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  1. can you explain to me, why cool highskilled pvpguys always have to be rude and are not able to discuss like normal people?
  2. i played some games with different ways to stack buffs and dont know, how its here. in some games, they stack multiplicative. in others, they stack additive. in my point of view, multiplicately stacking is by far better than additive. with additive stacking, there are some problems: -it may be possible to get immune to damage (2 -50% incoming damage buffs yield -100% additively, but only -75% multiplicately) -after getting more than one buff, the buffs just dont do what they say, each new buff gets worse or better than those before depending what they do. (basedamage 1 plus 50% is 1.5, plus 50% is 2.25 multiplicative, but only 2 additive) -sometimes, even the first buff does not do what it should, as its value just gets added up to charactervalues (if you have some stat like strength giving +20% damage and basedamage is 1, you have 1.2. if a buffs gives +20%, it can end up at 1.4 or 1.44, depending on formulas) in the end, its just different sets of formulas, where multiplicative ones are little more complex. but its worth it. didn't find a thread, so if there is one... sorry. and if everything already is planned to be multiplicative... im just happy with that
  3. No one here cares about PvE. It isn't part of the game. if you like it or not, PvE is part of the game. Just not focus. There can be monsters in both CW and EK. You can kill them. If no other player shows up, its just PvE. Maybe, theres no raids or Worldbosses and such stuff. Still, its PvE, if you fight against non-player-characters, which will exist.
  4. 1. I once played WoW on a early beta freeshard and there was a funny bug with rogues stealth. if you just activated and deactivated it, your speed got reduced until next relog. if you did that many times in a row, you actually ran very fast forwards when pressing the backwards button. that was really funny. 2. i hope, stealth gives me the ability to get away with my crafter, if i roam around solo in the world and try to get some ressources without being captured and killed. 3. i hope, that if they are the melee-burst-class rouges are in many games, that they have huge burst but no survivability. if they die in 15 seconds to just about anyone, i have no problem with them being able to kill not reacting non-tanks from stealth in 5 seconds.
  5. as far as i can see, not only can you deactivate pvp in your EK, you can also use some items to spawn enemies which you can then kill and loot. if there are strong spawneable enemies and not only to-be-farmed ones... there might be a way to create your own pve campaign in your EK. just let them spawn and set their waypoints to make them walk towards your castle. dont forget to activate destructability of your castle to get a challenge. after getting the challenge in a nice way, you can even sell it to other players. like you give them a parcel in your EK and send the enemies there. might be able to get some currency in that way
  6. good point. i just had a 30% number in my head somehow... that felt really large and easy to achieve.
  7. haha. thats obvious, i guess^^ i more like getting 60% winning 40% losing than 100%/0% but thats just the way of risk vs profit i guess. i just hate losing more than i like winning
  8. neutral does not have to get dominant to win. thats the point if only good and evil gather points and neutral wins, if there is no more than lets say 30% difference... then neutral can just watch and sometimes team up with the weaker team. why shouldnt the weaker team want to get better? otherwise they would not have a chance to win at all.
  9. is something known about how in general the export will work? like winner takes all, loser nothing? or more like winner can have everything gathered and loser takes 70%? or will winner still not be able to get everything, so something like winner 50%, loser 30%? other way round... is there a chance, that you play a campaign for a whole year and get nothing off it at all although you played there everyday, just because you play in the wrong team? are there any planned numbers anywhere? or will it be just everything possible but one sees the numbers when choosing the campaign?
  10. According to the FAQ, in gods reach, there is always basically 3 factions (good, evil, neutral) fighting each other. In general, of course, the strongest faction will win. The problem is: if all factions are equal in strength, neutral will win. The only chance for good and bad to win the thing is, if they are stronger than the other two factions together. So, as far as i see, the chances for neutral to win a CW in gods reach is much bigger than for good or evil guys. They can even win without participating, if good and evil are not much different in power overall. am i the only one seeing a problem here? or is there something i missed?
  11. i guess, i will be 3/4 of time doing stuff for crafting and 1/4 fighting... so yea, count me in
  12. Real medieval fights between armies have been with free aiming and friendly fire. why shouldnt it work in a mmo? i think, its a nice idea. you will see people make large fronts and try to flank the enemies frontline... nothing wrong with that.
  13. Hi everyone, I've read of the game in lotro forums, looked it up and am really interested. Was waiting for Everquest Next for some years as i like the idea of changing game-worlds. I think, the adaption to even more changing worlds here in combination with the EK is really nice. I guess, im gonna be more of a crafter than real fighter, but even there, the game has great ideas. Played WoW, lotro, Archeage, Neverwinter online before... maybe, crowfall might be my new main game when its done
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