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  1. if there were private servers then sure go for it, fight mindless easy enemies all day, i'll be busy knifing someone milking a cow and say lrn2pleya scrublord
  2. that gaming franchise was fun
  3. personally I don't want full loot cause that's kinda stupid, say you team up against someone you find, your stronger friend stabs the dude 20039598437509 times and gets him to almost zero health, you then switch out and you do .1 hits against him for the kill, you now get his super awesome carebear slayer gear+10000 without doing any work, i'd rather have gear be able to break
  4. I'm no doctor but I recommend bleach popsicles, guaranteed to cure any and all illnesses forever
  5. so they can see me destroy you with skill
  6. Darkmoor is a playground compared to the lvl 74 and 75 enemies in the smugglers dungeon in Pirate101, enemies 9 levels over your current level with 1000-1500 more health then you, able to place knockbacks and dish out 1500 damage with 1 hit, and if 2 of those damn mouses hit you your looking at 3000 damage, pretty much everyone except a privy would be dead or within 100 health of death, unless you have either blood flames, terror-cotta or a swashy pirate with you, you could lose 1-2 companions the first round depending on the wave, you could easily be looking at 200k gold to payed for your companions to be revived if you make a mistake or be unable to play effectively for 7 hours
  7. do I need to post our pvp video here....
  8. I made previous post about Phoenix but me and a few friends have decided to make a guild for all member of the PIRATES PVP COMMUNITY ONLY( and those we trust) we don't want spies, we only want people that we know for a fact know how to play video games, so if your apart of this community leave a post regarding your name and class on pirates
  9. I want each faction if there are factions to have just 1 large safe city, and many smaller cities or villages guarded by actually smart npcs that are paid by players or guarded by players who get paid to guard
  10. only chose cucumber cause i'll have something to snack on while I die of boredom
  11. rather instead of luck deciding how good we are i'd prefer we craft all our stuff instead, such as dragon scale armor for example, you kill a dragon you get a few scales, kill a few more you get more and make armor instead of finding dragon scale armor from killing a dragon, also makes more sense that way too
  12. yea my corpse has been piffered, play COD for 2 minutes and you'll be spanked at least 20 times by 5 year olds
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