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  1. Just send the e-mail to support@artcraftent.com cos i have the same problem. Hope they will read it soon
  2. i7-4770k G1 Gigabyte GTX 970 8GB Ram DDR1600 Asus Maximus Hero VII Corsair H80i OCV Vertex 3 120GB
  3. Just checked the notice again and they said "which is scheduled to be sent to us at the end of next week.". So it seems you're right and i'm a bit fustilarian lol. Sorry for the post :'(
  4. Any backer out there has received the email to merge the pledge with the crowfall account? I'm asking cos i'm a backer and i haven't received the email yet, and they said they will send the instrucction to do it this week... so im a bit worried about this .
  5. I really love your art works, i think you should make a "Wallpaper" section and upload them in 1920x1200 (my resolution ).
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