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  1. nice idea, sounds funny. but i see people not liking it because of 'pay to win' as you can buy a large castle thats supposed to be a good defense when others only can afford a smaller one or need months/years to get that big castle with only ingame materials. i still like it.
  2. 1. How did you hear about Crowfall? I'm regularly playing lotro and every once in a while, people discuss about the game getting worse and if it will shut up or that the license might not get renewed. In one of these threads, people wrote about upcoming MMOs, and crowfall was on the list (and the only interesting one for me till then. now, i follow CoE, too) 2. Which parts of the site have you found to be most useful? FAQ/News were very helpful in finding out, if it might be a game for me. After having read all of them, i now just login daily, follow some discussions and lookup devposts. 3. What part of the site would you change? How would you change it? It would be nice, if there were more specific information about classes, skills, mechanics in the FAQparts when they get released. Seems like everyone has to follow every dev-post and look every video to be up-to-date because the info just does not show up anywhere else.
  3. i see this very often. let those players that have bad habits be stuck in gods reach... i just cannot agree on that. there will be lots of players in gods reach and all those might get disgruntled off, if all players with bad habits are forced to play there. it should not matter which type of CW you like to play. all types should be equal in terms of which one is allowed to play or not. putting all idiots in the type of CW which parts of the community don't like will only serve them but destroy fun for others. not a good solution.
  4. no effect if you plan on playing no-import-cws anyway
  5. it really sounds like if there was only extremely great awesomely skilled players and bad players. i agree, that if there are only those two types, where the one knows how to play their class and the other is not even able to use its combos if there are combos... then, player skill can make a big difference. In most games, there are bad players, average players, good players and very good players, where from average on everyone knows their skills and what they do (and if most skills and combos are so complicated, that most players dont understand them, its not a high skill-ceiling, its a bad game). As long as most players know their skills, there is no way, that higher playerskills win without enough tools to use them against a much bigger crowd. And you may repeat your elitism as often as you want, its still wrong. the best players are not always the best players in all types of gameplay and the best players do not always win.
  6. with passive skillgain, i see no way around multiple accounts. i dont like it though. and imo, it would be better, if every accound could invest in combat abilities PLUS crafting/exploring etc. if there are skilltrees for combat bonusses and others for crafting, its really forcing players to have a main acc with fighting bonusses and others with crafting. as i see it, the reason for passive training is, that ACE does not want to force us to play as much as possible. how about having active training and allowing to activate training with lower speed if we are offline? so whenever online, no skills would raise by themselves, but whenever we go fight/gather/craft, the skills raises fast, but if we go offline, we have the ability to activate training mode, where our characters would get skills slowly. one could still go offline for a week and come back with better skills, but if one wanted to have multiple crafting professions, it would be easier to do so with active training and putting time into skilling those actively. at least, please split up general in fighting related and non-fighting-related and let us train one of both. its a fighting game in the end.
  7. Is there a way to set the times displayed in the forums to 24-hour-clock instead of pm/am stuff? I did not find it in the settings and would like it as i don't like the pm/am stuff and always have to spent a second or two for thinking about which time it means (especially if its 12 as 12 cant be past or before 12 as its 12..).
  8. another note: even if EKs were linked, i guess, you will never see more than your direct neighbour, as EKs are REALLY large...
  9. crowfall has too much dashes/blinks/fastjumps to have rooted rangers (and to be a good tactical game at all). people shouldn't teleport around the battlefield all the time.
  10. To me, its just close. It seems, like they cancelled full environment destructability (which means of course that digging is possible for example) and i don't like passive training. Other than that, Crowfall seems quite great for a PvP-focussed game.
  11. i guess, gatherers might really hate it as they would be forced to walk back to their vault after mining for a quarter of an hour as they cannot walk anymore if they go gathering for longer... still, it would make sense.
  12. if you are not in a CW, you will be in an Epic Kingdom. This may be yours or any other you are allowed to travel to. In EKs, the King (player that owns it, every player has one) sets all rules like if PvP is possible, if houses are destructible, etc. Mainly, EK look like housing areas, but there may be crafting nodes and NPC enemies, depending on what the people that use it do. There might be living cities with hundreds of players in some EKs, whereas lots of EK will be totally unused and just small empty landscape. You can do housing stuff, crafting, gathering, fighting, RPing etc there.
  13. sadly, fully desctructable/changeable environment is kind of cancelled.
  14. looks like vast space with no place to hide... there should be much more bushes, high grass or whatever. one just should not be able to see every player in a mile around. or just trees having leaves in the lower 3 meters, too.
  15. if i were playing a game where death matters, i would not go afk in areas where i could be killed. better logout. i dont see EK as stopping afk, i see it as another thing to do as long as there is nothing to be done in the CW. maybe, because you are the only one online and cant go out gathering, because some enemies camp in front of your castle. what speaks against then going in your EK and build some stuff or spare time with gathering there? If i cannot visit my EK for a year if i play a year-long CW... what is it good for then?
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