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  1. Hey Ozzie! Long time no see. Haven't really been active here much. We have a 200 person guild in vanilla WoW, some of us are in division, and a handful of us are competitive in Guild wars 2. Definitely Not El Cid#0658 is my discord name, feel free to reach out sometime! We moved completely to discord because enjin kind of seemed like a waste. As far as this game goes we're still feeling it out, a few of us have been testing for years now. This one was at the very top of our list years ago but you know how that goes. The constant changes in direction / delays etc in all these upcoming mmos
  2. nice build ! I've tried a few more damage variations instead of banshee but I love field surgeon
  3. I think most people here missed the point of this post. This is meant to raise concerns about the direction some things are going as far as combat is concerned. It was mentioned that this was taken through the lens of early development. Even in Shadowbane, the amount of small scale combat was incredibly significant. The earlier concerns are voiced, the easier it is to at least plant the seeds for future development. If no one voices any concerns and takes on the attitude of "oh it's just pre-alpha" then what's to say anyone has actually communicated those very concerns? The game is slated
  4. Hello, My group of friends and I have been watching this game closely since KS. Many of us have invested hundreds of dollars and have watched CF develop with great anticipation. We've really enjoyed testing as well as speaking to Tyrant in-game. I can speak for everyone when I say we love the level of interaction and commitment of the devs. We appreciate your hard work, and we think the new iteration of the game looks more polished than ever. We're very much looking forward to seeing this game continue to develop and we will continue to support it with both our wallets and advertising by
  5. the Jaguars are one of the best teams in football because they beat the steelers in the preseason last year
  6. History: TBT is a guild that has been around since 2013, and after a short hiatus, we're planning on coming back for crowfall. We began in Guild Wars 2 as a small band of players who just wanted to have fun. We were on the lowest populated server at the time and, after running together, the idea was floated around to start a guild. The next day, someone took the initiative and started TBT. We slowly moved up the ranks and bounced around a few servers. The guild started to gain a reputation and eventually became quite a force in open field WvW (server vs server). After a few years of Gw2, we t
  7. Let me see if I can give you a better "why" on disliking gliders. Via AA experience: When you've got the advantage and they (they being the other team) don't have that many ranged players, gliders can overwhelm your opponents. You can get to the opponent's backline in record time which causes an even greater tip in the scales. In sieges, gliders could overwhelm a certain part of the castle and then you're pretty much fighting open field with people gliding in (what's the point of walls etc?). I'm guessing all of these issues would be compounded due to the lack of tab targeting. Ant
  8. My only experience with gliders was in archeage and they felt very out of place and gimmicky. This is from someone who led a 100 man glider divebomb attack on the enemy.
  9. Hey guys, First, I'd like to start off by expressing how excited I am for this game to come out. The attention to detail and level of feedback is very impressive. That being said, I'd like to put out an idea about a possible avenue we can explore. Now, we've gone over castle building and some customization, but we have not gone into the meat and potatoes of caravans/thralls and what's going to populate player structures in the campaign maps. So, I propose the following: I think adding guards / being able to populate your town would add another fun and interesting layer to the game.
  10. Cats have fur. That animal has fur. Therefore, it's a cat. Just because an MMO has some level of pve doesn't make it generic or a WoW reskin. You don't have to compromise core principles in order to give people something to do between the lines. Either way, none of us really know 100% what the released product is going to look like, but speculation is fun.
  11. Expanded PvE would definitely make things more interesting between fights. Realistically, it's hard to have constant pvp going 24 hours a day 7 days a week... especially a few months after launch. While it's fun to sit on the high horse and say "X or Y will never happen," this boils down to being a business and the developers are trying to reach as many people with the best possible product. This game won't be for everyone, but turning people away in droves because there is a lack of PvE is a bad business model. Light PvE would be a good stopgap for when things aren't as exciting. It coul
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