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  1. Hey Ozzie! Long time no see. Haven't really been active here much. We have a 200 person guild in vanilla WoW, some of us are in division, and a handful of us are competitive in Guild wars 2. Definitely Not El Cid#0658 is my discord name, feel free to reach out sometime! We moved completely to discord because enjin kind of seemed like a waste.

    As far as this game goes we're still feeling it out, a few of us have been testing for years now. This one was at the very top of our list years ago but you know how that goes. The constant changes in direction / delays etc in all these upcoming mmos kind of took the wind out of our sails. Hopefully CF CU or new world hooks us and we can get back to tryharding with the boys. Sorry for the late response!

  2. as someone that plays gw2,  I feel that is an unfair comparison. In gw2, if your group isn't running like a well-oiled machine, your heals won't do much because damage outscales healing by A LOT. Try not cleansing the 25+ stacks of bleed or not having the right boons in the case of an enemy cleave train. The only thing that saves groups is the 5 person hit cap which started the whole zerg-ball strategy.

    Anyway, the difference between there and here is that ...In this game, a lot of these disc still hit like wet noodles.

  3. I think most people here missed the point of this post. This is meant to raise concerns about the direction some things are going as far as combat is concerned. It was mentioned that this was taken through the lens of early development. Even in Shadowbane, the amount of small scale combat was incredibly significant.

    The earlier concerns are voiced, the easier it is to at least plant the seeds for future development. If no one voices any concerns and takes on the attitude of "oh it's just pre-alpha" then what's to say anyone has actually communicated those very concerns? The game is slated for a soft launch at the end of this year, and there's a lot to go. Given that, I believe the concerns are justified. I think everyone here can find common ground in wanting this game to be successful.

  4. 23 minutes ago, Yumx said:

    To be honest I feel like the healing is lower right now than it was before.

    The Legionnaire is being changed into the Cleric in the future, they have already said that.
    Many disciplines have not been balanced properly yet.

    And luckily this game is not being balanced around 1v1s 2v1s 2v2s.

    I will say it now and keep telling everyone, it all comes down to teamplay and player skill.

    If you really are min-max freaks as you say you are, then you haven't done enough testing.

    There's a counter to everything right now.


    32 minutes ago, UnleashTheKraken said:

    We constantly theorycraft and try to build the better mousetrap. We're min-max freaks. While playing through that lens, we also realize that this is pre alpha and I want to stress that our concerns are towards different perceived trends.That being said, here are our concerns.

    While testing every weekend, usually battling in 2v2s as well was 3v3s etc,

    Everything equal, fighting certain combinations and classes has led us to fights that have lasted 20+ minutes until both sides have give up and move on...





  5. Hello, 

    My group of friends and I have been watching this game closely since KS. Many of us have invested hundreds of dollars and have watched CF develop with great anticipation. We've really enjoyed testing as well as speaking to Tyrant in-game. I can speak for everyone when I say we love the level of interaction and commitment of the devs. We appreciate your hard work, and we think the new iteration of the game looks more polished than ever. We're very much looking forward to seeing this game continue to develop and we will continue to support it with both our wallets and advertising by word of mouth. That being said, we have some concerns.

    Our group has been playing together for several years and through several games. In those games, we tend to push the boundaries of what "builds" should be run. We constantly theorycraft and try to build the better mousetrap. We're min-max freaks. While playing through that lens, we also realize that this is pre alpha and I want to stress that our concerns are towards different perceived trends.That being said, here are our concerns.

    While testing every weekend, usually battling in 2v2s as well was 3v3s etc, we've found that some archetypes are just better than others. For instance, a legionnaire has the highest base movespeed as well as a arsenal of heals. With some of the new runes, the legionnaire also has the ability to hit like a truck. We've recently seen legios running combinations where a couple of dps classes will kill themselves on the legionnaire. The legio also has the ability to reset the fight and kite around with his high ms. Simply put, the skill "floor" of the legionnaire is skewed in his favor meaning he can make many more errors than his opponent and not be punished for it. What we have, essentially, is a WoW death knight (early wrath of the lich king)  that can just do too much. We feel that this archetype needs to be reexamined (we've tested this and even build a full suit of armor / weapons with full lifesteal on a non healing archetype, and it was not enough to keep up with the sustain). This brings me to my next point.

    Currently, with the healing and self heals of some classes, the fights drag on for the better part of an hour. A champion can double leap and reset the fight and a legionnaire can simply run away and self heal while reengaging on his terms. The ability to reset a fight at will and control the tempo is very skewed towards certain classes. Everything equal, fighting certain combinations and classes has led us to fights that have lasted 20+ minutes until both sides have give up and move on...Likewise, we have participated in 2v1s where we can have just dodged around a knight / templar combo until everyone became bored and left (maybe they were really bad...I don't know). We have also played ranged archetypes where we can just perpetually kite melee pursuers around. 

    Keeping the above in mind, escapes and gap closers feel too easy. Currently, there are far too many ways to disengage and run, which leaves one player chasing anywhere from 15 minutes to an hour just to secure a kill. Also, some of the leaps and charges do not work up hills or become challenging to hit with max distances of disengages. 

    In short,

    We hope that damage / healing / hitpoints will be reexamined to make this game less forgiving and that certain classes will having healing drastically reduced. We also hope that the idea of every class having some form of healing is looked at, even as an emergency button. We feel that these changes would make a glass cannon truly feel like a glass cannon as well as a tank truly feel like a tank. We are also concerned about move speed and the ability to disengage from fights. Certain classes, mages, etc, should be punished for positioning mistakes and have less of an opportunity to deploy seemingly free escapes. There should be a need for classes to peel and stick to targets as opposed of buttons that put you across the map with the attackers having mediocre methods to reengage or pursue. 



  6. So, this is the first time I've tested in a long long time (half a year). A lot has changed! Combat is a bit more fluid but I still get massive FPS drops in the middle of fights. Also, several times while playing the Templar today my UI would completely vanish during a fight. Not sure if this is intentional or not but it would not come back until I had to re login. By UI going missing, I mean that the health bars, abilities, cooldowns, everything would vanish. It happened while playing against a confessor both times if that helps.


    Really need a mini map.

    Combat still clunky / lots of leaping past players.

    Trying to leap at someone while they are on uneven ground causes character to jump upwards instead of at them.


    A bit of feedback : would love if crafting was more streamlined. Right now it's an arm and a leg to craft anything and, with my short attention span, I can't handle making anything except basic armor/weapons.

  7. History:

    TBT is a guild that has been around since 2013, and after a short hiatus, we're planning on coming back for crowfall. We began in Guild Wars 2 as a small band of players who just wanted to have fun. We were on the lowest populated server at the time and, after running together, the idea was floated around to start a guild. The next day, someone took the initiative and started TBT. We slowly moved up the ranks and bounced around a few servers. The guild started to gain a reputation and eventually became quite a force in open field WvW (server vs server). After a few years of Gw2, we tried our hand at Archeage. Once again, we started out as a small group of players with a strong core, but eventually, through our wars within faction and against the opposite faction, we grew to become one of the better guilds on Calleil (owning most of the server's land and boasting a very active roster). We also began to branch out and did every server first world boss. Even branching out, we never forgot our roots as a PvP first guild. However, we like to stay organized, and organizing that many players becomes a job within itself so we'd like to keep it much smaller for Crowfall.


    TBT is semi hardcore, but more open on recruitment. We believe that, as long as a player listens and respects our philosophy, they can be a valuable contributor. Some of our best PvPers were PvE carebears at one point so we're open to giving most people a shot as long as they're willing to learn, but we won't hesitate to remove problem players. TBT is a laid back guild most of the time. We're usually chilling in TS having random conversations. We try not to take ourselves too seriously.  Our core values are having fun and making each other better players. We don't tolerate racism, sexism, or guild members putting each other down. Everyone started somewhere and we don't tolerate elitism or talking down to guildies... so please leave your ego at the door. If you're a better player, we expect you to try to teach and help players reach your level. As stated, we're looking for motivated players who want to make each other better. Our site can be accessed at theblacktides.enjin.com (the application page is in the works but feel free to apply). We require VoiP during PvP and events (at least listen in if you're feeling antisocial or shy), and we prefer members who are over 18 years of age (due to chat content / maturity issues).  


    I could sit here and try to sell you our guild, but it's a lot easier to just post videos of us playing so that you can see what we're all about.




    Kraken / El Cid

    leading TBT off of cliffs since '13



    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6scmNCi-JiU - TBT - GW2 (negative zero)

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T9LgYkSizyE - TBT & MvM trading wipes 

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RDt2QdMqYTw - TBT & Friends  vs GoM and BP





    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l5tiMJLWn_o - Halc War (scenic dyang version)

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eRAG_xDwggo - Freedich and Hasla - PvE parts



    Derpy TBT vids

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5Khi3v2dVUc - Derpy moment of the day 

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=afIGEM1qdVI - Girl look at that body (asura edition)



    *We are not associated with any TBT from other games.*

  8. For laptops the default setting is integrated graphics which gave me fits for most of the night at 2-10 fps until a friend of mine told me exit the game and to right click the crowfall icon in order to select my nvidia which put me at a solid 50-70 fps


    There was also a graphic glitch where a bit of armor I looted stayed in the middle of my screen. The animation would just sit there even when I exited and rejoined (even when I played another class). It was an issue all night (nothing seemed to fix it)


    Also, the gravity on centaurs is a little off. If I did my RMB spell and attacked a knight who was charging or a centaur who was doing back kick, I would go flying across the map (which was kind of fun but I don't think it's what was intended)


    the next bit contains my first impressions (not really a bug)


    This was my first real playtest and combat seemed very slow (way too much hp and not enough damage - even with purple weapons). During my first match, at the beginning, my team charged headfirst into another team and we fought for what seemed like the better part of 5 minutes. The 3 centaurs on either team made it very, very hard to kill anyone (they'd just run away or the centaurs would spam 6). I Hopefully it becomes way more unforgiving. I love games where I can chunk people if they don't know how to dodge/stunbreak/block correctly. 


    If pace/low damage/high hp is intended for testing purposes, please ignore the above statement (ignorant newbie tester here).

  9. I apologize for not qualifying that with "In instances such as this one...". Thatb or I should've simply said "Don't rule out entire ideas based purely on one or two crappy ways of doing them that you think of."


    I wasn't meaning to say that no one should ever voice their desire for something to not be in the game. However, even touching on that, the reason you don't want to see something in the game is much more important than the simple fact that you don't want to see it.


    Let me see if I can give you a better "why" on disliking gliders.


    Via AA experience:


    When you've got the advantage and they (they being the other team) don't have that many ranged players, gliders can overwhelm your opponents. You can get to the opponent's backline in record time which causes an even greater tip in the scales. In sieges, gliders could overwhelm a certain part of the castle and then you're pretty much fighting open field with people gliding in (what's the point of walls etc?). I'm guessing all of these issues would be compounded due to the lack of tab targeting.


    Anti air you say? well, I've got experience with that too! So you have a group of 20-30 guys gliding in when, wham! A single guy on a flak cannon causes half of them to dismount mid air and take severe fall damage. Now half your group is near death and is about to get cleared by the neckbeard mage who is laughing hysterically behind his keyboard while channeling an aoe. The other half? getting overwhelmed and whittled away.


    You rinse and repeat and eventually your guys are like... well, what's the point of gliders? That is, unless you're already winning and have a foothold. Then you can glide reinforcements over the walls willy-nilly and push the advantage.


    It gets old. 

  10. I'm not a fan of NPCs since it usually adds a stress on the engine and I prefer real player interactions, but I guess that many players like the idea of guards / thralls and in Shadowbane they were used for a couple of things.


    Here is an interesting interview in which ACE discuss slots / guards / thralls, etc.: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=13f1-w8IPsY&t=27m40s

    Thank you for the link. Very helpful!

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