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  1. LOL just noticed your location is set as "inside your caravan" love it!!
  2. Our numbers may not be as large as your but Keineid Gaming looks forward to doing battle with you all and maybe even joining forces under fealty of a common kingdom! You guys have a great looking guild and it is great to see well run guilds with great values in the community. Look forward to seeing you all in game in the Alpha! As far as I know not many of my guild is going to be in the Alpha with me so look forward to me (temporarily) pledging my allegiance to cause of the Lantern Watch if that is ok with you guys!
  3. This 100%. PvE enemies will exist but the theme and mold of the game is going to be focused on PvP and alliances. From the way they are making it seem the PvE enemies will provide no benefit for you to kill them.
  4. I like your idea of having Mounts that are costly and can die. I am a little hesitant on having your "Mount" being able to carry goods for you. i think the whole "caravan" system is better. You will have to tame/crate caravans designed specifically for carrying your goods back to your kingdom. These are summonable and have to be escorted either partially or all the way to your kingdom under your guard. Or if you don't make them need an export at least make it so only a portion of you goods make it back depending on the length/weight
  5. In the new Crafting FAQ AC mentioned at the fact that there will be members of your Kingdom who may be going down the path of "Professional Crafter" solely focusing on creating items from materials scavenged and foraged by others in the world. I am interested in this fact and was intrigued by the play-style implications of this. As a Ranger I plan on being out in the deep wilderness on my own or in small hunting groups. I am looking forward to being a forward scout and pushing the boundaries of where I can explore and what I can find. Personally I think the role of Ranger will be on the forefront of locating the materials that the Kingdom needs and calling for support from a larger "collection party" to escort the material back to the Kingdom. Transport of goods back to the Kingdom seemed to be a big aspect of crafting and that is where the "caravan" kickstarter stretch goal comes in. It will be a summonable packmule/cargo carrier that can increase the speed and security of your goods getting back home. What do you guys see yourself being? Do you plan on picking up Woodworking and becoming a master Bow maker? Do you see yourself being the Scout / Locator like I am planning to be? Or do you plan on trying to find small amounts of material and carrying them back to your kingdom yourself?
  6. I am definitely looking forward to being a Ranger! I am hoping the new crafting system will help us be able to forge our own hunting bows!
  7. It looks like your prediction of competitive crafting was right! Personally I cant wait for this game. I am planning on being a Woodcrafter so I can make the finest bows in the land for my Ranger but don't plan on being a full time craftsman. I would more like to be out in the world scavenging. It is awesome to see that our guild/kingdom can have such defined and specific roles. Anyone else in the Alpha? Would love to hunt, scavenge, and explore the worlds with you!
  8. I am hoping they implement some sort of Diplomacy option where two large houses band together for the greater good! (or greater evil )
  9. Love the weapon drawings!!! Any chance You would be able to draw my Minotaur's signature axe "The Reaper" which is an axe forged around the skull of a fallen king?
  10. Mad "O" sounds like my favorite character :-) What are the relationships between these nationalities? Are there large struggles for land or are the territories pretty well established at this point?
  11. Hello everyone! I am here on behalf of the Keineid Gaming community, a newly rebranded community who is looking to expand its member ranks! We're an awesome, multi-game community that always wants to gather players of every type to enjoy themselves. We've got competitors and casuals, weekend warriors and completionists. Gamers, creators, pros, hobbyists, everyone is welcome to make a place for themselves. We stream on Twitch and post to YouTube and are always looking for new talent to showcase. Currently Destiny and Call of Duty are our official games with clan sponsored support but we play all kinds of games including MMO's and are planning on having a big presence in Crowfall! Here is a short video we put together to explain what we are all about: If you want an amazing community to be a part of and help shape every day, we want to meet you. If you'd like to see a little more about Keineid Gaming, check out our website at http://keineid.com. Anyone interested in talking or joining up to see what all the fuss is about should feel free to message me here, or even submit a quick application at http://keineid.com/application. Thanks KGoose
  12. I hear people talking about signing up for the beta and what "group" they are in but cannot find where to do it!
  13. I think in this day of age a game having a monthly subscription shouldn't be as taboo as it has been the las few year. Games that revolve micro transactions will lead to companies ineherently focusing on making money and just focussing on how to increase micro transaction sales instead of just focusing on making a badass game
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