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  1. I gotta say with all the negativity surrounding the relationship between combat and movement (and I haven't even been a part of the community for very long), it's refreshing to see a positive post regarding the direction the game is going. It feels reassuring to know that good things are on the horizon. Thanks for sharing your experience, thorbeinn.
  2. I know you previously mentioned that some of the Store descriptions may be inaccurate. With that in mind, if I upgrade my Small Fort 2016 to a Medium Fort 2016 for the upgrade price of $20, will I also receive the title of Knight/Lady? I currently have the Gold Bundle. I ask because the Store description doesn't mention the title at all. I'd just like to be sure one way or the other before I decide whether I'm going to commit to the purchase.
  3. Hey everyone. I'm new to the community. I pledged not long ago and have just been lurking on the forums and trying to learn what I can about the game ever since. I'm really looking forward to participating in the upcoming tests with each of you. I have a pretty extensive history with MMOs over the years. I started with EverQuest as my first MMO (late '90s to early '00s timeframe), and have moved through several others leading up to the present. That said, I haven't been this excited for an upcoming release in quite a while. Take care! Aldanis P.S. The Support team does not
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