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  1. It looks like some people tend to have two accounts and use one for fighting and others for crafting... so, how will crafting be done in crowfall? what will i get from crafting on my main account that i can not do on my second account if that second account gets the loot the first account finds? will crafting need me to really play? like in gothic1, where if you want to make a sword, you need iron and a fire and then put some iron into the fire, take it out, hammer on it, put it in water and repeat everything like 10 times until you get a good weapon? if its just that you get recipes and those get improved via traits, i dont see anything good in main-acc-crafting...
  2. as far as i remember, they said, the reward for longer CW will be better. will it just be better than shorter ones or will it be better than playing shorter ones for the same time?
  3. i dont know, how construction works. but i thought, i would take a week or longer to built a stronghold. that would of course make longer campaigns interesting. how much players should be in a CW to me depends on how big that CW is. I'd say, somewhere around maximum 100 players per square kilometer. another question is, how fast will crafting be? do you need some seconds or some hours to craft a complete armor set for one player? all these determine the time a CW should be up to be fun. If i need a week to built a stronghold, a CW with sieges which lasts a week makes no sense.
  4. i hope, we can set thralls to be not only guards but also watchoutpoints. like if you have your castle on a certain point and all enemy castles are more than 2 hours of siegeequimpentspeed away. i would like to put thralls somewhere at 30min/1h distance from my keep to let them tell me when enemy armies pass by. (obviously, players could kill them to stop them warning me. but they would have to find them. and i would tell the thralls to hide) i would not want to have to scout for months where nothing happens as a player.
  5. another thing, i'd like to add: potions should not be instant and their use should be interruptable. i cant dring medicine in no time. it always takes some seconds to take something out of my bag and put it in my mouth. and if i got hit while doing so, i would drop it and have no effect.
  6. the camera distance in those screenshots is totally fine for me.
  7. hmm... 47/80/13/60%... would have thought, my number on achiever would be higher than socializer looks like im all but killer but mostly explorer.
  8. if everyone can wear all types of armor... can everyone wear shields, too? hmm... wrong thread... how do i delete my post? i only find edit function...
  9. its still fighting against the environment, if you fight against a boss and not against players i may or may not agree, that worldbosses are good for such a thing. but they are clearly PvE. Even if the have a good spot in a PvP-Game.
  10. if one archetype gets the fastest movement, decent stealth AND server wide tracking, i hope, that he will be the worst in combat of all. like any noob could win against him even if the stealther has firststrike. those three points are just too much for one archetype.
  11. as long as i can dig holes and caves, im happy (voxels for everything, already an aim for the game, but the one i hope the most for which is not in it currently) realistic water would be cool, too. so to say, i want to be able to flood a badly placed city, if i dig a hole from a higher river to it by letting the river flow through that hole and set the whole city under water. or, like the ents in lotro, if i create/break a dam and divert the river... realistic water could be used both offensively and defensively... placing your city in the middle of a river would prevent others from digging caves from outside the walls to inside... as they would get flooded. i hope, combat will be much slower than MOBA. in MOBA, many fights (even bigger ones) get decided within seconds after engagement. thats not what i like.
  12. if only melees get mobile stealth and are reduced in movementspeed to 10% of normal speed, i have no problem with stealth if the stealth-classes are faster than 50%, i want them to be either not totally invisible or i want to have stealth and reveal available to all classes in fact, if there is a whole part 'exploration' in the traits... and 'exploration' has the same type of category like 'crafting' and 'fighting'... i count on stealth-stuff in exploration somewhere. which makes it traitable for everyone quoted from FAQ: "General skills are further subdivided into three major gameplay activities: combat, crafting and exploration. The skills contained in each tree are what you might expect to find. Skills that are useful across every archetype, weapons and armor skills in the combat trees, crafting skills in the crafting trees and gameplay actions as stealth, harvesting and animal husbandry in the exploration trees." so yea, stealth is planned for everyone, so i guess, i will be traiting stealth for one week to be able to gather herbs in the wood unharmed...
  13. i dont think, that it should be necessary to group up, if i just want to gather some herbs in the near wood. if not having stealth or reveal makes that impossible, the design is bad.
  14. the healer can have skills/stances to change from 'i can heal mates but get killed easily' to 'i am a stone' or 'i can get away but cant heal enough anymore'
  15. or shieldbearers get a skill which allows them do put their shields down and hide behind them. they would block all projectiles from front or falling, but could not move or change direction. wall of shields like you see in many movies... or with many shieldbearers, you could do things like the romans in asterix&obelix. would be funny^^
  16. sad, really sad. besides CF, EQ Next was the only other game i was really waiting for. The idea of interactive environment, building and destroying everything there is really made me interested in those two... sure, there are games like minecraft... but i like graphics, story and aims and not only voxelworlds. voxelworlds are nice, but only amazing if they are alive. and filled with people like mmos are supposed to... now, one is out... so lets hope even more, that CF gets it done.
  17. maybe, it makes aiming really easy. but if you shoot for more than 50m, the projectile is supposed to fly longer than a second. at 200m shooting range, it will be more like 4 seconds. yes, it will be easy to aim. but if you hit when your projectile flies 4 seconds... the enemy deserves to get hit (numbers calculated with what humans can do, not with the power of immortal soulds sent by gods )
  18. just to add more 'bla': max range is only at 45°, if we are playing in vacuum. with air resistance, its much less. with 'light' projectiles like arrows more like 30° btt: i think, it might be nice, in addition to the reticle (or instead of it (or reticle till some distance like 40m, and after that the following)), to get a little point on the floor which shows, where the projectile will land. would make aiming at long distance much easier. (i think, getting such a point in addition to the reticle or the possibility to toggle between reticle/bottommark makes the most sense) because its magic it depends on the type of magic though. if the magic just summons a rock and throws this rock, its a normal projectile and should have bullet drop. fire and mana instead are no real objects with weight. things without weight cant have bullet drop. if the fireball is just some thrown burning material, it has weight and should drop. if the weight is small, fireballs might infact have inverted bulletdrop. hot air is lighter than cold air
  19. i would like to have 'infinite range' (obviously, no projectile has infinite range, but lets call 300-500m with bow/arrow 'infinite') and bullet drop, but if target is closer than lets say 30m, the effect is small enough to say its not there. for magic missiles like fireballs, its okay for me, if they dont follow physics. its magic. still, magic has limits. fire is only burning as long as it has something to comsume. so, magic missiles should have limited range. or use more mana if they are supposed to fly further then, we could aim like its now, if the target is near, but still have the possibility to hit targets at 100m, if we aim correctly.
  20. what do you think of a system like in counterstrike, where, if you move while shooting, the reticle gets bigger and the projectile hits anywhere inside the reticle? you could still move while shooting, but it would be recommended not to do so.
  21. how about allowing to move while shooting, but if one runs while shooting, the reticle gets bigger and the arrow shoots randomy anywhere in the area of the reticle? thats how some FPS handled it (i remember that way of rooting people in counterstrike). if you stood still, you hit where you aim. if you move and shoot, you hit somewhere around your target.
  22. if melees had some kind of toggle between cleave and singletarget damage... wouldnt that solve the problem with FF? if one doesnt want to hurt teammates, one just has to use no aoe skills. as long as everyone has targeted non-aoe skills, i dont see the problem. i dont want FF dregs only. it should be a rule that can be applied to all CW. i like FF, but will still try all kind of CW.
  23. its just, that FF is one of the biggest chance of small groups to have a chance against big zergs...
  24. the suppression shot arcs. barrage arcs, too. so it looks like all ground-target skills are supposed to arc, while targetted skills dont.
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