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  1. I was very excited to try out the latest play session, after reading earlier in the week some of the ideas posted in the Tweaks and Balances news release. They said: "The Legionnaire had a bit of work done on his basic combo chain. We looked at the play metrics and found that virtually no Legionnaires were using the 4th and 5th portion of the chain. So, we cut them and pushed down the power of the Command Buff into the Discipline Buff in the 3rd attack. We also added an instant group heal component to the 3rd attack. This should make the Legionnaire feel a bit more “heal-y”, as most Legionnaires do tend to make it to the 3rd attack. We are also pumping up the FX on the basic heals so you can tell what is going on." I know the devs have said they may make significant changes going forward in this game, and that only makes sense when we're this early in development. But I've also participated in other mmo development that sought feedback... and then players waited up to 9 months after game release to actually see concerns addressed. So kudos to the ArtCraft developers giving more than lip service to change and being proactive in thinking outside the box. This mindset bodes well for all archetypes, not just support classes.
  2. Oh wow! I'm going to assume you are sincere, and not just trying to flame this thread. Let me respond to each of your three concerns stated above: *Alpha is running as we now post. There have already been two sessions this month, and three more sessions of alpha testing are slated for later this month. You must purchase early access (or be a kickstarter I assume) in order to participate. You may purchase access at https://backers.crowfall.com/#/pledge . ArtCraft is currently sending out e-mail notices with session dates. If you are not receiving these e-mails, they ask you to check and make sure your client is not blacklisting either http://artcraftent.com or http://crowfall.com . If you still do not have access to the alpha sessions, then I suggest you contact customer support, because my friend, alpha is in fact up and running. *Regarding your comment about firehose healers, may I suggest you read more of my post than just the TLDR? I do not want an OP healer, I just want the same variety of choices that is given to the rest of the player base. That falls well within the design parameters of this game. I'm not asking the developers to change this game. I love it the way it is. I'm just encouraging them to continue to show TLC to all aspects of the game. *And to your last comment, may I respectfully redirect your attention to this forum subtopic? It is called Suggestion Box. Am I to understand that you are the gatekeeper to this forum, and ideas you do not agree with should be torpedoed on discovery? Thank you for allowing all of us to enjoy this game, not just a select few.
  3. WoW and RIFT were an equal mix; GW2 and ESO less so; SWTOR was almost pure PvE. World of Tanks is of course pure PvP... with no healer tanks of any stripe . You are correct that they may be able to design a game away from needing a healer, but that doesn't remove that player type. Having said that, this game looks like it has a lot going for it. If I can learn to enjoy World of Tanks, it won't take much of a stretch to enjoy Crowfall, whatever its last iteration looks like. P.S. Thanks for calling out the troll for what he is. I know you were trying to state an opposing point of view, but I think you ended up supporting my premise. Healers are better if they are dedicated to that role (to quote you). As far as allowing player freedom to create with a blank palette (runes or boons), what you end up with is everyone being the same (go in and tweak your setting, and you can be just like your neighbor). What we really want is the freedom to be different. Make some hard upfront choices. If you're a tank, you're a tank.... not a tank today; tweaked to a tanky/dps tomorrow; tweaked to a tanky/healer the following day. So while I want healers in this game, I don't think a whole bunch of people should be able to run around and heal, just by clicking a few attributes, if they weren't willing to make an up front commitment to this play style. I'll end my response to you like I did to the first quote. Crowfall looks like it has a lot going for it. The designers certainly have the freedom to create whatever kind of game they want, and I will wholeheartedly support it. The purpose of my my initial post was, I guess, really a cry for the designers to allow us the freedom to create purists. Don't force everyone to be a generalist... no matter how much you change the window dressing. Does that make sense?
  4. Hoping to put in a little nudge in the “right” direction :-) before everything get set in stone. Where I’m coming from: I want to start by not talking about character trinity or archetype distribution… but about the actual players themselves. Some people like to play as a tank. Some people like to pump out dps. And some people like to support their friends through heals and buffs. From my experience this is not an even 33/33/33% split. Slightly less prefer the healer role. Analytics could give an exact number, but since I don’t have that I’ll set it at 20%. Even there, that is a good chunk of the player base. Tightrope: Two really good games that missed the mark - *nobody can do anything well (GW2) There were just a few minimal heals that got you through exploration, but endgame at RvR (PvP), there was no role for a healer, so we were kind of forced to drop out of the game. *everybody can do everything (ESO) It didn’t matter what class you chose, everybody could just grab a healing staff and voila, become a healer. There was no dedication to the role, and no driving motivator to excel/differentiate yourself. The role lost its luster. Crowfall early leaning: By the development team’s own admission, healing is going to play a minimal role in this game. Currently we are limited to two archetypes (15% of revealed choices), and even these are really billed as support, not heals. Request: I believe you could stay within your design paradigm and still expand the role of the healer - just not its overall impact on the game. In alpha, all we have access to is the Legionnaire, with one heal on a fairly long cooldown. I assume that this archetype will be able to learn more healing spells, so we have more than one button to meet our clicking needs. The same for the druid as it comes into development. If you are concerned about overhealing… give us plenty of healing opportunities, just nerf the overall impact down to what you feel is an acceptable impact on the game. (But don’t give these healing abilities to everybody. Keep us special.) Second, give us the same number of choices as you have give the tanks players… 3 . That would still leave dps/specialists with 7 if you modified one of their roles. The reason I chose three (more than to just match the tank choices) is that as a VIP player I will have the ability to train… you guessed it… 3 archetypes. As a nod to your healer players it would be nice if they had one choice for each slot. Critique: Some readers may respond that it’s early in the game, there is more coming down the pike. Don’t panic. And I will agree with them. It is early in the game. But if we healers are going to have any input about our love life, we need to give our two cents worth BEFORE everything gets baked into the game. Thank you developers for listening. TLDR: show your healers some lov’n
  5. That's all I needed to know, thanks. If it's a bug I won't worry about it. If I am inputting the incorrect keystroke, then this 'might be' the right place to post... (some games give the ability to hide/unhide UI).
  6. As I was mid-game, my entire UI disappeared and I don't know how to get it back. I don't know if I accidentally hit a key to hide it / so could hit it again to unhide it (?), or if it is a game bug. I lost my action bar, stats bars and names over all players, even who was foe or friend. Also my reticule. If you know a way to retrieve this mid-game, without logging out for a game reset, I would appreciate a tip.
  7. Arkade, thanks for your response - Character Persistence: Got in my first alpha. It looks like you're on track with your response here, but we won't know for sure until the game is fleshed out a little further. Character Count: I really like the idea of vessels being tangible items in your inventory. With inventory space being a limiting factor, rather that a hard external limit set by AC. I hope you're right. Character Name: Others have also hinted at a potentially different account and crow name.
  8. Greetings, I just purchased early access which also grants me access to these forums. I have a couple of questions regarding character creation that have not come up in the site FAQ or forum search results (the info may be there, it just didn’t pop up in the filter… feel free to link to another post that answers this). Character Persistence: I read about creating an archetype, and tweaking looks and attributes. Do these setting choices remain as a permanent part of my crow? In other words, when I die and take on a new vessel, can I just ‘cut & paste’ that archetype setup without going through a creation screen again? If they are persistent, may I have more than one template per archetype? Suppose I want two different druids (let’s say gender and attributes). I know I can only train one at a time, but can I have several templates saved per archetype? Character Count: I have read that they did away with character slots. I can now train up to three archetypes with VIP. But can I have five (a different archetype in each campaign), or even thirteen characters created at the same time, so I can experiment with archetypes, even if only three are being trained at any one time? Character Name: I read that my crow name is unique, but my character names may not be. Is my crow name the account creation name, or is my account name unique only to this forum and I will have to grab a unique crow name when the game goes live? Thanks to the devs for the creativity behind this game. Thanks to the community for your forum support.
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