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  1. Closing out my client and logging back in seems to have fixed the issue.
  2. I am unable to equip blue exploration runes on my blue vessel. I've submitted a ticket as well.
  3. Crafted Exploration runes can only be equipped by Common, Uncommon and Epic vessels.
  4. Great group of people. I've learned so much in the time I've spent with FoE. Don't drink and mine!
  5. Looking for Guild. Region: NA Time Zone: MST (Days/Nights/Late Night) Atmosphere : Looking for a tight-knit active GvG guild. Casual/Hardcore: A mix of both Focus: GvG, PvE. I'm down for whatever is needed. Play-Style: Flexible. You need a healer? How about a meat shield or someone to harass healers? I'll do what the guild needs. Faction: No Preference Game Experience: Shadowbane, AoC, Warhammer Online, WoW, GW1 & GW2, SWTOR Languages: English Found Guild
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