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  1. I prefer stouts(oatmeal & breakfast) and one of my favorite is local here in Michigan. It seems rather fitting for Crowfall, if I might say so myself. It's called The Poet, by New Holland Brewing. Might have to ship some to Valor to bring in for you sometime
  2. Damn I guess so - looks like I ate taco's a day early
  3. Please let me choose between male/female for my archetype - I'm fairly sure you guys are already considering this - but just incase, I wanted to put my name in the hat for it. Looking forward to seeing a game play video, as I hope it's not too cartoony - I can't stand to play the WoW art anymore.
  4. Heya Alphadawg1187, come hang out with us over @ Lotd.org - our forums are extremely active and we're playing a variety of games to hop in and start having fun now. A good few of us will be picking up H1Z1 when it releases this Thursday (tomorrow). You're welcome to join us if that's your cup of tea.
  5. also, why does everyone's name default to lower case letters? if it's going to be that kind of party - i'm in. can we default all punctuation to invisible too, please?
  6. Looking forward to see what this game is about
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