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  1. sometimes, when i read crowfall forums, i wonder who these truly skilled players are that some people seem to worship... are those kind of gods? or more like wet dreams? realistically spoken, they dont really sound real... like all those jokes about chuck norris.
  2. yea, i know. i just tend to ignore trollish behaviour and reply anyway if i'm bored.
  3. i might agree on WoW being the best, if you ask for criterias like numbers of players playing it, revenue, being a fine game in general and such... but it was definitely not the first. not in anything it did. WoW was an Everquest-clone in the end. and there have been many games before everquest. even online and mmo.
  4. or you just get nothing for losing dregs. risk vs reward. reward is higher tier stuff. risk is getting nothing. so 100% keeping on win, 0% at lose. in outer rings, reward is low tier stuff. so risk should be low. like getting 40% when losing and 60% when winning.
  5. maybe i should make clear, that i totally dont care about training at all if it comes to combat stuff. i dont care if combat training is active, passive or just a skilltree to select points. i just dislike passive training for crafting.
  6. if it was active training, whoever comes late to the party just has to do whatever people did before him and be at the same level. this is the same for passive training, but with passive training, its just waiting for the same amount of time and afterwards the one you wanted to catch up to is by the same time furter, so impossible. with active training, you could put time into one kind of crafting, one day be gone with it and put time so something else. if you do the right things, you are faster maxxing out, if you do it wrong, you need more time. if you dont do anything, others will be better than you. so it gets better with skill, while skill has no effect in passive training. with passive training, you can just not do several things, you are limited what you put time in in the last months. you cant just decide 'now i want to be a farmer', start farming and after some hours be better. you will have to wait until your points raise your skill passively and have to plan ahead for everything you do. and often, there is just no reason to play if you want to get better in your crafting profession. if you have enough materials, so that with active training you could raise your skill, there is just nothing to do. you log out and wait for your skills to rise. thats just boring. with passive training, the only way to be good at several professions is to have several accounts and train each in one profession. with active training, the only way to be good at several professions is to put time/work into several professions. no profit in having multiple accounts here. thats why i say: 1) passive training heavily encourages multiaccounting. 2) there is no way to catch up for people that come late to the party. (or they get gifts that others will call unfair)
  7. as long as one cant just logout instantly and use it as the perfect stealth... its not really needed.
  8. and no one is in any other game. passive training has several problems. encouraging multiple accounts, no way to catch up, being boring, no way to target skills but waiting. i just dont like it.
  9. offline player characters... sounds like Chronicles of Elyria i dont think we need this kind of immersion in a pvpgame like CF. logging in whenever you want to fight is fine.
  10. if they get a basic weapon, they should get a basic armour
  11. id prefer just not being dropped naked but instead in the worst possible equipment that has no trade-value at all. a weapon is still a weapon that hurts and better than nothing.
  12. huh? what is this 'standard' system if not metric? everywhere in the world, metric is standard. just like 24-hour-clock. just not in some retrogressive countries. TT: i usually play with WASD and use mouse for the rest.
  13. What you describe is the group harvesting system and what it does to solo-harvesters. If ACE dumped that mechanic, you would just go somewhere, gather materials and bring them home. if you had more people with you, you would be safer and could carry more, but the speed per person would be the same. In an ideal logic crafting, there would be a mine and the time you harvest increases the result you get. once you have enough, you go home. have more people, then each of them has its own skilldependant speed. you can even call some to guard you, why not in a pvpgame. you will just have to pay them for that. THIS is risk vs reward. dont pay guards and have more of your loot OR pay guards to be safer with your loot. going in EK is less risk for less reward, but it does not depend on solo or group harvesting. the groupharvesting has just no effect there. having nodes randomly spawned somewhere is unlogic by default. ressources dont just spawn somewhere. they are somewhere for a reason. that is, why there are mines for ore and woods for lumber and such stuff. imo, there should just be POI like mines and theyd just have one entrance and whoever guards that entrance can determine who goes in and who not. no guard there -> free for all gatherers. a mine would still have several caves, so it would not really be easy to find people inside. so if you want ressources, you fight for the entrance. you guard who is inside or you kill who comes out and loot his stuff. if you are part of an alliance (which you should be), that alliance would have several POI under their control and there would be much more POI on the map than one alliance possibly could control, and to far ahead from another to be viable to even try. there could still be very small random spawned ressources on the map. but the huge majority should come from POIs and it should not be needed for a single crafter/harvester to run around with several people just to gather ressources. you would still better run in a group, but the guards would stand outside and look for enemies and do whatever they want outside, but the harvesters would do their harvesting and afterwards go back. with guards or without. the guards should just not speed up the harvesting. thats not what they are there for. its not what they learned, its not what they should be good for. and its not what they are supposed to (want to) do. and those guards for POI could even be NPCs (call them like you want in Crowfall). NPCs can be killed and you can put yours there, if you want to overtake the mine. As long as its possible for those NPCs to win against players, they are useful guards. Still, if you come with a big group, you should win against them. Putting ressources in form of NPCguards in front of your mine is again risk vs reward. Reward is, that you are the only one that can enter. risk is, they might be killed and the ressources are wasted. make them strong enough to be worth the risk and its fine.
  14. it has passive training and therefore the only way to be an effective crafter and fighter is having multiple accounts. i'd call that strongly reccommended.
  15. multiboxing with keycloning is allowed in nearly all mmos. how could you think, that in a game, that strongly recommends multiaccounting, it would be forbidden to play them in the same time?
  16. Sums it up quite well. So farewell, all you solo-harvesters. You get less worse material slower at higher risk. Bäm, in ya face.
  17. how does this harvesting system go with risk vs reward? as far as i see, the best way to harvest is in big groups as its not even possible to get the best ressources alone. so alone you have much higher risk and much less reward. thats not the way risk/reward is meant in most cases here...
  18. i can only agree. i really hope, that there will be more interesting things for combatcharacters to fight over than ressources and players gathering them. or worlds get really big, so its unlikely to meet someone if one does not really actively look for him. or if there were gathering areas that belong to the keep that enemies can only enter if they conquer that keep. if not, solo-crafters and solo-harvesters will only play in epic kingdoms.
  19. why would anyone want that his unpreferred way of information gets neglected? i think, nearly everyone would be happy with vids PLUS write-ups. or with updates to the FAQ-stuff.
  20. so can we just agree, that we dont care about training for fighting and it would even be fine, if we just chose our fighting skills and be done with it without further progression? the only point, where active training is interesting is for crafting. passive training renders crafting on main accounts useless, if crafting is anywhere nearly the same as in any other mmo. if crafting is compareable to anything we know, then crafting will be done with alt accounts and main accs will be fighters. at least for all players that play effectively.
  21. my opinions to that questions: it affects crafting. it does not make crafting less important, it just makes it impossible to be a fighter and a crafter in the same time and therefore forces everyone that wants to fight effectively to craft on a second account. so yes, it totally stimulates usage of alt accounts. ...dunno ace? ...dunno ace? no, 100% passie skill progression is not anti-grind. grind is boring repetitive doing of anything. waiting is such. with only passive progression, there is nothing but waiting. there is not even a reason to play if you want to achieve something. once you have the materials, you can do nothing but wait until you have the skill. thats totally boring. dont know about eve
  22. while what you said is true... they said, mines would just be points where materials spawn. so if you go to a mine, you can just get a chunk of ore. if no one has been there for some hours, there will be more chunks of ore. seems like gathering will be quite simple. this leads to multiple accounts for crafting and one main account for fighting that can gather stuff and give it to his alt accs for crafting. totally destroys crafting for people that only play for crafting. but we will see. it seems, one of their next q&a will be about crafting, so maybe they have things in mind that make simple gathering of raw materials hard if you dont have the right gathering skills, so at least gathering on mainacc will be a thing. i really wonder how there will be a difference between dedicated crafters and crafter-mules.
  23. couldn't agree more to this. only passive training is just bad. there has to be a reason for actively playing.
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