessor nope need to train. Sorry Ranger nah you got a while before you can affect them. Warrior, nope right out. Need training. What are you people bitching about, you just got done training for 3 days and can now hit a templar 5% more often. In 4-5 months you will be fine. Now go play!


    Sad but true. Parts of me giggled as you wrote funny, parts got depressed because its so true... If there was the option to highlight a post per week to make a dev think about it, this one would be it for me.

  15. 8 hours ago, APE said:

    Pretty much.

    Picking rocks or graves, leather or plate, horsey or bull seem to be the depth of training choices. Pick something and stick to it and be like everyone else that does the same. Or branch out and be mediocre in several areas. Or buy multiple accounts.

    In-game active choices (gear/disciplines) are to be the main source of diversity.

    So then, choices are only relevant for fighters? Soo cool...

  16. Soo... after some weeks i finally reached a point in the skilltrees, where I realize that I cannot train the final trait because I just unlocked one path there and not every single path...

    If everyone needs to train every single trait in a traittree to unlock the final trait and therefore the following traittrees... Then where do decisions matter and where is diversity? If this stays as is, training might as well be completely linear within each traittree.

  17. Login each two days from day one for passive training, then after a month or two, I will start to play, if the way crafting and harvesting is stays till release.

    Then play for some month, find out that it will be an annoying grind to get anything done in my eternal kingdom and be happy about CoE getting released some months later.

  18. 2 hours ago, ringhloth said:

    I'm pretty sure the design philosophy is trying to discourage the jack of all trades.

    I'm pretty sure the design philosophy has nothing against jacks of all trades as long as they are masters of none.

    Decisions should matter ;)

    good groups will clearly prefer 5 masters in their field over 5 jacks of all trades where none of them is able to produce anything really good. so for everyone interested in groupplay, it should be much better to train something as masterful as possible.

    however, there will always be solo-players, no matter how bad their playstyle fits into this game. For a solo-player, training everything and being able to do everything (even if bad) is clearly better than being able to craft the best weapons, but being naked and starving.

  19. 11 hours ago, ringhloth said:

    No, it isn't.

    Okay, the relative power gap is not.

    The absolute power gap is.

    As soon as the first player is done with the first tree and starts a new one, which second player wants to train too, the exact same thing happens. they dont come nearer which they would if they trained the same thing forever, they always have the same absolute power gap (which raises whenever player1 starts a new tree and then slowly gets smaller until player one starts the next tree), if they train the same skills.

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