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  1. i guess, we will be allowed to get back to our EK anytime we want. we just cant get anything from there to the current CW because of import rules. EK will be kind of player-housing with the ability to enlarge it by far and create more like guilds-housing, friendshiphousing etc and in a very large scale. besides housing, we can get there basic materials, which allow us to build more housing stuff and work with our crafts etc... if we had active training for crafting, this would give a meaning to CWs as its safer there... but as its all passive... i dont really see a reason to use EK other than for housing in a save persistent world. when a CW is finished, you can export large amounts of better materials to use them in your CW or craft nice equipment with them. if you enter the next CW with import, you can use some of that stuff to have a faster start in that CW. I once read, that there might be weaker import&export rules for some CWs which may allow to import and export during the time the CW is up and not only at beginning and end. this would also allow the EK to have a little more meaning, although the ressources gathered in EKs will be the weakest ones and you will always get better ressources in CWs. Still, the EK is the only place where you can store things forever, as CW will vanish once the hunger comes.
  2. you dont have to be in a campaign at day one. if you need to enter at day one, you may be forced to wait for some time between campaigns. i do not think, that all types of campaigns will start and end at the same days.
  3. I have a dream, how i would want my perfect mmo to be: The gameworld has to be an interactive one, so with voxel or similar systems. And not only the buildings, but also landscape, with abilities to dig holes and tunnels and caves and it should be even the water which follows those voxels and if you let water flow through something, it should take things with it which are in the way. If you push a big round stone uphill and stop pushing, it would roll down again and crush whatever comes in its way, if its less strong than the stone... The world would be big and filled with NPCs who have scripts like being merchant or landlord or peasant or slave or whatever which determine, what they do the whole time. These scripts should be good enough to let the NPCs survive without interaction of players, still players should be able to interact both in good and bad ways with them for example by burning their crops or attacking their village versus helping them with their work or getting payed for fighting off danger. The basic fighting skills would be the same for each player and one could change which type of fighter one is every now and then with the abilities to be: tank, healer, sneakysingletargetmeleedamage, meleeaoedamage, rangedphysicaldamage, magician(rangedtacticaldamage) and something like arcane mage with impulses to fight with voxels and create bubbles/walls etc (optional class as its hard to be balanced) For fighting, there would be quite simple attributes and fight system would be skill-based without random effects: Every player would have some Lifepoints, some kind of Energy and thats it. Energy would be used for stuff like blocking, running, jumping to evade attacks and special attacks. All other skills would just have cooldowns depending on their power. Attributes on equipment would be +life, +damage, +mitigation, +armourpenetration, +fightingspeed, +runningspeed, +regeneration and those would all be multiplicative with each other and all buffs or debuffs (so +1% damage would always be +1% damage no matter how much you already have and not just +1% base damage) this is quite easy to do and solves lots of problems by itself (like buffs getting worse with better equipment or players getting immune because of stacking +mitigation or other problems some games have sometimes) channeled skills would be rooted, all other skills would be useable while moving for full effect, although moving would lead to aiming penalty (like in counterstrike). Crafting would be similar to what we know about Crowfall. Simple recipes, where the quality of reagents determines the exact result. High Quality reagents would be available by loot strong enemies, via instances or through gathering in dangerous areas. Instances would have a relatively simple tier1, where tier1 ingredients drop. there should be lots of tiers, where from each tier to the next all that changes is, that all enemies get more life, more damage, more mitigation, more speed and more regeneration, where the strength of enemies rises MUCH faster than the increase of strength, players can achieve by upgrading their equipment with ingredients of tierX gotten in instance of tierX. As long as tier1 is balanced quite well to be doable for the common player, this leads to a hard enough way for high tier reagents (many players will even say its impossible to beat the highest tiers and if someone still beats them, one can simply add more tiers). On death, players would respawn naked somewhere and if they want their stuff back, get back to their corpse. After a certain time (lets just call it 15Min), other players can just loot their corpse (equipment and inventory). Players would have a vault somehow, where they can store things that can't be stolen. Players could get money by selling stuff to merchants, working for NPCs, selling stuff to other players or just stealing from (maybe dead) NPCs. If players behave bad versus NPCs (for example stealing, killing), there would be a bounty on them made by the local sherriff/king, whatever and other players could hunt them and the money or other values would be taken off those bad players personal vaults or something like that if they get caught. In addition, if you have a bounty higher than a small amount, players could immediately loot your corpse, and not only after a certain amount of time. I don't know about the setting, but the 'aim' of the game would be to get famous or be ruler over some landscape etc. What do you think? How many years will I have to wait for a game like this? Can it even be done within the next 30 years? Would you like it?
  4. i also dont see the real benefit to get into battle directly after reviving. one would have no weapon, no armour etc and be pretty much useless on the open field. or are equipment benefits really small? or do you plan on wearing multiple equipments to equip fallen friends? i thought, if i die, all my inventory is gone. everything i weared and carried. if someone loots my corpse, there should be no reason to enter the battlefield before i get a new equipment.
  5. denke, das ist die assassine. da stand in der geschichte irgendwas von männerhass und alle männer werden bei geburt getötet oder so
  6. if rez takes more than 30 seconds cast, only works out of combat and is interrupted when taking any damage and the ressurrected teammate has very low health and strong debuffs not allowing him to fight for 1 or 2 minutes, then, i can see rezzing work. otherwise, it just does not fit to the game.
  7. just saw the DF video. i dont like that fighting style at all. unlimited range without bullet drop is just insane. most people shoot projectiles to where seem to be people, but one does not even see those people... no, just no. unlimited range without bullet drop is just bad. and obviously, vision range should be high enough to see the targets one wants to attack. on the other hand, i have no problems with mobile fighting. although, it should not be too much. one should not be able to aim very good if one runs while shooting. so movement should reduce either the chance to hit or the attackrange. like in good old counterstrike, where, if you moved while shooting, your reticle got bigger (depending on the speed you moved) and you would hit anywhere inside, but not in the middle anymore.
  8. did someone see the newest chapter of Game of Thrones? This is, how bow-stuff should work. Bullet drop and range only determined by angle and projectile speed.
  9. winning with much more people is very easy in most cases and easy things are boring. losing outnumbered is demotivating, as one had no chance either way. winning/losing fair fights helps both sides as it depends on skill and you might even learn to get better if you lose. i like winning, but i don't get more fun by destroying others just for the sake of it, therefore im 1)
  10. Rumo had some sword like that, too. Nice story Whatever, btt: Thralls are a system which can be really great if it allows enough freedom. I would even like if it was able to give thralls commands like 'go attack that caravan and bring the goods to my castle'. Or: 'hide besides that street and ambush whoever walks by'. Or: 'escort me, as i am the king and need my kings guard always around me'. Or: 'go to the mine and gather ore for me'. Or: 'stand at the entrance of my castle and greet everyone with title and name'. But i guess, thats dreaming. I guess, we players will be both the one that gives and gets those orders But i would really like to have some kind of thrall-KI, that i can change. like what to do when enemies are near (hide/fight/runaway) which path to take towards the target (some waypoints on the map, maybe one would have to walk the way once and save it for the thrall or put marks for waypoints) when infight: fight till death/offensively but retreat when near death/hit and run/dont fight, just run
  11. did someone play spellforce? its a mix of rpg and strategy game, where your hero(es) grow from map to map and get stronger, but you will have to build up new bases and gather and craft and build up armies in each new map, but still could roam around with your hero(es) in the map, which were much stronger than parts of your army, but would lose to bigger groups. imo, this could be used in mmos, too, although it should be quite expansive to get and hold bigger armies to stop players from ruling the world just alone with a big army i would like to have to play just my hero but have the ability to send troops in the battle with some commands. like 'transport those goods' or 'attack that village' or 'control my borders' or, if a war comes up and one gathers on a battlefield with 20 players vs 20 players, that one commands ones 100-1000 soldiers in the battle and joins the fight oneself... where the player-played heroes obviously would be as strong as 10-20 soldiers or something like that. would be quite realistic, wouldn't it? but i know this type of battle only in browsergames or offline-games. maybe, one problem for mmo would be those big battles with thousands of soldiers and tens/hundreds of players. maybe, its just too much today to make it run fluidly. i wonder, if crowfall runs well, if the thrall-system could get expanded to something like that
  12. As long as no one releases a mmo with changeable/destructable environment and decent graphics like EQ:N was meant to be, i'm not interested in any of those. And i don't mean only destroyable castles. I want to be able to dig tunnels, change the way a river flows, make big explosions which leave craters in the world, pile up hills/moutains... I'm even okay with the landscape healing itself, if i move away for a longer time... or an approach like CF does with just resetting gameworlds. There's more things i would like to have like meaningful crafting, cool instances with lots of tiers where each higher tier increases difficulty by a lot and rewards by a little... I personally prefer active training instead of passive training. And i prefer PvE over PvP. And i would prefer to have just one character and trait how i want (mage/tank/dd/heal/stealthy/CC/mixed) and with the ability to change traits once in a while instead of playing lots of alts. But all of that does not really matter much. The changing environment for me is the only real thing i'm hoping for which would made me start another mmo. I don't even care about story or quests. for story i can always play lotro or offlinegames. good stories are made by players playing the game anyway, if the world allows it.
  13. and then a highskilled stealth class just walks by with enough food for a week in its inventory and no one noticed him as the attackers forgot to search for stealthed enemies once a minute at day 5 aaaand another week of siege. i wonder, how long those guilds own castle will last, if the guild camps in front of another castle 24/7... but yea, this would actually be more real sieging
  14. so... i thought, this was common sense... do we expect to have the same number of defenders and attackers in sieges in crowfall? that does not make sense. if armies have the same strength, there is no reason to do a siege. one would just fight outside on a battlefield.
  15. ha, great idea. maybe, after failing, the price wont be that high... having EQ:N inside CF would be really cool as destructible terrain was the main point i am interested in these two games. merge them and it has to work
  16. its been quoted 5 or 6 posts ago. dont know the source, sry, but i remember having read the same somewhere else in the forums. Grants Alchemy Bag - increased inventory space that can only contain potion bottles; potions placed in bag have decreased chance of exploding on impact if the bag decreases the chance of potions to explode, potions have a chance to explode on impact would be funny if one knew the disciplines of the enemies. like if you are in a battle and tell your mates to aim at the alchimists and then a swarm of arrows flies to them and they explode taking al allies with them as they stored a big stack of potions and those exploded
  17. i can't think of alchemy discipline being hard to get. its a really common thing people will want to have easily accessible. if you see, that if you don't have alchemy, potions tend to explode in your bag... (maybe, on explosion, they will even do aoe damage or something like that) in pvp games, people want to use potions. if you need to be alchemist to use potions savely, lots of people will use this discipline. it would be hard, if its hard to get then. if i understand things right, the discipline rune gets lost, if your vessel gets destroyed. therefore, there will even be a lager need for easy supply of alchemy runestones.
  18. i'm not sure. depends on how its done... but i tend to stonemasonry or blacksmith. and obviously harvesting. i guess, i will be starting with harvesting for some days or weeks, then switch to one of the crafts and switch back between those until harvesting is high enough to supply my crafting. when i feel, i can supply myself good enough to not be completely dependend on others for my main craft, i will go full in blacksmith or stonemasonry.
  19. lotro (lord of the rings online). story and world building is just great. and its very immersive on the RP-realms. if performance didn't make so many problems and if loot didn't have such a bad random factor, it would really be a great pve game overall (pvp just sucks there). and crafting kind of sucks. and don't talk about balancing/scaling... still, its a great world with much to explore and sooo much nice stories
  20. if we cannot have bullet drop, which would solve the problem of walls being useless... can one just get something like +20m range as a buff as long as one stands on a wall?
  21. i would really like to have some benefits from really playing my crafting toons. dont know, how it will work out. but it would be kind of sad, if someone who just logs in to craft and 95% of his playtime plays his fighting acc can do the same stuff as someone who plays his crafting toons all time.
  22. i would like to have a long, a short and a middle time CW in all rings.
  23. i would guess, the export rule determines some kind of percentage of what you gathered that you can take out. so, if you spent a lot of time, you can gather more. still, you get the same percentage like a person that spent less time. its still more as you have more.
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