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  1. I promise that you don't have to sacrificially tank a whole campaign for us to understand the point you'd be trying to make.
  2. Thanks for the suggesting, @Ussiah. I'll definitely bring it up to the team.
  3. Just want to clarify if you mean that you don't like the captured territory Victory Points system or the flip side of the coin which is the tangible reward distributed from the points data?
  4. Talk to me (gently please) about your thoughts on what an ideal scoreboard would be. Or do you just dislike the concept altogether?
  5. I'm not fully equipped or in a position to comment on all of your concerns here, but I want you to know I've read them and will discuss with others as I can. A lot of information here, thank you.
  6. Thanks for pointing out the dichotomy here, especially since they are causing two distinct player behaviors.
  7. Those are fine examples, thanks for getting that down on the page for me! There aren't right or wrong answers; I understood where you were going with it.
  8. An interesting suggestion for that issue, I'm going to think on it some. What kind of incentives would you expect to encourage the predicted behavior?
  9. Not positive that this is intentional, it might be though. Passing it to our QA team.
  10. It would be within the realm of possibilities to create distinct God's Reach versions, so that a campaign focused scale didn't impact them.
  11. I jumped to a similar conclusion to your suggestion. Not free tech wise, but I'll chat it up to some folks.
  12. If you're referring to campaign types, are you familiar with the concept of our World Bands (God's Reach, EKs, Dregs, etc)? If not, I've got good news for ya! If you mean UI enhancements, I can certainly see what the UI and Marketing team think.
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