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  1. I'm currently looking for a guild for when Crowfall launches. Preferably an Australian guild. Im an aussie MMO veteran player. Ive played game such as SWOTOR, DCUO, Warhammer Online: AOR, World of Warcraft, Wildstar, RIFT, AION, Blade and Soul and much much more. I also currently play Overwatch to pass the time. Iam a passionate PVPER and i love to PVP.
  2. SOLVED! Ok so I found out why it was doing this and it was my Anti-Virus that was blocking the application. So to test this I disabled my anti-virus for 10 mins and boom! the game worked. Which is weird seeing that ive been playing the game and this is the first time its done this.
  3. Hello, After playing yesterday night. I tried to launch the game this morning and the client just does nothing when i click launch. So to recap I put in my password and click the launch button and then nothing. Patcher is gone and nothing happens? EDIT: I remember last night when i logged off my game crashed for the first time. So now i went into the error log in the crowfall folder and this is what it said. Unity Player [version: Unity 5.5.2f1_3829d7f588f3] CrowfallClient.exe caused an Access Violation (0xc0000005) in module CrowfallClient.exe at 0033:3f7
  4. Hi devs. My name is Millz and after watching a templar pvp video on YouTube and seeing Templars CC stun lock you I wanted to know if the team is working on a solution for multiple crowd controls hitting a single player. The best crowd control counter I've seen was from Warhammer online: Age of reckoning where if you get CC'd for example a knockdown the player who received the knockdown would get a buff that would make the player immune to that type of CC for 5 to 6 seconds. So my question is: Will there be diminishing returns for crowd control in Crowfall and if th
  5. I agree. For a better animation for harvesting since harvesting is the most valuable and repetitive thing you would be doing in this game. Same thing for when you craft items aswell.
  6. To me after playing so many mmos I think Warhammer online had the best cc control. If you get knocked down you would be immune to any knockdowns for a few seconds. Same result with the other CCs such as snare, stun, blind, knock back etc. I think maybe we need a 5 or 6 second cc immunity when you get hit by the current cc and then you would be immune to that type of CC for a few seconds. To me that was the best hard cc counter.
  7. Also I would like to add that the templars right click block needs a cooldown on the knockdown. Since in this video he just blocks and keeps knocking down the opponent's. Hence why he can 1v5 them.
  8. Hello developers. I was wondering if you're going to implement a diminishing returns for crowd control? I was watching a video on a class I wanted to go when the game goes live and I went scoruing for some pvp videos on the templar class and i came across this video. Now I love PvP alot but I like fair pvp and after watching this video chain Crowd crontrol is not something that's fun to receive. The combo is ok but what I didnt think was fair was the multiple CC of the same skill used on 1 player trapping him in a continuous stun. That is not fun at all. So my question is
  9. Thats true. But since Singapore is the only lowest ping server for us Australians hopefully we would get to test a low ping Sydney server and Im sure this will attract Australian MMO players like myself. But thank you for replying
  10. Thank you for the reply. Will there be an Australian server at launch? Since Singapore gives me 145-200ms compared to an Australian server such as Sydney at 30-60ms.
  11. Hi, I was wondering if you're going to add an Oceanic server for us Australian players who love mmo's. Ive been playing MMO's all my life and I think.. no I KNOW im falling in love with this game. Im wanting to invest alot of money and time into this game but im on the fence atm due to the problem being if there is going to be an Oceanic server or not. Thank you if you respond.
  12. I love the addition of the TL:DR at the bottom. Very nice for on the good reading.
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