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  1. Hi! I'd like to join your guild. I left a message in your application room -Dapi
  2. You should read this and watch this before buying it. There's not much to do. Just killing everyone else, no objectives just surviving. You can try to harvest items and craft stuff and explore skill trees. Also lots of bugs. Harvesting enough materials for full gear takes a long time. And if you die your inventory can be looted empty (only stuff in your bag, not equiped items) and all your equiped items take huge durability loss. Pvp if fun though. If you have group. And enjoy pvp Combat video (Cladera vs Aesir)
  3. Have you read their soft launch plans? http://crowfall.com/en/news/founders-update-soft-launch-strategy/
  4. Can you provide some reference? And please include which countrys law you're refering to. IMO they have been clear enough in their information about playtests. I too think that customer has some responsibility to get information about the product he/she is buying. You can't got to grocery store and buy a potato and then make a fuss about it becouse you can't print YouTube videos with it. In Crowfalls post about Big World testing (http://crowfall.com/en/news/founders-update-big-world-testing/) they said: You have Alpha 3 Access, but not everyone with Alpha 3 Access has been flagged for testing yet. You and everyone else who has purchased bronze bundle will get to testing before anyone with Beta 1 or Beta 2 Access.
  5. I'll assume you don't know what testing means and why they do it and therefore you didn't know what you were buying. Instead of making yourself look stupid on forums you should try to get refund.
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