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  1. I haven't spent a lot of time in game lately, so I can't comment on the state of vfx right now. But I'll add that I think it's important not to rely too heavily on in-game settings where players have to set their vfx settings based on what they (or their computer) can handle. This often leaves players who choose lower settings at a disadvantage, as there are visual cues in the 'normal vfx setting' that get dropped in lower settings, making it difficult/impossible to tell what your opponents or allies are casting.
  2. I also don't understand why this mechanic is in the game. It's something that has been part of ACE's plans from the very beginning (or at least as far back as I can remember), and I've hated the idea ever since I heard about it. Maybe ACE has some as yet unrevealed plans to make this an interesting mechanic, but I've never played a game where it was anything but an annoying, monotonous time sink.
  3. They probably need to keep it simple early to save on animation costs, but if they just animated a few simple things like horse/wolf/tiger they could easily make a ton of skin variations for those that wouldn't require any additional animation work. For me personally that would be enough for entire game, but I wouldn't be opposed to additional types of mounts being added after release. Just as long as they don't get too nuts with it as others have mentioned.
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