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  1. I haven't spent a lot of time in game lately, so I can't comment on the state of vfx right now. But I'll add that I think it's important not to rely too heavily on in-game settings where players have to set their vfx settings based on what they (or their computer) can handle. This often leaves players who choose lower settings at a disadvantage, as there are visual cues in the 'normal vfx setting' that get dropped in lower settings, making it difficult/impossible to tell what your opponents or allies are casting.
  2. I also don't understand why this mechanic is in the game. It's something that has been part of ACE's plans from the very beginning (or at least as far back as I can remember), and I've hated the idea ever since I heard about it. Maybe ACE has some as yet unrevealed plans to make this an interesting mechanic, but I've never played a game where it was anything but an annoying, monotonous time sink.
  3. As far as I know the only concrete information we have on pvp in EKs is that it can be turned on/off by the owner of the EK. Whether that includes corpse looting, property destruction, etc, hasn't been clarified yet, and probably the devs haven't made decisions on some of those types of things yet.
  4. All I see is you repeatedly misunderstanding (or intentionally misinterpreting) what other people are saying about combat. Sorry to burst your bubble, but just because you quote and respond to someone with the phrase "nope you're wrong, combat is the most important feature in Crowfall" it does not actually mean the person you responded to was trying to say that combat is not the most important feature in Crowfall.
  5. And if they had chosen to use something other than action combat, then combat would still be the most important feature in Crowfall. The fact that they chose to use action combat is not relevant to whether or not combat is the most important feature in Crowfall. This fact does not downplay the significance of combat. I'm not even sure how you could even infer that it does. Nobody is arguing about whether combat is the most important feature in Crowfall, why do you keep trying to pretend that they are?
  6. You keep repeating this over and over, but I don't think it means what you think it means. Combat itself has no purpose on its own. It doesn't directly affect the game world in any way. It is only given meaning through the affect it has on all of the other game systems - resources, territory, guilds, the economy, etc. Combat is not an objective itself, it is the means we use to accomplish our objectives. Combat is important because it is the most pervasive system in the game. It touches every other system in the game in some way or another. So yes, in that sense it is indeed the heart
  7. Really? You don't seem like the type to let silly things like facts, logic, or irrefutable evidence get in your way.
  8. I provided direct responses to every single thing you wrote. When you learn to read, let me know.
  9. Aww yiss, quotes on quotes on quotes. You bore me. I knew I was going to regret this.
  10. Sigh, I'll probably regret getting involved in this again, but it's bothering me. You seem incapable of separating the concepts how a game is designed and how that design is actually implemented, and I don't understand why. Shadowbane had a lot of great things going for it. An amazing character customization system - races, starter runes, base classes, professions, disciplines, stat allocation, skill point allocation, weapon choice. Every single one of these aspects had a noticeable and significant effect on how your character turned out, none of them were superfluous. The city building an
  11. They probably need to keep it simple early to save on animation costs, but if they just animated a few simple things like horse/wolf/tiger they could easily make a ton of skin variations for those that wouldn't require any additional animation work. For me personally that would be enough for entire game, but I wouldn't be opposed to additional types of mounts being added after release. Just as long as they don't get too nuts with it as others have mentioned.
  12. I don't usually pay too much attention to graphics in MMO's, they are right down near the bottom of my list in terms of things I care about. That said, these screenshots look great, I'm impressed. +1 ACE
  13. Seems like a pretty easily solved problem. Lets say there are 8 CWs at launch that will last 3 months (may be others of differing length as well, but that's not relevant to this hypothetical). As the 3 month point approaches, they can simply stagger the opening of the new CWs: CW1 - opens 3 days before the original CWs will end CW2 - opens 2 days before the original CWs will end CW3 - opens 1 day before the original CWs will end CW4+5 - both open same day original CWs end CW6 - opens 1 day after original CWs end CW7 - opens 2 days after original CWs end CW8 - opens 3 days after origi
  14. It's not a point, it's an observation on your ability to form rational and intelligent arguments, and my way of saying I no longer care to continue this discussion with you.
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