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  1. New Speculation of Promotions

    i just really need a sonic roll option.
  2. Kickstarter pledge?

    Too late, that promotion has ended, Welcome to the community.
  3. With the upcoming years of development, what are you most excited to get your hands on to fix/improve/work on?
  4. Of Slacks Most Secret

    I would love an invite
  5. PLEASE no daily quests!

    I plan to stand in the same place everyday and give quests that reward fake reputation that gives you 0 advantage in the game just by your hard work turning the items into me.
  6. What should the collector's edition come with

    Cosmetic in game items and a exclusive weapon skin "crowbar"
  7. why are people interested in "dregs"?

    People are obsessed with PvP and want to PK everyone. it's going to be the best place for true to form PvP, but most guilds and strategic combat will be in other campaigns. IMO
  8. who is on your KoS list?

    GOON Squad and eonwe
  9. Everyone Here Should Be Playing Shadowbane

    Challenge accepted. he's still not our guy.
  10. Everyone Here Should Be Playing Shadowbane

    he has not made an account for these forums yet, he was pretty upset his name was taken, I imagine now this dude has been trolling he will come up with something new.
  11. Everyone Here Should Be Playing Shadowbane

    This joker is not our Doomgrin, Legacy Gaming has no connection to this person.
  12. So Here's A Thought For All You Pve Junkies...

    Wonderful idea, I was expecting to see a "play another game" once I opened the thread.
  13. I have also backed these 3 (as well as other KS games) mainly because I like to see my name added onto the credits, makes me feel like I did something with my life ;p seriously tho, can't wait for CF and SC. Your definitely asking for trouble posting about SC here tho, the vast majority of posts I've read on the subject has been nothing but negative with a few positive outlooks. Good luck, and welcome to the community