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  1. I didn't realize this event was going on till i checked a couple hours ago. I know under the "Eligibility" section it says " To be listed, you must kill or be killed by another player or create crafted items during the trial campaign that have a Sacrifice value" I logged on and made a couple basic longswords to put me on the "Leaderboard" is that enough? i'm just confused on the "Sacrifice" value part of it.
  2. The Vision of What this game can be and will be is why i signed up and backed it. I knew getting into it that it was gonna be a long haul process. Just reading blogs/posts and getting into the game when and where i can. I can positively say i think it's in great hands and the development team and testers all seem to be super smart and dedicated. Something new and different always comes with turmoil and setbacks. But the road forward looks great. I look forward to being in and spending hours in the world you create. AS Cliche as hell as it sounds. "Rome was not built in a day". Take your time do what you think is right. I have faith it's gonna be great when it is all finally put together.
  3. 3 things i noticed tonight that seemed to be broken was trying to skin animals it's didn't matter what kind it kept giving me a Red message saying it needed a "Spirit Axe" to harvest them. The other was i could not loot any plants such a "Ginseng" and "Button Mushrooms" and the third was and i think this was already mentioned was the "Weak Spots" on harvesting didn't seem to work. (Just realized i posted this in the wrong section. Sorry)
  4. In the same boat. Been waiting for TEST to pop back up really want that sapphire tankard.
  5. Just wanted to pay my respects to LOD and Friends and Family. I Did not know Obs but he sounded like a remarkable human being and all around great person. I am so sorry for your loss.
  6. Been meaning to do this for awhile now. But I just wanted to throw my information out there and see what sticks. Not sure what class at the moment still but plan to play a Human Knight or Half-Giant Champion also looking to champion the pantheon ""Zaleena". I am not all that great at the crafting system I'm sure over time i will get better at it but I'm more of a Attack/Defense person and I'm looking to get into the mix of it with Battles. Mainly Looking to Ease into the game slowly (Thinking the 3 way gods campaign for now) And help a guild build there eternal kingdom up and be productive in helping with defenses and scouting and gathering materials. Also just looking to network with some cool people. My Only real Experience has been World Of Warcraft for the last 13 years solid. played some other MMO's here and there over the years aswell (SWTOR and ESO). But i'm really excited about the game and looking forward to getting into it once the Soft Launch Happens. Thank you for your time
  7. Glad to have you onboard Veedubguy83!
  8. Been following the game since the Kickstarter!. Been super excited about the game and all the details month to month. Finally scrapped enough coins together and paid off my pledge bundle. Looking forward to helping test the game and to meet and network with alot of you fine folks.
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